The Principle

I believe many times that in elapsing of our lives, that the doubt alone serves exactly stops taking off in them what this certainty. in the end of the accounts, you is without a thing and another one. The doubt also comes folloied of the shade of the fear, how many times we leave to act because of the fear and thus the life follows and the time passes In the truth few things in our lives are certain. All dumb o time all and in all place. Until us we are thus.

We have an opinion on determined subject and in little time already we change ours form to think. They say that we have that to pass most of our lives being carried through, what dreaming and mainly not to be thinking about the future, to live today! Therefore, the chance will be had to make a college, makes! It is not thinking about the money, you goes to obtain. If between being in house in the front of the television and it will have that to leave to see people, to know and to talk with people, makes! It gives value what it is in its hands and reason not to say what it is in its way. Tomorrow it will be one another day perhaps, what it is certain today, tomorrow can be doubtful. One remembers the things has the time certain to happen, es to have a little of patience that everything is arranged. Ahead of the circumstances the life, is always with the certainty, with what she will be just and you not if will repent. Nor always we opt to optimum, but the less to postpone the things, already it will be a good start and to never ignore the chances, the principle they will not be charming, but what it is certain is oque we have and with this it is what we can count. It thinks about this!

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Home DonAna

Wise person who was a rich woman very, since cradle and was still more with good marriage with Inocncio. But it wanted to know if the family wealth had used all well, all the children had its concluded studies, that different of it, that it only completed the college student. DonAna kept a beneficient institute that will receive its name Home DonAna and that it took care of of the aged ones abandoning for the families, where was received with party and received with much affection and ternura. Visit Richard Stuart Linklater for more clarity on the issue. Valria that will be formed in medicine, took care of of the health of all. before if losing again in its thoughts, DonAna called Anastcia, that knowing that Valria not yet had come back, said to it: – DonAna, Valria asked for that Mrs. did not leave, she said and me what she wants, that same it irai providenciar.DonAna then spoke to it: – Part so that it goes to the institute and gives one I finish kiss in that they live there for me. Anastcia entered in scared house, therefore never DonAna will hear to speak of that form.

As Valria not yet it had come back, she was same it to the Home DonAna, that prepare very grown in recent years with the growth of the surrounding cities, and with the aid of other friends farmers of the region. when arriving at the institute, found some aged sad ones very, and imagined that it would have of being guilt of the evil time, however was knowing that somebody said that something of stranger would be occurring. Gerald Weissmann, MD often addresses the matter in his writings. Empalidecida with what it came its mind, it left the message with one of in charge assistants it Home and immediately returned the great house, adentrando for the service area, passing for the kitchen, running for the corridor that seemed not to have end, exceeding the room to be colonial, arriving at varanda imperial, where DonAna slept softly, it left what it more clama and worried at the same time.

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Marisa Mount

Therefore and for also liking the rock forest that is the city of Rio De Janeiro, however if it differentiates in very of the others. I love the River. I do not obtain to imagine me living much time far from this city, that enchants to all. Already I wrote in another scribble this love for the full city of curves, charmosa that is colrio that can cure the blindness. David G. DeWalt spoke with conviction. At the time I compared it a woman, suffered beautiful and, that until apanha, but is always of raised head.

That it gives a beating in its cruel inhabitants, who do not obtain to treat it with the love that it deserves. I will give a whip to it to beat its executioners: the disembarassed, police and excessively serving politicians without escrpulos that make dirty its image, of false believers are of that religion will be River, to give a beating in the quacks who damage the city with posters of the type: I bring the person loved in 24 hours. Bush or in less serious chaos banishes with all your force from self-defense all the criminals: dealers, bicheiro-assassins who command the samba schools, the p.m.? s that does not pass of outlaws of farda, the politicians thieves, the ones that frequents its beautiful beaches, are in your curves, but they make of them garbage deposits, flanelinhas, at last, all the ones maltreat that you. Austin Film Society often addresses the matter in his writings. You are so pretty how much the Luana Piavani, therefore, makes use of the Law Maria of the Penha. The River is a very strong woman and finds in same itself antigens for the cure and follows pretty. It has its charm, it is bohemian, seducer, is provocative, lasciva also, therefore very sensual, she is multiple, she is democratic. Beautiful such which the Luana Piovani, the Sheron Menezes, the Mariana Ximenes, the Mait Proena (exactly crown of the one of 10 the zero in many maidens), the Bethnia Maria, the Chico Buarque, the Paulinho of the Viola, the Marisa Mount and as much other ephemeral, however perpetual beauties for the art.

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The House

More than the two a thousand years, in the Galilia, a young also was fascinated with the simple people who many times were excluded from the society of that time. But, in the truth, the people that they live today, as the demographic statisticians and studies say, not they are nor for this term &#039 there; excluso': the children with nine and ten years that must take care of of its ' irmos' minors, therefore the parents work outside, they do not leave of living, exactly taking care of of the house and of its brothers and them they live happy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Campbell Soup Company CPB. They do not feel coitadinhas! We want to leave clearly that it is not our pretension to justify swims. Much less to attack or then to defend some partner-politician-economic system. Our purpose is only emphasizes that with the people humble, we need to learn that great pleasures of the existence are contained together the things more simplicity and singelas. This way of living it inquires our style of life, mainly questions the form that we educate our children. We live in the time of the unreliability, the fear, the uncertainties and in this perspective we enveredamos in them for ' superproteo' for complete ' isolamento'. In this prism, little imports the reality of the world; &#039 gains value only ours; problemas'.

Thus, the real world is that one tracing for our head. Therefore, we live in an unreal world: for our children what valley is the video-game; the colloquies of the colleagues of the school; the televising programs since the one of the Xuxa until the illusions of the singers and actors. This is the sad constatao. In sophistication and ' segurana' of said ' world moderno' , the parents and the children do not find the taste in the simple things of the life. E, looks at there, many parents, in its gone infancy time, already they had had the pleasure of saborear the delights of the life in simplicity. Oxal let us can learn, with the children and the adults, who live without the parafernlias and ditames of the life agitated and complex of the centers of the cities, the delights that they see of the simple life: to play in the street with the bare-footed feet, to raise pipe, to run and if to esbaldar; to talk with the neighbors without the concern with the time; to take one terer (or a chimarro) in a wheel of friends; to take care of to a visit without diffidence and speech without being worried about the direction of the words. Who knows that with these people we will go to find the great therapy to survive with mazelas and complications I agitate of it of the modern world.

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