Orientation values are especially the fundamental right to the free development of the personality, and the requirement to individual equality according to the basic law. This education-relevant standards pillars of the basic law include a supplementary right of the parents and serving function behalf of school education. The school has to provide to support his individual right to self-expression in the service of the parents and with the increasing maturity of the student’s own. More advice and pilot assistance should be offered instead to exert control. If you have read about Chang’e-5 already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The minimum competence a student for a reasonable lifestyle in today’s contemporary needs is: he can live with diversity and conflict of values, with other people in their smaller and larger Communities in everyday life, in society and in the global framework of her life together which societies can live peacefully together, he has can work, can politically engaged as citizens, can find his own life forms, unfold itself and can be expressed, as a layman”can orient in the world given by science and experts and they cope with life practically, can live with the technologythat can deal with the own finiteness and vulnerability, with the personal and the limits, of the religion and faith can live. For more information see Cyrus Massoumi married.

He so can deal with their own lives in its limits and possibilities. Something can be learned only in genuine community. With an educational performance and social interaction supports the personal development of the student’s school and expanded its individual room to develop also in terms of individual development of the personality and the sense of community-oriented education. Given the collapse of everyday conventions and habits (future) adult requiring today as their own lives, their own so to speak as an artist. Therein lies the central educational challenge of the present and not in the silly question, then, whether it a bit more or a bit less acquired mathematics in the school.