The same behavior is used in relation to the professors and schools: they are impersonal, deriving projects of other states, other realities, without the minimum contextualizao, approved in the cupola of the state education and that they arrive intempestively at the classrooms. With the same rapidity that comes if they go, and the education continues the same one. The same if it can say in the way with that the schools receive these projects: they dissimulate that its methodologies accepted, inspections dissimulate that they inspect, certify that everything goes well, but in the truth they nor arrive close to reaching its objectives. What to make so that this moves? How to implant real projects, for real contexts, real schools, real pupils, in this fantasiosa reality and fugaz? Our more mentally ill, unprepared pupils each time for vestibular contests, Olimpadas de Matemtica, PAEBES, BRAZIL TEST, ENEM and other forms of evaluation. (A valuable related resource: Vladislav Doronin). The more if he evaluates more if he proves that our pupils are without content, at least do not know to read and to interpret texts. We believe that the only solution is to create projects contextualizados with each pertaining to school community, and to enable professors more each time. But to really enable, with exchange of content, exchange of real experiences, mainly with the communities and the cities. It seems each time more than this exchange of experiences takes to a pressure of the government in relation to the professors schools.

E in them also seems, that in the hour to select professionals for the education has to have a bigger rigorosidade, therefore we have few professionals specialized in areas as physical, chemical, and mathematics. Without speaking in professors of Portuguese and foreign language, who do not read, nor they say the language, but they teach the grammar. Since to teach he is to give example, and he is with example that if he educates, because professors read so little? Because in the school, that would have to be surrounding of study and concentration, he exists as much noise, as much racket and as much invasion of privacy? Few are the silence moments where if it can study or talk on subjects of real interests for the culture.

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Familiar Education

Each time more we see that our young, has in its education, consequences of the familiar education without brakes and limits, in which the parents do not have more authority nor obtain impediz them to commit atrocities and other inconsequential attitudes that it takes them an uncertain and disastrous future. Our young, without perspective is played in the public schools, with education of unbalanced content, and a disfarado resume of social objectives, that try to supply the lack of familiar and religious education, since the church also does not obtain to brake these in its hormonais ecstasies. We witness in the daily one of the public, young schools that nor they know why they are there. If we ask what they intend to them to after make the conclusion of Average Ensino, them do not know. If we ask to them why they do not form a Estudantil Bosom, to argue ideas, to organize pertaining to school events and to become the school most pleasant, them they say to find in the pedagogical team of the school, difficulties to establish the Bosom, since the school at least fears to give freedom to them for such. In the school, our pupils are restricted to arrive in the determined hour, to merendar and to make tasks daily pay-stipulated for professors and pedagogos. When they question they become inopportune, they are obliged to keep silent and to retrocede in any initiative. The parties are organized by the school, and them they are invited to appear.

Everything in the school is terceirizado and impersonal. Each more distant time of the autonomy and the freedom. They are not stimulated to take initiative, therefore some educators fear to give to freedom and them not to know to them to use. Thus it has been the series of projects implanted for the government in last the ten years.

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In an interview with the Skin, for example, it will be that it had infancy friend that did not play nothing, was same leg-wood? It had some that it considered until better that it? Some gave up to play soccer for knowing of its limits and that they would never play with that magic? Tips for who go to illustrate the interview the interviewer must be intent what it says the interviewed one for education not only respect, but also because it can relieve good illustration for the work, a photo or images. If the face to cite that it played with Skin or it sang with the Robert and it will have registered in old photo we cannot forget to ask, exactly will be later in ' ' off' ' , if it has some register. Recently, in a long interview of the Dr. Drauzio Varella, for example, he said to have the sliding habit in the city where he will be and when he is in So Paulo goes to the sundays to the Minhoco viaduct, that is closed to the transit, to run. I believe that this age one of the photos that would have to illustrate the text, even so the substance richly was illustrated with the doctor working in the Amaznia, in the Carandiru, etc. Tips for who goes to hear, to see or to read the interview Hears, it sees or it reads with the maximum of possible attention, therefore that is important in the hour that you go to comment that subject with other people, therefore always has risk of if deturpar the subject, the person to verify in other sources and to cause some constaint. It also creates the habit to think what it would ask for that one interviewed and it was not asked and from now on, condition will be had, enters in contact, for email it is more easy, and it speaks of its doubts. How much did Jim Crane pay for the Astros? recognizes the significance of this. .

