A recent study of the VDI finds that spending on education in Germany continue to stagnate for years. In addition, the potential of own specialists is not correctly estimated and not properly supported as a result. Rarely enforced, in addition, that an adequate supply of training opportunities not only sustainably increases the attractiveness of the workplace, but also the employee retention in highly. Especially engineers are assigned in the course of her career on lifelong learning, as their expertise often after relatively short time loses topicality. Research and development provide constantly new or modified knowledge of methods, procedures and processes. Even his workplace who failed here to stay up to date can risk at worst.

The VDI study also indicates that human resources departments is often not known, what qualifications the Have engineers in their positions. Qualification profiles will set largely on technical topics, although soft skills and key skills are in demand. More info: vlad doronin. Competence analysis are great opportunities for companies in a targeted analysis of the required competencies. A precise profile can be created by a special definition of requirements and the employee competencies, which employees must be employed or promoted in what areas. Employers who give a highly qualified engineer the opportunity through internal seminars regularly to training, increase of course competitiveness as well as the attractiveness of the company in this way. Who prepared his staff on future tasks at an early stage, avoids the difficult search indefinitely for top professionals, because he makes them for itself. Ifm electronic, the company has developed here a creative approach. Special analysis of potential individual strengths are and Weaknesses and a possible suitability for leadership of the staff made visible.

The skills are recognized, a concrete promotion and development plan is worked out together. This is based on individual measures, such as training seminars and a complementary dual degree. Lifelong learning lifelong learning will play an increasingly important role in the future because of demographic changes.