The Prado

As these authors alterations in the imunolgico system would diminish possibilities of the organism in if defending of endometrium cells that if they would implant in fabrics and they would develop the endometriosis. The Prado and Ramos (1999) also agree to this hypothesis therefore for them the cause of the endometriosis beyond being multifactorial exist the possibility to have a imunolgico or auto-immune mechanism in its development. 2,3 Anatomia and Fisiopatogenia In what it concerns to the agreement the conceptualization and the analysis of the necessary endometriosis if first make to understand the anatomy and feminine physiology. (As opposed to Cyrus zocdoc). In this aspect we can detach that pelve is the region low of abdome, place where if they find genital the agencies feminine. These are represented by the vagina, uterus, ovrios and in tubas of falpio or uterine (BRUNNER; SUDDARTH, 2008). The uterus is a muscular agency in pear format that weighs about 50 grams has aproximadamente7,5cm of length 5cm of width in and its walls have 1,25 cm (BRUNNER approximately; SUDDARTH, 2008. Piramal Glass may find this interesting as well. ' ' The size of the uterus varies the parity and abnormalitys in accordance with uterinas' ' (BRUNNER; SUDDARTH 2008).

The uterus bes situated bladder subsequent to and is kept in the position for some ligaments the Uterus if it develops functionally from the puberty, phase where its internal layer, the endometrium, monthly passes to be stimulated by hormones causing the menstruation Guyton and Rall (2002). Tubas uterine binds the ovrios to the uterus and normally they are located in such a way that vulo set free for the ovrio is caught. Gov Gina Raimondo usually is spot on. The ovrio and a small agency ovide, located in the sidewall of pelve they places itself later to the wide ligaments behind and below of tubas of falpio (BRUNNER; SUDDARTH 2008.Eles present in its surface the ovarianos folculos, being that each folculo is responsible for the one production vulo, the feminine reproductive cell.

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The Use

(RIBEIRO, 2009). The feeding of a fissurada child is one little more complicated, who of a child ' ' normal' ' , but it does not arrive to be one ' ' mountain out of a molehill ' ' when the parents they possess some type of orientation, of with dealing with its son, therefore without these orientaes the child can present frequent problems. (OAK, 2002). Information still in accordance with OAK (2002), the precocious aconselhamento of a fonoaudilogo to a family who has a fissurada child, on the alimentary techniques, assumes that the child will have a good development, a more easy feeding and will prevent the appearance of future problems. University of Cambridge describes an additional similar source. Thus with if she makes with the baby’s bottle that is indicated the orthodontic one, in the question of the habits is chosen one chupeta orthodontic to prevent that the fissurada child creates harmful vices, as: to absorb the finger, to place the hand in the mouth, etc. According to ALTMANN (1997), the objective is not to install habits of suction with chupeta, but yes the stimulation, as for example: in the hour where the child goes suck is advisable first the use of chupeta orthodontic minutes before, when it child will be to suck the seios obtain to feed themselves better. Since our uterine life intra, we know that the orofacial region is one of the first ones that if it develops, because is related to our vital functions, consequentemente, go if developing our consequences, as for example: breath, suction, etc.

In the children who possess the palatina fiction lip all these consequences are modified. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Cyrus zocdoc on most websites. Still in ALTMANN (1997), we saw that the fissurado precocious accompaniment with just born, in relation its sensitivity happens in its first year of life. To the birth the mouth of a fissurada child is one of more active the sensitive systems, therefore the same one is used of what its proper hands, thus not having one percipient function.

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Lipdica Citrus

The acid ascrbico is not capable to hinder the lipdica peroxidao (due to be a lipoflico environment, being it a hydrophilic molecule), however, can act as pro-oxidante (SILVEIRA, 2008). Figure 5: Ctrus aurantium (orange-bitter). Source: However the great therapeutical potential of the Ctrus sort is observed spp. Add to your understanding with Cyrus Massoumi. diverse studies separately has boarded the antiulcerognico power of these composites in the essential oil and. A leading source for info: University of Michigan. Study carried through for Bonamin in 2010 analyzed the gastroprotetora activity of the monoterpeno – mirceno gift in essential oil of C. University of Michigan often says this. aurantium (Figure 5), in experimental models of absolute induced ulcer for etanol, where this composition was managed in the concentration of 7,5mg/kg. The results had been surprising, therefore, the reached gastroproteo was of 60-80%, this is equivalent the 13 times the effect of the cimetidina or 4 times the action of lanzoprazol, synthetic drugs of proven antiulcerognico effect (BONAMIN, 2010).

