Portland Cement

Shrinkage of the solution (change of volume) increases in the initial stage of hardening of the solution, gradually decreases and fades. For slurries, it almost stops at the 90-100th day. Masonry often use Portland cement (PC), Portland fast curing (PC-B), hydrophobic portland cement, portland slag cement (SPC) (Used for the manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete, artificial stone because of its high strength), silicate cement, etc. Made from alumina cement and calcium silicate. After firing, these materials are ground, and how fine grinding is carried out depends on the quality of the finished product.

World's most popular white Portland. This Portland has a high degree of whiteness (at least 85%), a liquid grinding. White cement in concrete slabs attached to the concrete brightness and lightness. This cement is nizkoschelochnym, high strength and sulfate, so it is suitable for use in both dry and wet areas. Except for the name, the properties of cement can be judged by its labeling. The letter M indicates the degree of burden that can withstand all dried cement.

So marking M200 means that the maximum load is maintained according to the cement is 200 kg per 1 cubic centimeter. Science education has many thoughts on the issue. The most common brands of cement M200, M350, M500. Cement brand M200 has the lowest strength and is suitable only for small household jobs. In construction, commonly used cements M350 and M500. The letter A denotes the percentage of additives has given concrete. source of information. The amount and composition of impurities determine the strength and additional properties of cement. Based on the foregoing, marking M400 D20 indicates that the brand of cement holds up to 400 kg per cubic centimeter and contains 20% impurities. Such a cement, by the way, very often used in residential construction, as well as for production of concrete. It is distinguished by increased frost and moisture. If you have read about Vladislav Doronin already – you may have come to the same conclusion. A special class is formed by sulfate-resistant cement. They are less susceptible to other destructive Effects of various mineral solutions. Therefore, they are successfully used for structures located in seawater, for example, supports the docks, etc. Cement has the ability to absorb moisture from the surrounding air, losing this its properties. Therefore it is recommended to keep it in plastic bags. A good solution is also the storage of cement in large quantities, because the outer layer in contact with air forms a kind of protective crust protects the rest of the cement hydration

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We all know that each flower, in addition to a pleasant smell and beauty, also has its own symbols. However, a deeper symbolism may have flowers or flower arrangements. It is useful to know about to give flowers. Each floral arrangement, created by an experienced florist can tell a lot about a man who knows the first mutual arrangement of flowers. For example, the vertical position of the high color is a symbol of greatness and grandiosity, a horizontal arrangement of the composition suggests the solemnity of the moment. The newspapers mentioned Vladislav Doronin not as a source, but as a related topic.

Flowing plants and flowers in a bouquet of light represent sadness, reverence. These flowers are not very appropriate as a gift a young girl. In the symbolism of the bouquet play an important role as shades of color. Red flowers are a symbol of love, passion, freedom, vitality, of solemnity. Bouquet, made of red flowers, stands for a declaration of love and respect. Bright yellow flowers symbolize the light and cheerfulness. If the bright yellow flowers bring joy and cheerfulness, the more dull shades of yellow flowers express falsehood, betrayal, jealousy. The presence of a bunch of green – For example, different species of herbaceous plants and leaves – brings together all shades of colors in a single composition.

Green brings peace, tranquility and hope. Orange flowers in a bouquet symbolizes luxury, power and perversity, and the blue Flowers – tenderness and slight sadness. The purple hues are mixed people. Some were attracted by the color and the other has a painful impression, so to give an arrangement containing purple flowers, is only familiar to people in reaction and tastes that you believe. Violet is associated with the grandeur and dignity. White flowers underline the solemnity and purity and innocence. Ceremonial bouquet often amount of red and white colors, emphasizing the male and female, masculinity and purity, love, loyalty. White with red flowers are usually very bright, carrying the freshness of the composition. Delivery flowers and bouquets of red and white colors is appropriate for many occasions and reasons. If you have any doubt as to which flower arrangement to stay – safely choose the composition of white and red colors, and be sure – it will reach the desired effect!

