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Month: October, 2012

Federal University

22 October, 2012 (06:31) | General | By: admin

We can say that he is possible to diminish the incidence of the islands of heat with some attitudes as to increase the number of trees in the biggest possible number of points in the center of Cuiab. The city hall to fiscalize the disordered construction of building that block the downtown ventilation, fiscalization in […]


21 October, 2012 (06:10) | General | By: admin

As the proper name says is orientaes for a geography resume, these orientaes had been developed with principles of Kaercher (1998), with the pretension through reflections with the attempt to renew practical the curricular ones. This document has broken of three analyses made for Milk (1993),) a construction of the subject front to the world, […]

Semi-Integral Attendance

19 October, 2012 (08:46) | General | By: admin

We use as criterion for the election of the searched sample the children who remain in integral period in the Institution and the professionals that with them acts, a time that the Center also offers semi-integral attendance. The studied sample involved 1 group of Daily pay-school (5 years), 1 group (4 years) and 1 of […]

Cartographic Language

5 October, 2012 (19:54) | General | By: admin

Bibliographical revision: The Cartography, defined for Joly (2008, P. 07) as ‘ ‘ the art to conceive, of raising, to write and to divulge mapas’ ‘ , for being directly on Geography allows to represent the geographic space in the paper through the cartographic language, that according to Joly (2008 P. 19), ‘ ‘ it […]

Educating Dogs

1 October, 2012 (15:47) | General | By: admin

Here we spoke on the education of dog that jumps on the people, in particular, but also we spoke on the dogs that go jumping over other dogs, in the furniture, or even in the kitchen. I have seen that often the owners of dogs try to modify this one problem by means of the […]