Sweden Wood

For the first time became accessible to Pinotex ordinary consumers in 1959, after an extensive advertising campaign. In 1961 he appeared on the German market in 1962 – Sweden, and in 1963 was carried out in Finland. From that moment, was recognized by the European Pinotex potrebitelemi as the most reliable and environmentally friendly means derevozaschitnoe. Teksturol. For the construction and protection of wooden houses from various unfavorable factors fit Teksturol quality antiseptic for wood and make beautiful natural wood decorative coatings. Antiseptic and decorative composition Teksturol famous for providing comprehensive protection and safety of the tree for a person. All products Teksturol – antiseptics, impregnation of wood and paint suitable for interior and exterior through a deep solvent purity and optimum content in the product number of biocides (Acima, Switzerland).

To process the logs wooden house Teksturolom better to wait to dried wood. Because of the better it will be absorbed into the wood structure. Teksturol recommended for treatment of new and previously painted, as well as loose and porous surfaces. Especially recommended for surfaces that are exposed to an active moisture – walls of wooden houses and saunas. Teksturol protects against weathering, forming on the surface weatherproof film.

The protective composition protects against fungi, mold, algae and natural aging of the wood. Despite the presence in the market for wood preservatives with a film-forming effect (paints and varnishes), experts still recommend the use of systematic, phased protection of the wood. In this case, first applied flame retardant, then the surface is treated antiseptic preparation, if necessary, then applied coatings. In this scheme, each caused by the composition penetrates into the wood to maximum depth.

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