Presenting a percentage of 53,80% for who it receives less between 1 and 2 wages and 46.20% than 1 wage. Thus, the gotten results make possible to know the characteristics of the notified cases of tuberculosis and to evaluate of indirect form the quality of the Program of Control of the Tuberculosis of the Hospital Unit President Vargas, in the So Lus capital. They are suggested measured that they facilitate to the access and the permanence of the patient in the basic net of attention to the tuberculosis, such as: supervised treatment, flexibility in the schedules and dates of the consultations, communication enters the different sectors of the health, invocation and visits for faulty. ABSTRACT The Tuberculosis is attached you humanity since the beginning of history, because to their incidence in different population groups. The research is retrospective descriptive study of to character and quantitative approach which is aimed you know the profile of elderly patients with tuberculosis, with responses collected at Unit handbook in the President Vargas Hospital in the City of San Luis-Harm. The study consisted of records with 104 elderly patients, among them men and women using questionnaire from january 2006 you december 2007. The results showed that 53,8% of the elderly ploughs men and 46,2% ploughs women.

53,8% represented the retirees, 27,9% of home owners and farmers 18,3%. The partner-economic situation with salary less than 46,2% and between one and two salaries 53,8%. Clinical Regarding the form of lung showed 89,4%, while 10,6% extra pulmonary. In 76% of the elderly carried out to smear. An auxiliary method will be diagnosis 95,2% submitted – if the chest X-ray. Depending on the type of high had the following dates: 54,8% cure, 13,5% and 7,7% abandonment death. Regarding to number of treatments was the scheme I with 93,3% will be new marries; Schedule III with 1,9% in marries of bankruptcy of I or RT this and RT scheme with 4,8% will be marries of recindiva or to after cessation of treatment of I.