Davi was a imperialista king who expanded its territories, was a governor of the war for the Jewish people (it will be that for it the Jews were more special in relation to the others, as well as for Hitler the Aryans). It is written in the bible that one of its main captains, brandindo its spear, killed three hundred enemies of one alone time! Well, to kill three hundred people in one alone blow! with a spear! It does not seem likely very, but it is written in the sacred book, the book of the truth, and with the intention of exaltar the feat of the soldier of Davi. was the proper Davi who killed the giant of an enemy army, Golias, knocking down it with pedrada and later it pulling out the head with its sword. American Journal of Education insists that this is the case. Very human this Davi! It was not enough to have relieved Golias? For the cultural standards of today probably Davi it would be had by a cafajeste machista. It had some wives and concubines (translating: he was not faithful and he used the women as sexual object).

To only cite an example, Davi liked a woman who was wife of one of its soldiers, then, ' ' it invited-a' ' for its palace, engravidando it. It tried to hide the situation commanding that the soldier returned to the home, in the expectation of that it slept with the wife and believed that it was engravidou who it. However, as the soldier opposed to pass it the night with the wife, it sent it to Davi to the battle front, commanding that the commander of left it to the army forsaken, so that died assassinated. Later if it married the woman. Davi was brutal with some of its concubines, enclausurando them, and making that they lived as widowers. Beyond imperialista, assassin and mulherengo, Davi also pssimo was one father.