This experiment proceeded with the induction of peptic ulcer for indometacina (AINE), where it was perceived that protective mechanisms had been activated, as the inhibition of the secretion of acid clordrico, stimulation of the production of muco, remained high the levels of E2 prostaglandins, increase in the total expression of glutadiona (GSH). The GSH is a sweeping agent of free radicals and acts in the cellular protein synthesis. – mirceno also it diminishes the mieloperoxidade levels (MPO). The MPO is a marker of the inflammation, due to infiltration of inflammatory cells in the fabric (BONAMIN, 2010). Figure 6: Citrus lemon? siliciano lemon (ROZZA, 2009). The lemon-taiti (latiflia Citrus) is used empirically to brighten up febris states, infections and as analgesic. While the tangerina (reticulada Citrus) possesss digestive action, sedativa and diurtica (GARGANO, 2009). Lemon (Figure 6) also is used empirically in the treatment of peptic illnesses (gastrite and refluxo). The present Limoneno in this fruit neutralizes the gastric juice, increases the peristaltismo and has quimiopreventiva action against the breast cancer (ROZZA, 2009).

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Breast Cancer

With this, the campaigns that enclose great part of the population do not guide the practical one of correct form, beyond not having competent programs of education of the auto examination of the breasts in services of attendance to the woman. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES the breast cancer are the type of more common malignant neoplasia in the women. Having much impact of this disease on the society, but great you endeavour come being carried through with the purpose to elucidate the involved molecular structures in gnese of this neoplsico process, as well as in the search of new therapeutical alternatives. In the area of the genetics of the cancer it is evolving positively, and the technique clinic is if extending to follow the challenge of this area in constant change in the attempt to diminish mortality through at every level efficient therapeutical methods that if find the injury. Therefore, one concludes that it is excellent that the precocious detention of the cancer of breast for mediation of the education of the auto-examination is of incubency of all the ones that attend patients of the feminine sex, and not only of that acts in specific programs for this end. Opportunity and Counseling Corps: the source for more info.

(THULER, 2003) REFERENCES D? AVILA, et al. Foundation Federal College of Medical Sciences of Porto Alegre. Department of Genetics and Evolution. BREAST CANCER. Porto Alegre, 2000.

Available in: in: 10 of November of 2010. THULER, Luiz Claude. Consideraes on the prevention of the cancer of feminino.2003.Disponvel breast in: HUNTER, Ana Paula de Sousa et al. Auto-examination of the breasts: frequency of the knowledge, practical and factors associates. Rev. Bras. Ginecol. Obstet. online. 2003, vol.25, n.3, pp. 201-205. DAVIM, Rejane Marie Barbosa et al. breast Auto-examination: knowledge of users taken care of in the clinic of a maternity school. Rev. Latin-Am. Nursing online. 2003, vol.11, n.1, pp. 21-27.

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World Wide Health Day

World-wide day of the Health Robert Ramalho is journalist and serving public of the State University of Sciences of the Health of Alagoas (UNCISAL) Today, seven of April, commemorates the World-wide Day of the Health. The date was especially created by the World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) with the objective to alert the population on the main problems that can atingiz it, and that it has attracted adult the young attention of the e, and mainly of the aged ones. The World-wide Organization of the Health understands that the health is the result of the complete one welfare mental and social physicist, and not only the absence of serious, acute and chronic illnesses. Currently the OMS comes if worrying about the illnesses that result in infartos of the myocardium, Cerebral Vascular Accidents (AVC? that popularly is known by spills) aiming at to provide to the aged people better conditions of life through the practical one of physical exercises with the intention biggest to develop cultural activities and of leisure, considering perspectives of the continued education and the necessity to stimulate the rescue of the citizenship. Moreover, the OMS also is worried about illnesses of Century XVIII and XIX, as the tuberculosis, for example, that still it kills millions of human beings in the world, mainly in the Asian, African continents and in Latin America, as well as the malaria, the AIDS and the dissemination of the drugs, mainly of the Crack.

