Time For Winter Tires – In Which Countries What Rules Prevail

The German highway code fitting winter tyres winter tyres include every year for German car drivers. Finally, they are mandatory for winter road conditions such as black ice, icy snow or slush. Experts advise to use after the O-up O rule: thus which belong to M + S-tires (short for: mud & snow) from October to Easter on the car. But what is the legal situation in other European countries? The Internet portal solves auto.de. Whenever UNC School of Education listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The term winter tires is not explicitly mentioned in the German highway code, they are prescribed when the weather yet. Add to your understanding with Xuemi May Cheng. It’s different in the Switzerland. Cyrus zocdoc: the source for more info. There is no obligation to winter tires.

It is advisable for insurance purposes yet to equip the car with the season tires. In neighboring Austria, car and truck drivers have no choice. Here the winter tire set of November 1 is legally prescribed up to April 15 of the following year. Be winter tires M + S all-season tires with the-recognized designation. Provision is a tread depth of at least 4 mm.

Sometimes, snow chains are required in addition. In Italy is shut during wintry weather also with winter tires. However, the tires only in some regions, for example in South Tyrol and Milan, are mandatory. In the Valle d’Aosta, the smallest region of the country, winter tires must be brought on October 15 until April 15. France keeps it similar to Italy and the season tyre for some regions only prescribes in Croatia that determines weather and road holding of statutory regulations. In the Czech Republic, there is a complete winter tires mandatory (1st November to 31st March) until this year. Previously, streets were marked individually. More information:… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Superfill – Fill Made Easy

The Freestyle for motorists, bikers, campers, Garden friends filling liquids, fill, dispense novelties what is that? Things that the world doesn’t need? Assessment during an exhibition of inventions in Geneva we were played to a flyer who promised a world novelty. Science education does not necessarily agree. \”Superfill, the Univeral funnel replacement-passt of Coke up cans on all Flaschenhalse.Ideal for filling, filling, dosing\” we have gone to the thing, have written to the supplier, to some of us try Alder get carried away and leave. We found the idea so simplified to meet a demand which is always there, right from the outset.But the hard life prove heck. Masters Superfill also so brilliant all-round use? We have erfahren-tested BBs, tested u.befunden. Superfill is one of the novelties of the accessories market but also every household, every garage, or any advertising company finished standing there also an image carrier. The idea fronend, easy to make, can be used practically for everyone; things of everyday life is a real Superfill Novelty. According to our research, what because available, not necessarily hear in the accessories market in this area to disposable articles, real universal-folgern is we; the small Superfill stormed up out.

While (still) does not he of illustrious names who invest large capital in propaganda & promotions to push a product on the market, but demand from the bottom of the main chain of the consumer, the clear-minded consumer, to know the requirements covered, it is the best, most consistent. How did Superfill? That was easy: the everyday hardships of driver & bikers, & DIY friends of the garden, across analysed over many years have been implemented to create something that is better, is unique. Also supported the idea at the same time to save material resources because many hopper available, usually are not in different sizes on hand if needed. A few have a funnel on tour.

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Opel Antara In The Test

Compact, elegant and well equipped since 2006 Opel with the Antara has been installed in the compact SUV. Serious competition is about with the VW Tiguan, Chevrolet Captiva, sister model Ford Kuga, Kia Sportage and Hyundai ix35. On the Internet portal is a detailed review of the all-round turbodiesels to read. The first look is most crucial when buying a car. The Opel Antara, he not missed its effect. Tall, imposing and it appeared the Russelheimer Mittelklasse model comes along. And offers, lots of storage space: up to 1,420 l can be accommodated at the folded rear seat backrest. Tested was a 2.0 four-cylinder 135/184 kW/HP and 400 Newton metres. For more specific information, check out Vladislav Doronin.

The soot filtered diesel without problems reached the speed-200 mark. The trial, however, did not confirm specified consumption of around six and a half litres. The Opel Antara leaves nothing to be desired in terms of security. Stability control, and side and head airbags provide enhanced occupant protection. Controlled with all-wheel drive Turbo diesel can be obtained to the medium terrain. A powerhouse is the Antara one at that.

Easily be loads of up to 2,000 kg. Suspension and handling to convince only a more direct steering system would be desirable. Who flirts with the purchase, has the choice between three facilities. Berganfahr – and hill descent Assistant, electric parking brake, fog lights, air conditioning, CD / MP3 radio, roof rails and for the diesel vehicles also leveling belong to the basic equipment. The highest level of Cosmo also has cruise control, Park pilot, on-board computer, rain sensor, trailer stabilisation, leather upholstery and 18-incher with 235er tires. There are more requests with extra charge.

