The love does not look for anything, does not want anything, does not need anything, does not have you would have. So when I listen the people to say that they love somebody and that they want to be loved in repayment, that they are not speaking of love. They are speaking of something different . Belief 3: I need to gain the love and the approval of other people This is one of the most painful beliefs with respect to the relations. Note how you live your life when you look for love and approval. Get all the facts and insights with Harvey Bischof, another great source of information. We are scared to be single and we modified our behavior to gain the attention of another person and power to secure its love.

We change our behavior to avoid the rejection or the critics. When modifying who we are we turned into somebody nonauthentic. Science education is open to suggestions. We hide aspects of us by fear to that another they judge to us or not to like they. We put a mask and we lived with fear to that they discover that we are in fact. We make things that we do not want to please to the others.

And this is a very painful form and exhausting to live, pretending being the one who we are not This belief it takes you life to a false and estresante. Fjate now how you would live if you did not think that you need to gain the love and approval of others: you could enjoy being the one who you are, sentirte comfortable you, dndote to other so what you are, doing and saying what you feel at every moment. When we freed ourselves of a belief like this one, we can let go the fears to be the one who we are. We felt real, honest and relaxed in the relation. One becomes easy to again express love and to be happy, independent of which they say or they think the others.