The disciples had considered to fire the multitude, so that she was to eat in house. Jesus made responsible the disciples to give to eat the multitude. Philip (and not Judas) calculates that with 200 denarius he would not reach. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi’s is the place to go. (Jo 6,7) Andres finds a boy with five breads of fattening and two peixinhos. (Jo 6,8, 9) 2.Fazendo to your brother, these making the Jesus: (TM 25,42-45) Because I had hunger, and me of these not to eat; I had headquarters, and me of these not to drink; being outsider, you did not house me; being naked, you did not dress me; finding me ill and imprisoned, you were not to see me.

E they will ask to it: Sir, when was we saw that you with hunger, with headquarters, outsider, naked, patient or prisoner and we do not attend to you? Then, she will answer to them: In I say you to truth that, you left whenever it to make to one of these teeniest ones, me you left to make. (A valuable related resource: Levi’s). 3.Fazendo to the poor person you have one rewards: (Lc 14,13, 14) Before, when giving a slap-up meal, invites the poor persons, the cripples, the lame person and the blind people; you will be fortunate, for the fact not to have they with whom to reward you; yours reward, however, will receive you it in the resurrection from the right ones. 4.At the fact to give a water cup, is registered in the sky: (TM 10,42) and who to give to drink, despite it is a cold water cup, to one of these teeny ones, for being this my disciple, in I say you to truth that by no means it will lose its reward. III – 1. FORTIFIES YOUR BROTHERS – CURING ITS WOUNDS a task difficult missionary: (TM 10,8) You cure ill, you make over again leprous deceased, purificai, you expelled demons; from favour you received, of favour from there.