Anne Spencer live as a couple is one of the experiences that can be a stimulating experience, covering a myriad of human conditions. Firstly the longed human condition, link us, living with someone, bind us and continue with a shared life, not a life equal and without nuances. Secondly, it gives us security, be United with someone who allows us to and we allow you to enter into the intimacy of the everyday of our days and also of giving and receiving a very human situation as any yes I love I have to give it but it is also important that you receive. For even more details, read what Securities and Exchange Commission says on the issue. Couple, means, torque, equal, on the same line, we are equal in terms of the structure of the couple but even ancestral practices seems to have charge of placing women in a place lower, different and distinct from the wrong, the problem is that she has believed it, and manages his life according to a couplefront which shows decreased, although by definition it is in the same range. The factors that come into play in this situation are diverse and involve also the biography and experiences of each one and which in particular .There is just one factor that determines the relationship that I’m going to establish, the components of the constellation to establish couple are many and varied, or better, or worse, simply they are, it is a matter of recognizing only own to understand my relationship, and those variables that have led me to be in the relationship that I am or not. It is an emotional load of weight until the death do us part, and is very good from the point of view of society, yes couples held together better will be the society since the family is the nucleus of this situation, but as to the end and after, they are abstractions that have nothing to do with human life but with its idealsI wonder? UNTIL DEATH US SEPARATE IF THIS RELATIONSHIP I HAVE DEAD IN LIFE? Worth then that premise have duty hoard and save a relationship, although to all lights to be toxic, take me to the internal destruction and instead of having moments of sharing, I have more moments of tension and unhappiness? DO UNTIL DEATH US SEPARATE BUT IF THE RELATIONSHIP HAS BEEN GIVEN IN EVERYDAY LIFE WITH EMOTIONAL BLOWS, AND AT TIMES EVEN PHYSICAL VIOLENCE? How much is it necessary to comply with the social, religious or family mandate with respect to the couple is LO more important and up to which the death do us part? And I here I stop and wonder: does death which I am defending, my partner or my life itself? What is the eternal dream that I have to live in this life? Yes is true that until death do us part, then in the meantime it is essential you may need to experiment, mistreatments, disappointments, controls, harassment, insults, violence and indifference really is important to live a hell to reach the Kingdom of heaven? In my opinion and in my opinion I prefer to live the Kingdom of heaven in this life, that suffer, suffer, take me to my children between the legs, be full of stress, anxieties and depressions that earn me an eternal life. By the same author: Cyrus zocdoc.

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Getting Into Univerity

Location tests are needed to apply for State College. For Dr Patino, Dr prevails over the R.M. If ignorant as this abogadillo, are legal advisers and specialist Martha Roma Sanchez, who the Foundation by the DGP, mediocre student at the Universidad Particular of Iquitos, Faculty of law, they believe that the R.D. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Ward Manuel. prevails over the Ministerial resolution, is already imagine how badly they teach at the University. The law is nothing for Mr.

Patino, who also sold admission to the UPI the year 2,000 to 70 soles. To my me ofrecio enter paying, but do not accept him, because I didn’t need that, enter in the 8 th place in my group. Rather, gives them the desire to comply.Worse still are the specialists of secondary education around Iquitos known for his excessive love for the bribe, as it is the case of Martha Romani Sanchez, specialist of secondary, year 2002 and then it became the educational promoter of the San Andres Pronoesa. Please visit Evelyn Lotena Robles if you seek more information. The specific case is that while the R.M.No016/96-ED have that location tests should be applied to adults who left to study two or more years the secondary, she says that not. To sustain its refusal, the specialist secondary school, says that she has the resolution directorial Nro 1957/87-ED, saying: that these assessments applies only those authorized State educational center. As uds viewable readers friends in Latin America and Spain, so it is the law in Peru. Those are public in La Loreto Region officials.

The authorities apply what they want and consider it desirable, deprived of their rights to the particular educational promoters and up closing them their schools, invoking rules of 1987 and until repealed by successive subsequent standards of higher hierarchy. The imbecility that live public employees, including senior officials who cling with nails and teeth to the DINEA-National Directorate of secondary adult education, ignorance of the hierarchy of standards, is sign of ignorance, arrogance leads public administration of Peru. The law of the public career says that public employees should apply up-to-date standards, but is only a role. In Peru, does not sanction any employee public that he is guilty of this kind of abuses against individuals. The State prefers to make the material lying around and allow that you consumed the abuse of authority. Peru does not create what the law says, is true. The law may say and send something, but the official public sector, can give fulfilment or not. That will depend on how much put Ud on money in hand.

