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Tag: policy

Blas Roca

12 October, 2016 (11:17) | General | By: admin

Based on the philosophy, teachings and personalities like Calvin strategy on the rule until the human mind, and with the substance of their own unscrupulous methods to arrive at their personal interests, which has always been perched on the bodies of their companions, good and bad, Marques, Nico Lopez, Abel Santamaria, Camilo, Celia,, Che himself […]

Educating Dogs

1 October, 2012 (15:47) | General | By: admin

Here we spoke on the education of dog that jumps on the people, in particular, but also we spoke on the dogs that go jumping over other dogs, in the furniture, or even in the kitchen. I have seen that often the owners of dogs try to modify this one problem by means of the […]