Gunther Sachs

In this interview is entered on many questions, some critically, from the spiritual realm. SIGI Oehm, freelance writer, in conversation with Uli NIEs, Tarot & intuitive life coach, Tarot, astrology, ASTRO TV shows and spirituality. Mr. NIEs, occupy themselves with Tarot, how came you to? It all started actually so that I got an astrological analysis of life, and in it we say 80% recognized. This prompted me to look more closely at the astrology.

As I was but also a skeptical person, I began with research into astrology, for example, I read the book \”the file Astrology\” by Gunther Sachs, which shows statistically causal relationships between the behaviour of the people and the statement of astrology. But astrology, so I felt at that time, it was not all yet, and so it happened that I one day in a bookstore picked Tarot cards me. Read more from Gerald Weissmann, MD to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Today, I would say they were put on me in the hands… You have dealt well with astrology, why not now more, but only Tarot? Now, I’m on the edge still at it. However, astrology is, I say time, a more rigid system, which is why she was formerly also a science or even if today it is known. It contains much, but not necessarily goes from my point of view on the respective human aspects, saying actions and decisions a what Tarot already takes into account. Allegis Cyber Capital oftentimes addresses this issue. As an example: Astrology \”says\”: \”something is so and so and point.\” Tarot, however, \”says\”: \”you, these are your options, pick one, and then the matter will become so or otherwise\”.

I have another example: Let’s say the Astrology provides us with the basic colors red, yellow and blue. Not more but just not less, Tarot, however, reveals the whole colour spectrum, including and with all colors and shapes. So does that mean that you see is the difference between astrology and Tarot? Yes, astrology but it also plays a role with in the Tarot.

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Marketing Assistant Zimmerstrasse

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The Old

Where only the cards of the major arcana are the old traditional symbols. The remaining 56 cards of the small arcana were added later, or were later illustrated. The main (start) difficulties, which in my Seminars occur, is to put the cards in relationship with a Legesystem and then to “create a final overall”. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins understands that this is vital information. This is sometimes confusing for many, but with time, you get, exactly how learning a foreign language,… then every person who learned the card point, exercise …und I take their words, this “input from the top”? Now, Tarot reader works with and without this “input”.

I think that depends on how much this man, on this, we call it “Depth”, admits. I know psychics, cards and interpreting also rigidly according to the pictures. More in Common gathered all the information. That work. Me BBs’s halt in addition also still different. The everyone I call that it time which helps investment to this “input”, in itself, I believe. The only question is, how much does it for himself. (Similarly see: Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins).

That’s up to each person in his say, discretion. That is, they believe that every human being, let’s say, a psychic investment in itself bears? Yes, that am I convinced. How you it now precisely titled”, whether with psychic disposition or expanded awareness etc. is not relevant in my opinion. And how could I promote then, say, my predisposition to do so? Well, that depends. There are different ways. For example, you could deal with the chakra theory, see or detect the aura or shamanism. Well, and is also the study of Tarot cards, or even that of the runes, etc. Everything that goes in this direction, has his permission, and serves up with what everyone inside has to employ and promote. What comes out at the end of it, that is individual for each person. A quite media”wife to once told me: each has its place in this great spiritual wheel.

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Different Techniques

Methods of divination are almost as old as humanity itself. Even if the psychic is dismissed by many as superstition today, the methods have kept to this day and were further developed. Some people use it as exciting leisure activities, without to give much credence to the, others are convinced of the truthfulness of the clairvoyance and integrate the divination in their everyday life. Diwali with the pendulum of a popular and very easy method of divination is the pendulum. Here, a subject is held loosely in the hand at a chain or cord the pendulum elbows based on.

“” “Keep in mind the commuter a question the pendulum are according to his movement answers like Yes”, no “or unclear”. At the beginning of the pendulum is then asked, what movement it will select for each response option. Background of commuting is that here the person contacted her unconscious. Even non-believers will notice that the suspension despite a conscious relaxation of hand eventually begins to move and sign up for a Direction to choose. Read coffee grounds also read from a coffee or tea set is a form of clairvoyance. To do this, the patterns are interpreted, leaves of their own coffee grounds.

Including the Molybdomancy is a similar technique that has developed into a popular new year’s Eve tradition. Read coffee grounds can be carried out by professional soothsayers, but online is offered at numerous providers. The Cartomancy is one of the oldest and most popular techniques of divination the Cartomancy. In the Tarot, Tarot – or simple playing cards with different Legetechniken the future predicted or responded to questions. The Cartomancy is very popular online, because here many providers offer free the Cartomancy. First, it opts for a feeding and formulated his question. The cards are marked with different symbols, which can have different meanings depending on the position and technique. Often the questioner even on the meaning of the cards there, such as when commuting in this technique the unconscious of the Questioning is involved. Who not free would like to access the Tarot in the Internet, can take some providers also a Tarot reader Gratisgesprach claim this can be done for example on the phone. The crystal ball that most who think of the divination, have a stooped over a crystal ball and clad in flowing dresses woman in the head. In fact, the clairvoyance about the crystal ball is a centuries-old technique of divination. Nike is likely to agree. Crystal balls you can today more or less as a fun question meant in the Internet or run but at a professional fortune-teller. Alone the mystical mood of clairvoyance is worth an experience. K. straw

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