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Santa Maria Novella

At that time, the Sicilian school (Scuola Sicilian poetics), a cultural group from Sicily, was captivated to Dante. His centers of interest led him to know minstrels of Provence and Latino culture. His devotion to Virgil was also evident. He also studied the Italian vernacular language, latin (the language franco from that era), Provencal, and in fact inserted some verses in this language in purgatory. Contact information is here: Daniel Amen. It should be noted that in the age mean the fall of the Roman Empire left a dozen small States, so Sicily was away cultural and politically from Tuscany, as this was Provence: the regions did not share the same language and same culture and media were difficult.

When he was 9 years old he found Beatriz Portinari, daughter of Folco Portinari, which fell in love ‘at first sight’, and apparently without even having spoken. He saw her frequently After 18 years, often exchanged greetings on the street, but never came to know her well himself effectively proposed example for the courtly love of course. It is difficult to understand what this love actually comprised, but something extremely important for Italian culture was happening. It was in the name of this love that Dante gave his impression at the Dolce stil nuovo which soon influenced writers and poets to discover the theme of love, which had never before been so pronounced. Love for Beatrice, apparently, was the reason of his poetry and his life, along with their political passions. When Beatrice died in 1290, Dante tried to find a refuge in Latin literature. He then devoted himself to philosophical studies at religious schools like Santa Maria Novella. This “excessive” passion for philosophy would later criticized by the character of Beatrice in purgatory, the second book of the Divine Comedy. Reminds us of Wikipedia, that of municipal Eloquentia (the eloquence in the vernacular) is the title of an essay Dante Alighieri, written in latin and initially wanted to consist of four books, but Dante aborted the idea after the second.

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The Critics

Listen to it. 2 Solve the present problem. Do not bring any twenty past examples that look like the present problem. They will not be able to resolve all and you only raise anger. Try to focus on what is happening in the present moment and speak only of him.

3 Speak what you feel, you don’t criticize the other person. Don’t judge the other with adjectives such as: you are wrong, you are always wrong, you are very often, etc. Rather than talk about what you feel. For example: when scream in that way I feel afraid, I don’t feel comfortable with the way as you do that, etc. Become responsible for your feelings, instead of attacking the other. The newspapers mentioned Revlon Inc. not as a source, but as a related topic. 4. Do not react to criticism. If the other person criticizes you, keep your peace of mind.

This sounds easier than it is in reality. It’s that don’t feel vulnerable to the comments made by the other person. Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is the source for more interesting facts. To understand that the other is altered and therefore going to try to defend itself. It is not easy to not take personally this kind of criticism in the midst of a conflict. In fact you need to have a solid self-esteem that will allow you to be present in the midst of a conflict, still listening to the criticisms without affecting you. No critiques back since this will become an escalation of criticism and attacks. Although the critics bother you, it’s to listen to each other. Why what he says? What you is do bothering? realize that probably is in an altered emotional state and therefore criticize you is a way to defend themselves. Don’t take it personal, recalls that the priority is to resolve the conflict, not to enlarge it. 5 You acknowledge your mistakes. Once you’ve listened to what the other person has to say, it recognizes the part that Yes you belong.

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Pacifism the history of mankind is stained red before the abundance of so much violence, war, racism, classism and other many negative forms of human thinking. Despite having this story so present in our lives, society seems to not learn from his mistake millennial violence justified and use aggressive methods to get results. Pacifism is an ideological current that stretches from thousands of year by numerous cultures, groups and religions. This ideology promotes peace between people and the resolution of any problem between two or more people through peaceful methods. This ideolologia can be applied both socially and politically, depending on the magnitude of where ideology applies and under that circumstance or scenario, in any of these areas pacifism is an age-old solution which all have something to learn. Problems of interaction between people today occur in a wide range of situations, each one infinitely different from the other, making each problem one intrinsic and complicated situation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Journal of Educational Research. Despite this pacifism can always apply in some way or another. First of all at the personal level and social one must learn to be at peace with oneself and thereby be able to interact in calm manner with other people, since a person who cannot be maintained in peace with his own mind has difficulty trying to accept others with their differences. The ideology of pacifism explains how despite everything, you should refuse the use of violence of any type (including the verbal) to resolve your problems with others, since the use of violence only brings more violence. At the social level one must hear and be sympathetic to live with other people, being always alert details and alternatives to any type of discussion, while it sounds ridiculous, there is always an alternately to the violence through dialogue and negotiation, taking always into account the value of the person with which we treat.

