Viola Davis

First, Pretty Ugle People, follows unpublished in our screens. Besides directing the adaptation, Taylor has been one of the main artficies of the success of The Help, he himself helped the writer, friend hers from the childhood, to find editorial to publish the book when its manuscript already had been rejected by more than 60 publishing agents. What it proposes to us is a trip towards the North America of beginnings of years 60, in the context of the traditional one and closed society of Mississippi, to develop the history of 3 women. Eugenia " Skeeter" (Emma Stone) she is a young college student of 22 years who arrives at her native locality with firm desire to become writer, against the will of her mother who only wishes that this one finds a good party and it marries. Putting hands to the work, Eugenia will write an controversial book, putting legs above the established hierarchies and prejudices, defying the differences of classes and race to pick up the experiences and testimonies of black servants who work for rich families of the place. For its work, Eugenia will count on the inestimable collaboration and complicity of two of them, Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Paints in miniature (Octavia Spencer). A history only for women? Perhaps he is feminine his potential public, but The Help is demonstrating that also it can arrive at all type of groups and sensitivities, masculine or watching the youthful ones, and remembering another history of friendships between women that became a great success, also surprise, in its adaptation to the great screen as were fried green Tomatos in 1991. For its opening in Spain – in the United States it did the 10 of August -, still we will have to wait for almost 2 months, until the 28 of October, and will maintain the same title of the book published in Spanish, the one of Servants and ladies. However, like curiosity, in France they have praised/poured off on the other as graphical translation as poetic, emphasizing the most sensible slope of this history: the one of Him couleur DES sentiments (the color of the feelings). Source of the news: ' Servants and seoras' , a racial melodrama of the years 60, taquillazo surprise in EE.UU.

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