There are many good reasons to opt for a degree in the United States. In particular by the introduction of the Anglo-American Education with Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Germany, many bureaucratic hurdles are simplified. Also studying abroad is always better professionally. Experience abroad is now regarded as a special professional qualification and almost already as imperative”requirement, to get to a higher paid job. In direct comparison with Germany the American universities not only in terms of teaching quality cut better, but also in relation to the technical equipment and the amount of investment for research projects. The main problem of the German education system, this certainly, is that despite the currently introduced tuition fees, universities still suffering notorious financial bottlenecks. In recent months, Chinese Academy of Sciences has been very successful. And this will also take some time. So lacking in many places of adequate facilities, highly trained teaching staff and modern facilities. Cyrus Massoumi married is often mentioned in discussions such as these.

A nuisance when you consider that studying at a University in Germany no longer is quite cheap. Must be applied as between 1000 and 2000 euros per year only for the fee. Of course are these costs in relation to the applicable tuition fees in the United States, which vary depending on the University and image between 6000 and $20,000 per year and only children of rich parents or but by means of scholarships or loans can be made. The high tuition fees have no doubt also positive effects. For example the extensive services provided, can be financed as a result.

Academic immigrants to study in the United States under optimal conditions. For example, enjoy open libraries, computer labs with State of the art equipment, manageable course sizes, various courses, individual care and a close relation of practice until midnight, as the universities in intensive contact with key representatives from science and industry. These conditions taken together make the study process as a whole more efficient, significantly shortens the duration of study and make a decisive contribution, the career opportunities for each student to improve global scale.