Wittgenstein Man

E nobody inquired to the world if the bathed cross of gentile blood would not cause it that old form of pain: They turn orbe as dirty palco the divine tragedy. after the audible ones chibatadas in the tenuous body of a great common man, also the world received its to suffer: In the ground, the ridge receives the log, while the Land, perhaps for effect of its torture, pledges it the understanding of its proper guilt. By the same author: Kindle Direct Publishing. Fantastic it is the punishment; more sublime it is the silence of the world Philosophy, where was your reason when thought this orbe its way? It called center what not yet it found its axle. The first Wittgenstein, before having for itself the dismal comfort of marbles, asseverava, audaciously, the limits of the world in the possible combination of the vocbulos. As they were natural laws the grammar, and that it runs on account of says the possibility of the world. It had reason Mathias Aires, when it thought about the man bigger presence of the vanity that of the reason. Investigating the origin of the things, the philosopher arrived to have doubt of the real forms, understanding for true the universal idea of the thing.

The solipsismo seems to remove of the world its men exhaustingly, reducing the first a mere mental representations of as. How humilhao! After as much atonement, worse it is to be called lie. was not enough to the latent hatred that the man brings of itself, the humanity denied the world when it learned, at last, to think! with this indistinct paradox the existence of this dumb world if soon inebria. But also the philosophy has its limits in the man e, some moment of this ridicule speech, the same one not more tries its redemption when placing in doubt the world proper it, but the world while perception, that is, while representation.

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Bahia Education Secretary

Of the six to the ten years of age I studied in one of the such ' ' groups escolares' ' common for that time. Square shaped school. A room in each I sing. A patio joining the four. It was in this patio that I costumava to be glue to the wall not to be run over by the greaters.

Of the side of it are, inside of the walls was possible to play of marble game. To also see fight. Also to play of ' ' pia' ' (that favour has to run behind somebody for it to touch the arm). To the ten years I had catapora. Ten days without going to the school. I had visit of three colleagues at the same time I felt me wanted.

The feeling of guilt for not being fulfilling to my duty of adoecia student me more still. (Source: Richard Linklater). I always feel culprit when I lack lesson. To be adult is difficult to the times. To be son left me to teacher embarrassed in occasions where I had that to be inquired after my mother or to feel me that way protecting, in a state school, to have colleagues of it therefore it also worked for the Secretariat of Education of the State of the Bahia. My mother worked of day in a place that it called Coordenadoria (that years later she passed to be called DIREC). At night it gave lessons of Geography in the municipal college. The house always had many books and I liked to read avizinhados stretches of photographs and illustrations. To play with books was something good. My father spoke very in profession and I started to search on professional options and to dream of the university. Of the eleven to the fourteen years I studied in that one municipal college exactly where my mother taught. In this period I discovered the violo and already it taught my friends who learned me together with, but that they did not have so good performance how much I. The shyness started to be relegated to it sings dark the one that it sent to me. It made to music to see me horizontes new. I knew more people of quarters moved away from mine and for proper motivation it went the assays of local bands, of filarmnica 2 of January, similar churches, concerts and. In micaretas I went down for the center of the city to only walk next to the electric trios to hear and to see the musicians touching. Pablo Arajo, December of 2011.

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