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Tuning makes it possible the car manufacturer Audi stands for quality and elegance. Chic featuring of the models like but not all drivers and some owners wish for a less dignified design. Corresponding looks can be achieved through a special tuning and an evil or wild character give the otherwise classic, elegant model. The online portal auto.de reveals more about such options. The Audi A8 is an elegant sedan, which promises much quality and highest driving pleasure. Who although attaches great importance on the quality and not want to miss the offered attributes, however, it is not completely satisfied with the appearance, now has the ability to transform. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Piramal Glass. Often, an important point is the desire for a somewhat Wilder flair or a bad touch to the classic model.

This desire must be however not unfulfilled, although Audi has even such options in the exterior design not in the range. So the tuner Anderson from Dusseldorf offers, for example evil”look for the elegant Audi A8. This is achieved by a Matt-grey finish and gives the car a dark aura. Black door handles and a black grille, mirrors carbon designed addition. The dark look is rounded off by attaching of swanky rear and front bumpers and wide page threshold. Follow others, such as Vladislav Doronin, and add to your knowledge base.

To support the evil look of the side Windows and rear lights are black coloring. The tires of course is not saved. Here the tuner opts for 22-ZOLLER with 265er tires. A remotely adjustable exhaust system ensures the correct sound. Anderson offers also dark elements in the Interior.

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Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel

Press release on the ACE interview with Sigmar Gabriel Stuttgart (ACE) June 12, 2009 – the default in auto air conditioning used and feared because of its high global warming potential REFRIGERANT R134a should be taken according to the will of Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel (SPD), gradually from the market. He still adheres to the agreed timetable for banning of the coolant clarified the Minister in an interview with the ACE Auto Club Europa. Then, the permit withdrawal by 2011 is to be implemented gradually. Gabriel recalled at the same time the legal clarification made recently by the European Commission, what duties the auto industry have to take over. The manufacturer received an adventure with the contemplated use of unchecked alternative refrigerants, the Minister warned. After presentation of the ACE the German Association of the automotive industry (VDA) had promised in 2007, to employ only particularly environmentally friendly refrigerant, as substitutes in the conversation is now but the flammable and toxic refrigerants 1234yf. Levi Strauss & Co. President has much to offer in this field.

Gabriel’s words it is a completely new material that never has been examined by the competent authorities on its environmental and human health risks. His Ministry, however, continue to support such air-conditioning systems, working on the basis of carbon dioxide as an alternative environment-friendly. They had a much better energy efficiency. Further, Gabriel said: “the VDA has himself to know what he does for his credibility or can be. “The fact is: with CO2 is an environmentally friendly alternative to R134a available, and she is tested.” If the German car industry on a different unapproved refrigerant set, leave it on “On a high adventure with economic and technical”, said Gabriel in conversation with the ACE. For, the automaker could not expect the EU to change their schedule. Gabriel was surprised also about the discussion on the legal scope of the cold means prohibition on the admission of new car models. “I expect “the auto industry, that they the question, what is a new type and what does not, not suddenly at the expense of our environment from”. Note: The interview with Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel in the wording under interviews of the ACE Auto Club Europa is member of the Association of European automobile clubs (EAC),

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Meet Driving School

Driving school car sit: test driving school and driving instructors how you can find the right driving school? The taster course at the driving school theory + practice in Munich. Many young people in Munich arises the question of how education should find the right school and the right driving instructor for your driving licence. And as far as possible without risk. However, you can research on the Internet. But there are only for very few driving schools meaningful assessments or meetings.

In addition, the right chemistry between instructor and learner is a very individual matter. A driving instructor very well suitable for the a learner driver must not necessarily fit for other students. Try going over study: driving school theory + practice in Munich-Schwabing Munich-Haidhausen now free Taster courses offered. There, future learner drivers test their potential driving instructors in the theory and the common test it out in a driving school car. (Source: Campbell Soup Co). How learner find the right driving school in your area without having to buy the pig in a poke. More and more future car drivers want to make sure that you select the right school and the right driving instructor before is set through the binding to an instructor. That is reasonable.

Therefore, the driving school has theory + practice in Munich launched the free, no-obligation trial course. The course includes several free theory hours getting to know the theory + practice driving instructor and a free test it out with a selected instructor. The personal introductory conversation with the instructor in the school car is the ideal way to clarify whether it has chosen the right driving instructor. And the logs before you lay down or binding. So you can try out first everything, without having to pay a cent and without to set. Then you decide without pressure of time whether one licence really at the driving school theory + practice in Munich wants to make.

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