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So, in a previous article we discussed the valuable advice on the purchase of the car. I have been dismantled most common pitfalls. If they are all taken into account, the victory will be guaranteed. A related site: Richard Stuart Linklater mentions similar findings. But human ingenuity should not be in place and in every way bad people are inventing new tricks and that each time more and more difficult to expose. Now we discuss many important it – buying a used car, both with full pay, and credit. In both cases, lies a lot of nuances, which I will now tell you. There are many different places to buy b / a Car: shops, markets, and the whole course as individuals (they will be paid special attention).

I will assume you have decided on the brand, but decided on the approximate allowable costs. The first place that you have planned, this auto show. Most often, the car dealer sells only new car, but became increasingly meet and mixed galleries. It is connected with certain programs (shares), which offer the company to increase demand for their products. An example of such an action could serve as a recycling program or exchange surcharge, but it depends on the car itself, namely the brand and quality, because at any ruhlyat seller does not bite.

If you have already looked closely at some cars, namely the brand, you should not stop there, look at all existing models. Prices will be much different. The price depends largely on the technical condition of the vehicle, engine capacity and service life – are the main indicators on which the price can jump dramatically or, or dropping considerably.

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You probably do not often heard at the gas station proposal from the operators to refuel an improved brand of fuel, such as Mustang, Vip-power, Euro, EKTO, Euro diesel, etc., depending on the brand names of super brands of the same. You are told that though more expensive, for a much higher quality and more efficient this type of fuel, brochures and show a certificate confirming truth of words. And so, these diesel fuels are certified and have improved performance as opposed to conventional grades of fuel. But another question, are you sure that your tank is filled with this kind of fuel? Not will be the same every time you go to the examination to confirm this? There is a suspicious car owners who simply abandon these brands of fuel and in some ways they are right, because in four cases out of ten you get conventional gasoline or diesel instead of super high-quality, cost of fuel! Not claim that it happens at all stations, but unfortunately there are many. Levi Strauss & Co. President gathered all the information. Typically, blame for this directly head of a Petrol station or regional leadership. In the first case, the chief sells through its fuel stations, rather, a certain amount, giving it a brand mark, taking into his own pocket the difference (I hope You understand that by good volumes, the difference is decent). The question arises from the people who have had experience with work stations professionally, as it bypasses the control of the counters? Interesting question about it will be discussed slightly lower. .

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