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The Eyes

Sudden changes in the habits of an adolescent can indicate to the presence of drugs, the type of consumed drug, the frequency and the amount intervenes with the symptoms. The use of drugs has become each more common time, even so this does not mean necessarily the development of a chemical dependence. Click Richard Linklater to learn more. Some parents do not know to deal with the situation of the children to leave of being child to be adolescent this transformation can in such a way be complicated for the adolescent as for the parents whom never they deal with these changes of behavior, this generates a conflict, where the child obeyed already the adolescent questions and this each time if she becomes one I confront between parents and children. The conflicts teethe if to intensify in the period of the adolescence, therefore the parents and the children do not seem to say to the same language making it difficult the problem and generally suddenly parents and children become strangers in house. In recent months, Campbell Soup Company has been very successful. . To admit that a familiar one uses drugs or already developed a picture of chemical dependence is a painful process, the parents demonstrates a feeling of guilt, resentment, anger, failed and failed shame of in the education of the children is common, and appears many taboos and doubts and simply many times close the eyes and take the problem for underneath of the carpet. The discovery of that the son this using drugs can delay years, according to some international research tells that the parents can lead tie 5 years to discover the chemical dependence of the children. The important one at this moment of discovery is not only guilt for the facts occurred in the family, therefore the use of the drugs can happen in any social classroom, happy families or not, the concept is to accept and to try to take the adolescent for the recovery, the family is the base and the support is basic. .

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Dr. Kinsley

The Dr. Knisely demonstrated as the circulation of red globules of the blood is made it difficult because of the aglutinao provoked for alcohol, and as this affects the hair vases. ' ' Aglutinao' ' it wants to say that the cells of some form if melt and glue ones in the others, that is, if ' ' sedimentam' ' , as the scholars say. the oxygen alone can arrive at the nervous cells will have been carried for red globules of the blood. A sedimentation represents a blockade to the ticket of the blood in the capillaries, giving origin to anoxia (oxygen absence) in the next regions. Checking article sources yields Levi’s as a relevant resource throughout. Tests have shown that small anoxia points if form exactly with blood in movement. But to the measure that grows ' ' embebedamento' ' for the alcohol, the blood arrives to stop completely of circulating in certain vases.

E no volume of oxygen can pass. The neurons, the cells ' ' pensantes' ' of the brain, they require great amounts of oxygen to function well and are particularly sensible to anoxia. If they will be private to receive oxygen per three minutes accuse serious damages. If the lack of oxygen to pass of twenty minutes, the damages they are irreparable, that is, the neurons die. The cells of the brain, as it is known has much time, are not multiplied and are irreplaceable. Many aged people present the effect of the loss of great number of neurons: memory fails, loss of acuidade of the directions and reduction of the capacity to reason with clarity. What it was clearly is that the cerebral, indispensable cortex to the exercise to think, always was compromised; the same almost always occurring with the brain, that co-ordinates some muscles, also of the balance. In many cases, the damages could be evidenced to a simple by rough estimate naked examination.