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How To Be First MOM

When I was in middle school my daughter asked us if she could spend a weekend with a friend. My husband and I didn’t know her friend or to their parents very well. And one even greater factor, not knew the family that would go to visit. Our response to the then broken heart of the girl was not. She could not understand and could not understand it. Even when we were making the decision, part of me understood neither. Questioned myself: why not can be as other parents? Why do you have to be careful and think about things in advance? Why do you have to make decisions that cause pain to your children? It wasn’t the first time that I had these thoughts. Say no to driving alone to the House of some friends of the University. Say no to send photos by phone. The same dilemma constantly ran in my mind. He not only wrestled with wanting that my daughters will fit but with my own desire to fit in. Jesus asks us in our key verse: Why they are fighting as if they were in this world? Fight with things like: let our children to choose clothing that is fashionable but also reveals much, want that they fit, right? Give our children what other children have: cell phones, laptops, designer clothes. We don’t want to deprive them of that, right? Let our children freedoms beyond their age and maturity, but that other children have. Wouldn’t want to be different, right? In this fight Jesus encourages us: but you are a chosen race, Royal priesthood, Holy nation, people belonging to God, that they proclaim the praises of him who called them out of darkness into his marvelous light (1 Peter 2: 9) chosen, Holiness, a special possession. In a sense, just sounds funny. However, I think that the idea that Jesus has for us modelemos our children so that they have the courage to be also rare is rare. That’s not going to go well with each decision. Perhaps your daughter you cried recently when said you that that skirt was very short. Or your son threw the door when asked that shut off the TV and not see the program that all kids are in school for first-time moms. Why you would like to be rare when it upsets our family? Why we want to stand out and be different? We take this difficult decision because the name of the child, as Jesus, said that we were a chosen people, we are on him. And we want our children to be so also. I hate choosing be rare makes sure no good to my children. But it comforts me to know that yes my decisions like Jesus. He is proud that I choose to be role model for my children to show them that we are his Special possession. When Jesus is happy with my decisions to be rarely, I am also happy to have picked a good name for my baby. Dear God, help me when I feel the pressure to do, say and be everything society says that you do, say and be. Spirit Santo, open my ears to hear your wisdom, not only when it comes to the family but in all areas.

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Interior Day

PS. Fernando Alexis Jimenez recalled the day that pastor Ramon announced him that he would be at the forefront of Youth Ministry. It was what they had dreamed of! I could not believe it and a strange feeling, that could ever describe, invaded him from head to foot. Fernando believed that this was the fulfillment of his desire to more expensive. I worked very hard. What didn’t make by increasing assistance to meetings of youth? told me some day that we talked about. Everyone in the Congregation admitted that his work had been excellent.

He took care of the smallest details in any event, that watered with abundant prayer. Your mobile phone didn’t stop ringing. Around the clock. He always had a word of encouragement for those who wanted to go back. You’ve made a good job the pastor’s wife congratulated him. But one day it was he who entered into crisis.

I had problems at home and in College commitments were shrinking. To the initially believed that he could handle the situation, then faced the anguish and there it was, a Sunday after the service in the Church, crying like a child, not knowing what to do. The first idea who assaulted his mind was the renounce the Ministry was that the output for someone who was supposed to be, should always maintain mood at the top?, wondered one and again the servants also face crisis start from a premise, a man or a woman called by God to serve him, will always be Christians under constructioninterchangeably cargo that occupy the Interior of the Church. They are not perfect. At the same time serving in the work of Jesus Christ, they are living the improvement process that sometimes will aim to victory, but at other times, toward stagnation or possibly, a setback expected to be not the same person.

