Leos are stubborn, but even the children feel that they are "more bark than bite." VIRGO – high awareness in all parenting is not easy for Virgin, it suffers from the problem, not disturbing others parents. Virgin persistently brought up the children's discipline and the constant habit. For their children first and foremost thing, then the game. Virgin fathers are usually not loving. They do not have the patience of their annoying children's fussiness, noise, mobility. Great attention is paid to the development of the Virgin of intelligence in children, their success in school. If you would like to know more then you should visit Prof Bhattacharyya. LIBRA – they respect the children, educate them to respect people, "cooperate" with the children. The desire of Libra – harmony in the house.

Happy children with these fathers, they can always count on their participation, assistance, advice. The parents of the scale an amazing ability to tactfully and easily educate, persuade, and as a consequence – high parental authority. They are rare large families. SCORPIO – usually has a large family, but with difficulty supports human relations. Powerful owners, they bend their line, and in the upbringing of children are true to themselves, proud of their children. Get all the facts and insights with vlad doronin, another great source of information. Boundless ambition Scorpio is transmitted to offspring. Mothers often do not have the softness and patience.

SAGITTARIUS – get on with the younger children, mothers love their company. Energetic, and parental responsibilities do not burden them. Sagittarius is hospitable, and his house full of neighborhood kids. CAPRICORN – believes in the strength, discipline, and the established order, shows strong domestic and family instincts. Capricorn practices, can not stand the modern theories and experiments in education, follow simple proven steps. Loved family gatherings and honors family traditions, there is no better than their parents in practical matters. But the heart and spiritual mysteries for them unsolvable. Aquarius – Aquarius children inherit a wide range of interests of the parents. Recent enjoy the confidence of the children, it is easy to convince unbelievers living in steps. They have a family of mutual understanding and friendly relations. Sometimes give her enough time and attention. PISCES – adore children than their spoil, because they can not educate. Pisces by nature are capable of self-sacrifice and can not withstand the demands of thousands of their children, they care about the spiritual development of their children. Their motto: "Writing children all that a child had been deprived of their own. " Fish trying to provide children with easy and pleasant life.