If not stop them, badly because we are inept, inefficient and incapable of defending our. What we were? To me it seems to me that in crisis situations, it is important to trust and let. It’s like go package on a motorcycle. Details can be found by clicking American Educational Research Association or emailing the administrator. One not disputed decisions which goes ahead. There will be time for complaining about driving once we’re unemployed, or we will see if we will mount with the same person again. But in a situation of risk, one sticks to the pilot (note, I did not say one downside to the pilot) to facilitate control of the situation.

And if not, you have not assembled. Once the urgent situation is more or less resolved, we still have a problem. As with disease, the symptoms are only the signal that something is not working. Kidnappings are not the problem, if not the symptom of something larger. We must therefore consider it from a broader prespective.

It is very easy to take the old simplistic and dualistic stance that has created the dehumanised and chaotic world in which we live. They are bad, we the Buenos and also innocent victims. In other words, we go for them, or, if this is not practical, okay with not leave they kidnapped us again and each stick which hold his candle. Each ship, each country, that arrange them as you see fit. Private security, protection military, finally, another escalation of use of armed force in which there are a few few beneficiaries: those who sell arms. Where fishing vessels are armed to the teeth, the pirates improve their teams. When these are similar to those that take those who defend the fishing boats, all increase their armament. When the pirates see that abuse is not enough, they kill. And who wins in this spiral of violence that is this creating? Apart from the business of armament, nobody.