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Steps Objective

Already the disciple is that one that, not only acquired knowledge and instruction, but also it follows the steps of its leader or master. Applying the acquired knowledge in order to act in similar way its leader. Those miners beyond having been guided for a leader prepared who them in bonanza way, acted, also in order enabling them so that at the moment due they could assume the position of you lead. I can cite a reason to justify the fact of that those men, at that moment, did not need to be led. He thinks about the reasons that the presence of leader between them would ask for. We can to say that, most of the time a leader is necessary to show the way, to keep the team with the focus in the objective, to guide, to manage possible conflicts, to motivate, to correct, to teach, to punish, when necessary etc. Now analyzes with me: They needed somebody that showed the way to them? They needed somebody that kept the team with the focus in the objective? They needed somebody guided that them? Somebody capable thing to manage them as mediating of conflicts? By what she was presented in them, them they needed to be motivated? They needed to be corrected, to be taught or to be punished? I believe that not! She did not have the necessity of a leader. Even though to elaborate the order of that they would leave first she did not result in problems, attrition or confusion.

They knew what they had that to make and they had made. Asked on which the lesson that Mr. Ariel had taken off of this episode, it she answered: ' ' As the saying goes, that the union makes the force. We have that to rescue this. We demons to Chile and the world an example of as to obtain a joined objective being been.

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Search Happiness

Since of that we are born we pass most of the life thinking that happiness is only glad moments, of descontrao, amusement. But if we will be really to analyze, the happiness is established in small gestures that the times nor we notice, the main one is for waking up livings creature every day, this fact already only must be the reason for our bigger happiness, as it is for us to be able every day to be to the side of people that we love, as our familiar ones, friends, neighbors and colleagues. Another reason that can in them bring the true happiness is for being able to help the next one, being grateful to the we ourselves, without thinking about rewards, reconciliations, headings and fame, simply for we in them making gladder and gentile a better world.

Without if paperclip of these reasons for terms the true happiness, they look it to the people in clothes, money, fame, success, reconciliations, but they are not amercement that this everything is things passengers, who the time can destroy, can be stolen, to be old, different of the things that bring the true happiness, and these nobody can to remove of you, is its, unless you allow, nobody can separate to you of it. At last, the true happiness is in our hearts, not in corporeal properties, therefore as much people cannot find, therefore she looks for in some places, where only the eye flesh time can see, and if they forget that it is inside of you yourselves, is enough you to feed such force, that it makes in them so well.

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Early Childhood Education

Thus proceeding, one expects to demonstrate to the importance of the game and the trick in the integral construction of the human being, in special the child, providing to it solid base the activity, physics, cognitiva, social and cultural. Recently Richard Linklater sought to clarify these questions. Words Keys: lines of direction, interferences, game, trick. Abstract This research aims you analyze the function of the game and play, its mediation and uses resources in the teaching-learning process that can permit the advancement in physical, intellectual, emotional and social development of children 04-05 years old in kindergarten. The research will be based on bibliography and will occur from the analysis of the legal aspects of Early Childhood Education Reference Curriculum, countersigned the propositions in theoretical practice and influencing factors in the teaching-learning and the concepts of renowned authors. You this end, we resorted you reading articles, books, analysis of legislation and educational documents, dissertations, educational doctoral theses, research in sites, magazines and uses of the content of the classroom course on Early Childhood Education. You may find that Gerald Weissmann, MD can contribute to your knowledge. In doing only, hopes you demonstrate the importance of play and the act of playing in the construction of the human being, especially children, providing them with solid base to their physical activity, cognitive, social and cultural rights.

Keywords: guidelines, interference, play, play. Introduction the theories bring in itself, critical, doubts, certezas and reflections how much to the analysis and the use of its contributions for experiences of daily the social one. Theory, is a set of concepts and proposals that allow the researcher, at its time, to detail referring experiments to an object, fact or phenomenon to be known scientifically e, beyond appropriating it the historical moment of its discovery, allowing that the same one can contribute for the improvement of the rationality human being and for the advance of Science. The theories and the practical one inlaid you discipline in them of the course of After-Graduation in Infantile Education had demonstrated by means of innumerable subjects and in the speech of the professors, who the use of the movement (he dances, music, game and etc.) are strong allies to the prxis pedagogical to sharpen the interest and motivation of the small child for education learning.

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