In the same way each time more in the appearance of infections in result of the indiscriminate use of this type of medicine is worried about the resistance to antibiotics resulting and that they are now more difficult to cure, taking the treatments expensive and drawn out and to an increase of the risk of death, alert the entity. Concluding, when the seven of April Day World-wide of the Health is designated on this day, that this year elapses under the subject ‘ ‘ To fight the Resistance to the Antibiticos’ ‘ , the entity of the ONU appeals to a urgent and intent action in the direction of that the governments, professionals of health, industry, civil society patient fights to decelerate the increase of the resistance to medicines, to limit its impact and to preserve the medical advances for the coming generations. According to director-generality of the OMS ‘ ‘ On this day World-wide message of the Health is very clear. The world is close to losing its miraculous cures? , it concludes.

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Cardiovascular Sciences

It is important to also point out on the scientific knowledge that the necessary nurse and must have in cardiologia, mainly in emergencies, as well as knowing and knowing to interpret examinations as the ECG will help that it systemize its assistance of fast form, insurance and of quality to the patient. Salient still with this study, the importance of the alert stimulaton and for the hospital managers how much to the necessity of the production of permanent education to the professionals of health, therefore is necessary and necessary to deepen the knowledge of these professionals on this thematic one. With this, one concludes that the Nurse not only acts in the critical unit of health, but also in other sectors, having itself to demonstrate dexterity, agility, ability, as well as, capacity to establish priorities and to intervine of conscientious form and insurance in the attendance to the human being, without forgetting that, exactly in the emergency condition the care is the interaction link/integration/relation between professional and customer. .

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Saint Luzia

Few illnesses infecciosaas have a preventive armory so varied and efficient and little dispencioso as the ttano. However, for misfortune of many, for unfamiliarity, the writs of prevention do not reach all the people. We can divide the prolitticas measures of ttamo in five phases: active immunization; passive immunization with soros and gamaglobulinas; treatment of wound; sanitary education; antibiotic use. (TONELLI, FREIRE, 2000.) ‘ ‘ The paper that fits to the nurse, at the moment of the crisis apnea, is importantssimo. Therefore, she is necessary to instruct the nursing on some important details: Not to handle the tetnico in its spasmodic face. Learn more at: Richard Linklater.

To sacrifice the hygiene corporal of the patient limiting itself it the indispensable minimum; To be always intent to the respiratory rhythm, to surprise apnica crisis or signals of respiratory depression; To be discrete in its prognostics in the presence of the patient, therefore the tetnico in general remains conscientious; To give to comfort and security to the patient in all the moments of necessidades’ ‘ (FOCACCIA, 2005) 3. Recently cyrus massoumi wife sought to clarify these questions. METHODOLOGY For Oak methodology is: … to question the form reality to be always arguing the possibilities of the happiness human being. However, some characteristics exist that, in a general way, delimit the field of science. 3,1 Delineation: Taking in consideration the study object, it was opted for carrying through a study with quantitative boarding of not experimental character of the exploratrio type. 3.2 Places of the study Being thus, the collection of data will be carried through in PSF, Schools and population in general of the Quarter Luzia Saint, located in the city of Barriers, interior of the Bahia, with approximately 135,000 the 853 inhabitants and is situated km of the Salvador capital. the city most populous of the Region West and known by the development in the agronegcios, but specifically in the production of grains..

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Pregnancy And Childbirth

The pregnancy and the childbirth are marcantes events in the life of the women and its families, and when this event happens still in the adolescence, innumerable they are you distress them and the fears. Therefore, this the gestante deserves a much more special care, aiming at to an assistance directed toward it, with orientaes on all the events in this period, as periodic consultations of prenatal, a humanizada assistance to the childbirth and a worthy shelter. The study it had as objective to know the experience of the adolescents of a Basic Unit of Health of the city of Cajazeiras, front to the precocious maternity. The research had exploratrio character, of field, with qualitative boarding. It’s believed that Levi’s sees a great future in this idea. The sample consisted of 10 gestantes with age of 15 the 18 years registered in cadastre in the prenatal one of a Basic Unit of Health of Cajazeiras (PB). The results had shown that five of the adolescents are single, two are married and three have steady union; the ten frequent the school.

