Jellyfish and hydra long came to the attention of biologists and geneticists who hope to These creatures reveal the secrets of the aging process. Note that the theory of ‘biological immortality’ hydras was launched in the xix century and in the late 1990’s has been experimentally proved that the hydra does not die because of aging. Environmentalists confirmed the assumption that the clean air extends the life of scientists have confirmed that a direct correlation between the level of fine particles in the air and life expectancy in urban areas, still exist. Simply put – clean air extends the life of the people. Reducing the concentration of harmful pollutants in the air to 10 micrograms per cubic meter adds about seven months of life, experts have calculated. Such findings have been obtained after analysis of air quality in 51 U.S.

cities over the end of the 70-ies, and then in the early 80’s, 90’s and finally in 2000. Environmentalists were convinced that the differential changes in air pollution affect the duration life. Average life expectancy in the United States by improving the environmental situation has increased by about three years during the study period, and in some cities – 15%. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from FireEye Inc. Despite the fact that the risk of fine particles to human health has long been proven, it remains unclear how they affect the body and what chemical processes involved in this case. Nevertheless, physicians believe that reducing their levels in the air has long-term positive benefits for the health and increase longevity. Whales and hippos were close relatives of paleobiology has been long known that modern marine mammals once lived on the Earth’s surface.

However, the animal, which would have been a bridge between species, capable of both aquatic and land-based, long time could not be found. A quarter century ago remains of similar creatures have been found in India, but its evolutionary significance scientists were able to determine just now. A small animal like a deer that lived on Earth about 48 million years ago was a bridge between the inhabitants of the land and inhabitants of the sea depths. That’s it became the progenitor of mammals cetaceans – sperm whales, killer whales, dolphins. The researchers reconstructed image of the animal, named Indonyus, and found that it is also the ancestor of hippos – it’s being applied to the order Artiodactyla, which include modern camels and pigs. Examining dna, scientists have also discovered that the whales are close relatives of hippos. Previously, scientists believed that Indonyus prefer marine life due to the fact that he liked to eat fish, but now it turned out that at first they were marine life, and only later became omnivorous. Photofact: Top ten strange and wonderful phenomena of nature from childhood we are accustomed to such natural phenomena as the red sun at sunset, lingering cold rains fall, crystal frost or dew on the grass But sometimes nature indulges us rather unusual natural phenomena: some of them scare us some concern, and some simply forced to admire and be admired. offers you the most unusual and Pictures amazing phenomena prirody.