Colored Doors From PVC Profiles

How can I make a door made of PVC-profiles of color? For that purpose the colored panels, they paste over white PVC panels. But self-pasting is not recommended. In order to obtain the desired result, you must use in special machines. Improperly glued film sooner or later vspuchitsya, that is, it will bubble. Generally, if interior doors are permanently located at sun, then use color film does not follow. Bright sunlight will sooner or later lead to the appearance of bubbles on the interior doors, you will have thermal expansion of the color films. Instead of color films can be use special interior doors, lined with aluminum (the same method can be used on steel doors).

For doors made of PVC-profiles are produced aluminum thresholds. There are two variants of the thresholds for doors made of PVC-profiles. The first option is used for new buildings. In this case, the threshold should be built into the floor, little importance is the depth of placement of the joint stone slabs. PVC profile is inside, it is necessary in order to create thermal insulation, and to prevent condensation. The second option uses for old buildings.

This option is a flat nut, its height does not exceed 18 mm. Aluminum – an indispensable material in the design of metal doors. Currently, you can often find the doors on the basis of aluminum. They are more convenient and reliable than the doors on the basis of PVC. Doors made of aluminum Profile is not afraid of any load, continuous operation does not render them virtually no effect (in this case in the event where important are the strength characteristics of metal doors, metal doors are irreplaceable). In the case of doors made of aluminum profile, the following approaches: the use of various panels of laminated glass, the application of sandwich panels, various design glazed surfaces. Interestingly, the aluminum profiles may not only have a rectangular shape, but rounded and streamlined. Of course, it attracts additional benefit of consumers. Doors are made of aluminum profiles hinged, sliding, folding, automatic. It is noteworthy that there are no standard models of aluminum doors. It all depends on the choice of the customer, so all designs are produced exclusively on request. Colors of doors may be different. The door can be glossy or matte. Door aluminum profiles shall meet the following requirements. 1. It is important that the profiles of which made the door, were not intended for windows and just for the doors (except perhaps only the balcony door). 2. The surface profile shall be painted so that no roughness or water stains. Any drips or roughness may indicate that the profile was painted by hand. This is unacceptable, staining should be performed only by technical means. 3. A very important factor is the build quality. Angles of the box and shutters should be connected without the spade and gaps.

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Art Nouveau

The second half of the 19 th century Russian version of the formation of interest Rococo, namely the refusal of services Architects in the interior. The owner designed the space in his own taste. Congestion decor, the number of subjects and, consequently, an enclosed space – typical signs of a crisis of style this time. Classicism name speaks for itself. The basis of the experience gathered style and the principles of previous styles. Trying to create the perfect style, not just for centuries, but forever.

The idea from time to time and again becomes reborn relevant. Still considered to be a universal principle of ‘do not know how, do’ classicism ‘. Use in the design of premises and facade elements of ancient architecture, the development of so-called ‘made out to order’ organization decor. Romanticism Natural form of decoration. Wild stone, forging, gothic elements. Dinner by candlelight. Considered to be characteristic of poetic nature. Neomodern use of plastic forms for the Art Nouveau architectural design space for modern technological base.

Almost complete lack of ornamentation. ART-Deco Art Deco, 20-30 years., – Continued the direction of Art Nouveau. At the same time was influenced by Cubism, American folk art and design rapidly developing at the time of mechanical engineering and aircraft construction. Paris has repeatedly asked the style and fashion. Lightness and elegance of decor, trying to perceive the speed and pressure of the coming century machines spawned a style of decorative art, are called the ‘Art-Deco’ Generation Modernism Cubism and German design school ‘Bauhaus’.

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