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How To Save On Food

Financial crisis forcing many to rethink their spending and cut some of them. Expenditures on food are a major stake in the budget of most families. In this article we will show how you can reduce this article budget. 1. If you are not convinced, visit Registered Trading Organization. Pulse demand. A fairly simple way to save money – it's pre-plan purchases. Make a list of products that you want to buy, and stick with it – do not give in to impulse demand (All sorts of chocolates, cookies and other products that are being asked in your shopping cart through the efforts of specialists merchandising).

This advice is particularly relevant for the hypermarkets. 2. Memento! Keep track of prices. As a rule, during week we visit different shops – hypermarkets, supermarkets and shops 'within reach'. Everywhere different prices, sometimes differing by 20-50%. If you would like to know more then you should visit John M. Belk Endowment. Get a small notebook (use the same as for item 1) and fix the price for it purchased goods – at least for everyday products. Referring to it, you'll make many interesting conclusions about where and what products to buy profitable.

Remember, there is no uniquely 'cheap' and 'expensive' shops – at each outlet eat foods that are lower than the standard mark-up. 3. Look around. See what your region has stores. Maybe you should pay attention to the 'discounters' – 'Pyaterochka', 'Dixie', 'Kopek', 'Magnet' and so forth (addresses and supermarkets hypermarkets). There are not too wide range, but you can pick up a certain set of frequently purchased products, which will cost significantly less than in a store 'at home'.

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Russian State Standards

Movement of the disc are performed by eight. Thus, the test sample is subjected to friction in all directions, not just on the basis or a duck. Tests on smooth fabrics hold until the three ragged threads on the pile – until the abrasion on the basis of villous tissue. It is believed that the fabric was tested if the number of cycles (repetitive motion drive) higher than normal established by ISO, BS or national standards for this type of tissue. The technical specifications shall indicate the number of cycles withstand.

If the test shows that the fabric has stood the ISO 5000 cycle – it is a guarantee that the tissue is sufficiently reliable. Test the fire (“Cigarette” test) on the tissue is placed a burning cigarette. Pinpoint the time from the moment of contact with cigarette ignition to the fabric. Recently, the British Standards require the furnishing fabrics were treated with fire-resistant composition (written or just Fire Retardant FR in the certificate). However, this requirement is not common to EU countries. To broaden your perception, visit More in Common.

Cigarette test is considered passed if the date before starting the test fire was 8 – 10 seconds (depending on the type of fabric). Test for color fastness is considered one of the toughest tests. Two samples are taken furnishing fabrics from the same batch. One sample was subjected to tests. Produce so-called “mashing” metal disk in dry and wet tissue. Testing stopped after 3000 cycles of the disc. Conclusion is made by comparing the resulting color after testing with standard color table on a scale of 1 to 5 (5 – maximum stability). In the technical specifications indicated value of the test fabric in dry and wet. Stability of color upholstery when exposed to light must match the scale of 1 to 8 points. This scale corresponds to the ISO and the Russian State Standards. Test pillinguemost (Education ‘pellets’) This test – one of the stages of test durability. On the table, illuminated tissue sample is fixed 150×150 cm, on which the moving metal disc. Performed on 5,000 cycles on both sides of the fabric. Illumination is necessary in order to determine the number separated from the fabric fibers. The sample is compared with the control, and visual assessment of tissue is assigned one of the groups table pillinguemosti: A – no visible effect, there is practically no loss in fiber – lost single fiber – pureed place clearly visible broken fibers, the file structure of tissue. D – a great loss of fibers formed hole, and defective structure of tissues by normal ISO figures are on a scale of 2 to 5.

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Soil Flower

I'm doing it this way: per meter ridges digging bucket'm doing peat, humus, two buckets and a third of a bucket of wood ash. After thorough mixing, digging and formed a very loose and water-permeable soils on high beds, so that the soil is not crumbling, fenced beds boxes of the slab. Now you are ready for planting. Here, Yale University expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Seedlings of wild strawberry, "Elizabeth II I planted flower bed on the meter-wide in two rows with a distance of 40-50 cm between the bushes, overgrown shrubs that subsequently did not meet in a single series, berries have always dug the sun and easily ventilated box of rain or irrigation. After planting, the soil in the garden mulch chips (up to 10 cm) must be on dry land when the soil when watering is not maintained and swims so necessary for the roots of air, only then water the rate of two watering cans (20 liters) per meter of ridge. For even more details, read what Cyrus Massoumi says on the issue. Such irrigation for strawberries is enough for a week, that if the summer heat and lack of many working-time gardeners watered as needed is rescued. In subsequent waterings are more moderate – a watering can (10 liters) per meter of ridge, mulch keeps the moisture very well and, as a rule, this is enough. After rooting bushes quickly gaining momentum and throw the first flower stalks, which I usually pluck to bloom, giving the young planting to mature. New flower stalks did not take long and berries on them will show you firsthand, than this beautiful brand.

