Valencia, by the city of culture to the explosive and breathtaking Las Fallas Valencia is equal to Madrid and Barcelona, the third largest city in Spain. The city enjoys one of the largest tourist inflows in Spain and it is worldwide known for the famous festival Las Fallas. Credit: John Craig Venter-2011. Valencia has over 470km of coastline with wonderful beaches and a pleasant Mediterranean climate distributed throughout the year. Also, Valencia has always been the city of art come from the legendary artists such as Ribera, Sorolla, Calatrava, or Marshal. Each individual strA? enecke in Valencia is very enchanting especially the famous district of El Carmen. Click Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins to learn more.

This district is the historical centre of the city: on the beaches? en of downtown blend ancient traditions with the latest trends. El Carmen with the whole nightlife is just right for the party-goers see you: enjoy the Valencian night under the Moonlight on one of the most beautiful terraces, take a cup of coffee with friends in the afternoon satisfy your appetite at one of the delicious restaurants in this area or just dance the night away in one of the avant-garde nightclubs. In addition to the District of El Carmen, there are many other areas where you can enjoy the Valencian night: such as for example the Avenida de Aragon, the Plaza de Canovas, the Avenida Blasco Ibanez, the Plaza de Honduras, the Plaza Xuquer, or the Plaza Juan Lloresn. Gets the party especially on the Paseo Neptuno and the beaches in the summer. When you talk about vacation in Valencia, you can definitely not Las Fallas omit. You are the most famous, liveliest and loudest festivals in all Spain. The various fireworks, explosives and rockets take the strA? under their full control. The origins of this festival go back to an old tradition of the Carpenter in the town, earlier before the festivities of the cartridges of St.