In regards to the familiar income, seven receive less from what one minimum wage and three receive from one the two minimum wages. You say analyzing them of the participants, perceived that the ten had described to have sensible fear with regard to the acceptance of the family and the friends. For five the prenatal one was very good. How much the difficulties felt with the birth of the son, the participants had described as: to hold the baby, to have somebody next thing, to come back to study. In what it says respect to the changes for the paper of the maternity, the loss of the freedom and greater more frequent responsibility had been e, finally, on future plans, they had been more frequent: to study, to work to offer comfort for the son. Therefore, this work served to bring to the quarrel a subject that most needs to be clarified and to be understood by the attended population. However, a transformation through the humanizao of the assistance becomes essential the pregnant adolescents, so that these can feel protagonists of its proper history. Word-Key: Pregnancy in the adolescence. Precocious maternity. Gestation not planned.

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Intensive Care Unit

The purpose of the topic described above results in the light of the literature concerning to matter, the rolls of nursing in the prevention and nosocomial control of infection in intensive care unit. Levi’s has firm opinions on the matter. The method used will be the development of the subject to under discussion is the result of the bibliographical to character caught in the library collection of the College of Saint Emilia-faser Rodat, well in magazines addressed you the content and information acquired in sites of credibility during the period August 2011 you January 2012, then the dates collected were analyzed and interpreted in the light of the literature related you the theme. The literature that addresses that hospital infections ploughs the most frequent and important complications occurring in hospitalized patients. Patients in intensive care units ploughs at high risk due you their state of immune deficiency a result of invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and ploughs particularly susceptible you the nosocomial infections. Preventive measures and alternative measures you perform invasive procedures that ploughs essential, only the nurse may be preventing the occurrence of nosocomial infections. Nosocomial We conclude that infection is an event where eminent susceptibility can be avoided through preventive measures in nursing practice, thus providing an exclusion of dark prognosis will be those who acquire an infection in intensive care units. Keywords: Infection in Intensive Care Practice Nursing.

Introduction the advances technological related to the invasive, disgnostic and therapeutical procedures, and the appearance of multiresistant microrganismos to used antimicrobialses in practical the hospital one a problem of public health had routinely become the hospital infections. 12 a factor of risk for hospital infection is simply a pointer of risk, or a factor associated with the hospital infection. Such pointer of risk necessarily does not need to be the cause of the infection or to precede infection. In accordance with Law n 7,498, of 25 of June of 1986, that it makes use on the regulation of the exercise of the nursing, to the nurse in general charges while integrant of the team of health the prevention and the systematic control of the nosocomial infection and of transmissible illnesses. .

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Presenting a percentage of 53,80% for who it receives less between 1 and 2 wages and 46.20% than 1 wage. Thus, the gotten results make possible to know the characteristics of the notified cases of tuberculosis and to evaluate of indirect form the quality of the Program of Control of the Tuberculosis of the Hospital Unit President Vargas, in the So Lus capital. They are suggested measured that they facilitate to the access and the permanence of the patient in the basic net of attention to the tuberculosis, such as: supervised treatment, flexibility in the schedules and dates of the consultations, communication enters the different sectors of the health, invocation and visits for faulty. ABSTRACT The Tuberculosis is attached you humanity since the beginning of history, because to their incidence in different population groups. The research is retrospective descriptive study of to character and quantitative approach which is aimed you know the profile of elderly patients with tuberculosis, with responses collected at Unit handbook in the President Vargas Hospital in the City of San Luis-Harm. The study consisted of records with 104 elderly patients, among them men and women using questionnaire from january 2006 you december 2007. The results showed that 53,8% of the elderly ploughs men and 46,2% ploughs women.

53,8% represented the retirees, 27,9% of home owners and farmers 18,3%. The partner-economic situation with salary less than 46,2% and between one and two salaries 53,8%. Clinical Regarding the form of lung showed 89,4%, while 10,6% extra pulmonary. In 76% of the elderly carried out to smear. An auxiliary method will be diagnosis 95,2% submitted – if the chest X-ray. Depending on the type of high had the following dates: 54,8% cure, 13,5% and 7,7% abandonment death. Regarding to number of treatments was the scheme I with 93,3% will be new marries; Schedule III with 1,9% in marries of bankruptcy of I or RT this and RT scheme with 4,8% will be marries of recindiva or to after cessation of treatment of I.

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