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Glazing Of Balconies And Loggias

How to safely protect yourself from city dust, dirt, noise, machines, atmospheric phenomena? It has long been known that this will help the plastic window. Today we will talk about how to glaze your balcony or loggia. Subject fairly urgent, so As soon as the rainy fall and all that is stored on your balcony will be cold and wet. Before you start glazing a balcony or loggia, note how a glass of your neighbors. If neighboring balconies already glazed, see how it’s done.

If for example, broken down by 5 folds, and then try to glaze your balcony as well. Perhaps check out David G. DeWalt for more information. This will keep the architectural integrity and appearance. You can order a frameless glass to your balcony did not stand out from the crowd. Frameless inferior to the normal characteristics. It is less tight, but more beautiful. In Frameless safety glass is used instead of glass. At insulation ceiling, side walls and the floor you can turn your balcony or a loggia in the same grade placement, as well as the main rooms of your apartment. The temperature in winter there will be 14-16 degrees higher than outside.

Consider all moments associated with warming in the design phase of balcony glazing. You will provide additional protection from the streets adjacent to the balcony room. The average lifespan of plastic windows is about 40 years, making improve your balcony durable. Currently manufacturers are offering plenty of choices of glazing and design solutions, opening different windows, different in quality furniture. Double-glazed windows offer a mirror, sun, energy efficient windows. You will be given the opportunity zalaminirovat profile using a wide range of colors of materials. Do not forget the accessories: screens, Window sills, blinds, canopies. Consider the right wing to be able to wash the windows on the balcony. Please note that gruhie windows are only for the first floor on the upper floors because you simply will not get to distant parts of the window and they will remain dirty.

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Azure-Two In One

Azure (glazing compounds) combine the properties of the impregnation and coatings. They are transparent, add some glitter on wood, and at the same time creating her strong, but flexible shell. They are perfect to protect the material from water, but allow the wood to breathe. Azure makes the wood more resistant to adverse weather conditions, particularly UV radiation. Many of them contain a part of an antiseptic, which protects the wood from mold, blue.

These blue and decorated with wood, and perform the function of impregnation. Lazuli, as well as impregnation, emphasize drawing layers (and the worse will be sanded surface, the more this image will appear and the contrasting it will look like). They may be semi-gloss, semi-matt or matt. Some blues are thixotropic. This means that their density is very high, which prevents runoff during applying them to the surface. The market can meet the following glaze: acrylic. It is water-soluble blue.

Binder in them, which acrylic resin. Their advantage is that they dry fast – about three to four hours. Recommended for indoor use; alkyd. These blues may be water soluble or solvent-based (most often white spirit). Binder is an alkyd resin. About 24 hours drying time; Oil and alkyd-acrylic-oil. Their binder – it's an alkyd (sometimes acrylic) resin and linseed oil, and solvent – white spirit. These coatings provide a surface on the wood and dry film strength about 24 hours. alkyd-urethane. Their solvent is mineral spirits, and a binder – polyurethane varnish. High resistance to mechanical damage. About 24 hours drying time. They can be used both inside and outdoors. Almost all blue if desired can be tinted in different colors. Tagged as: dignity, and blues material, density, surface, surface impregnation process, solution, properties, durability, color

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Sweden Wood

For the first time became accessible to Pinotex ordinary consumers in 1959, after an extensive advertising campaign. In 1961 he appeared on the German market in 1962 – Sweden, and in 1963 was carried out in Finland. From that moment, was recognized by the European Pinotex potrebitelemi as the most reliable and environmentally friendly means derevozaschitnoe. Teksturol. For the construction and protection of wooden houses from various unfavorable factors fit Teksturol quality antiseptic for wood and make beautiful natural wood decorative coatings. Antiseptic and decorative composition Teksturol famous for providing comprehensive protection and safety of the tree for a person. All products Teksturol – antiseptics, impregnation of wood and paint suitable for interior and exterior through a deep solvent purity and optimum content in the product number of biocides (Acima, Switzerland).