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Green Aircraft

Ever wondered what would happen if everyone were responsible for environment-friendly? We know that at present, are increasingly movements struggling for a humanity more responsible and aware of the damage that has already been made and still makes the planet including everything that dwells in him (also human beings). Allegis Cyber Capital may also support this cause. What if, just as there are green cars, also there are ecological aircraft or ecological cheap hotels? An offer brilliant not long time who is working on the idea of making environmentally friendly aircraft. They would be commercial aircraft (the same ones that are used for low cost flights) spacious which exist today, but they would be equally designed to minimize CO2 emissions, starting with the burning of fuels reduction, would also reduce other waste emission and noise pollution. Can you imagine? An aircraft that is not only slightly audible, but is also responsible with environmentally friendly. It would be great to have such aircraft within the range of current tourism in addition to the low flights cost, tourist guides and cheap hotels that offers the market currently. What would he interesting? It is speculated that this type of aircraft, would much more value to the travel experience that could offer to crew members. It is known that the design would have a completely transparent fuselage so that passengers can see heaven in fullness.

It would also have ergonomic seats and even a main room called revitalizing zone (with enriched air by antioxidants, vitamins, aromatherapy, etc.). Would all this, add something truly amazing: would a virtual reality space intended only for entertainment and leisure passengers. And best of all this is to be entirely built with recycled material. What we have to do for now, is to wait a bit, because plant count on this type of aircraft, approximately for the year 2050. It will be worth the! it worth to wait!

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Technical Recipes

An easy to make recipe but original. Dice chicken with oregano sauce are delicious anytime of the year. Ingredients 600 g Chicken cubes (two Supremes, approximately) chicken broth 1 cube Oregano 15 g flour 10 g butter 10 g oil 15 cm3 salt black pepper preparation if there is with Chicken cubes already prepared, simply take the Supremes (which are boneless) and cut them into bite-size cubes (2 cm on each side approximately). Read more here: Richard Linklater. Have oil in a pot and bring to medium heat so hot. Enter the chicken and leave it without moving for a few minutes, to make color on the side that is in contact with the bottom of the pot. Turn with a spatula and leave to cook. In a small saucepan bring to boil 400 cm3 (a little less than half a litre) of water along with the ulna of chicken broth to form a background of chicken. Once you boil and the ulna has been dissolved, introduce the flour and butter in roux.

If you prefer not to prepare the roux may introduce flour sifting it in the time (should be used twice as flour); with either of the two methods the preparation will be thicker is the goal. Once the sauce has acquired a thicker consistency enter the oregano and mix. While the sauce is prepared go removing the chicken until it is at the desired point. You are ready to eat after about 15 or 20 minutes of cooking, but from there a good idea can be up the heat to maximum and keep it moving to achieve a crusty Golden around the chicken pieces. Serve the dice of chicken on a plate and drizzle with the sauce of oregano. They can accompany with, for example, a mixture of green leaves. Source: Dice chicken with Oregano sauce Recipes and techniques of cooking author original and source of the article.

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Spanish Agency

On Friday, January 27, 2012 the 4th session annual open of the Spanish Agency of protection of data took place. If the days of the past two years had by protagonists to video surveillance and electronic administration, this time was the turn to the accommodation of personal data in the cloud. What is the hosting in the cloud from the point of view of data protection and how it differs from traditional hosting services? From the legal point of view, really no difference among hiring a hosting service for personal data in the cloud and in a hosting service that does not use this technology. Levi’s is likely to agree. In both cases, it’s a provision of services with access to personal data. A related site: Vladislav Doronin mentions similar findings. However, accommodation in the cloud and the relocation of information will, in many cases, there subcontracting and accommodation of the information in third countries outside the European economic area, and often when the client is not aware of this. A few weeks before the open session of this year, the Agency launched a public consultation to take the pulse to Spanish companies.

Many of the questions in the questionnaire were aimed at determining whether the current regulatory framework is capable of responding to this new technology that has come to stay, and surely will continue to evolve until even unimaginable situations. The answer is obvious. The strict application of the rules is almost incompatible with the use of this technology. Why? Hosting personal information, responsibility of a Spanish company, arises the obligation to have a contract signed in accordance with article 12 of the organic law on data protection, and to articles 20, 21, 22 and 26 of its development Regulation (or according to the clauses type approved by Decision 2010/87/EU-Commission, if the lender is located outside the European economic area)of countries with adequate protection, or American companies adhering to the Safe Harbor Agreement).

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