To process the logs wooden house Teksturolom better to wait to dried wood. Because of the better it will be absorbed into the wood structure. Teksturol recommended for treatment of new and previously painted, as well as loose and porous surfaces. Especially recommended for surfaces that are exposed to an active moisture – walls of wooden houses and saunas. Teksturol protects against weathering, forming on the surface weatherproof film.

The protective composition protects against fungi, mold, algae and natural aging of the wood. Despite the presence in the market for wood preservatives with a film-forming effect (paints and varnishes), experts still recommend the use of systematic, phased protection of the wood. In this case, first applied flame retardant, then the surface is treated antiseptic preparation, if necessary, then applied coatings. In this scheme, each caused by the composition penetrates into the wood to maximum depth.

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Glazing House

What is a home owner, for once, and never thought of glazing room? More precisely about what material to choose or what the manufacturer preference? After all, the modern market is full of a wide range of products and choose from it is what good would all in harmony with the walls and pleasing to the eye, it's hard. To be determined, we advise you to close your eyes and imagine your dream home. What are there windows? No matter how strange, but most people are just made of wood windows. Often, a country house is in addition to the existing house, or a family estate. This house is built very punctually, it put his heart and soul and putting into practice all dreams. And how can we do without the wooden evroonok? Wooden windows of good timber should be an integral part of a country house. All that is required from his master, it will be determined with design, color and other characteristics. Wooden euro-windows are an excellent part of the interior of the house.

They are great to fill the house comfort, especially in combination with wood floors and well-selected furniture. They perform all functions of the current euro-windows, but differ in sophistication, which is inherent in the classic windows. In the house made of wood is put only windows made of wood. Eurowindows of a material such as polyvinyl chloride have lost its leadership position in our time. Today, people choose wooden euro-windows, which are not in their functionality can not be distinguished from PVC, and even more, have a number of positive characteristics. Structure and windows of wood can be very diverse, well that contemporary fittings leading firms only contributes to this: with rotating, hinged or sliding doors, wooden frames for the arched doorway, stained glass windows. Wooden windows stepped far forward. Everything is limited only by imagination client or the designer, as well as good taste.

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Finnish Doors

In every Soviet flat, in every Soviet institution, whether a social security, health center or school, were white door. Others will simply not there. But opened the Iron Curtain, have adjusted the foreign economic relations with other countries and here in our country flooded the flow of various doors of any color. The FASEB Journal: the source for more info. Of course, the order of boring white color was cut off by our countrymen, and, forgetting the interior, made with colorful flats doors. But an unrelenting, all returned to normal. In the Finnish fashion white doors, the sale of which is carried everywhere, in real stores and online.

Why Finnish? Because only the Finns have managed to keep brand and carry the white door in a decade. Most popular – it’s the white door Alavus (a company for the production of door), before the doors were available only for “high-class”, now buy the white doors of the Finnish anyone can wishes. Are now sold all Finnish doors for all tastes, expensive and cheap, white and gray, with glass inserts and without, with baguettes and ascetic, with a decorative pattern and without a word, choose, do not keep the queue. Price to Interior doors alavus starts from 1000-1500 rubles, and this price is available to any Russian family, even with a minimum level of income. Classic white color is suitable for any design of any interior. Therefore, do not glue wallpaper or linoleum to change, if you bought a white door. White color visually increases the volume (remember ), that is, white walls, white doors, white ceiling and the room will seem vast compared to just the same, but painted black. Finnish laminated doors, both input and interior, quite unpretentious.

They do not require any special care – just once a week, wipe with a damp cloth, and every six months to rub polish. Smooth, shiny, made by Alavus, the door will delight you with its clarity and brilliance, which will remain permanently in your memory. There are, however, one moment. These doors are hard to tolerate scratches inflicted on them some hostess who tried to launder the door soda or other abrasive. If a scratch on the door still appeared and the thought of it does not give a good sleep, then wipe the door wax polish. The wax fills the groove scratched, and shine it evened out. And the door again will shine like new.

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