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Month: March, 2016


29 March, 2016 (21:26) | General | By: admin

*' ' The democracy goes well beyond the right to vote and if to express; it includes to promote in the politics the possibilities for the social accomplishment of indivduo' '. Adilson Motta *' ' The necessary harmony of flexibility and adequacy or then, is an excellent test of that you do not belong to […]

Raquel Educators

27 March, 2016 (10:11) | General | By: admin

In the third supervision of period of training we know two responsible psychologists for the project next to the day-care center. Fabiana and Las. They had spoken on the proposal of work of the Ong that has as objective main the prevention in mental health, working with priority next to gestantes and children of zero […]

Education Place

17 March, 2016 (19:26) | General | By: admin

A marcante characteristic of Carl Rogers was its opening to the comment of the facts. This present scientific attitude since its child times were reflected in the severity of its research. In the lecture pronounced in the Menninger Clinic (U.S.A.) in 1946, Rogers affirms that the Boarding Centered in the Customer would better make possible […]

Basic Education

16 March, 2016 (12:48) | General | By: admin

Haetinger comments (2007, P. 33): To be innovative and to make the difference, either in the classroom, either in the life, we need, in the paper of educators, to develop still more our capacity to listen, to learn and to be curious to search our area not only, but also in others. The forms and […]

Learn Ambient Education

14 March, 2016 (01:02) | General | By: admin

The Ambient Education has an important paper in the formation of the human beings, mainly when it is treated in the relation of the man with the nature. Generally, it is developed by the agencies of ambient protection and comes being pautada for the exchange of knowledge in the area of the environment. But the […]


11 March, 2016 (07:33) | General | By: admin

The schools in turn could not be outside of this new world-wide constant, since one of the main connectives between the school and the world it is the information, that today, in the age of the computer, with the use of the Internet, has been each faster time. Therefore the necessity clearly becomes to insert […]

History And Geography Education

9 March, 2016 (08:26) | General | By: admin

The historical and geographic formation of Brazil is one of the controversial subjects most fascinating and of Geography and History, if they are enough to the internal controversies of each still disciplines has the differences theoretician-metodologicos enters two sciences that par excellence, argue the subject. It considers the white public, professors of Geography and History […]

Ambient Education

6 March, 2016 (08:56) | General | By: admin

The present article is a literature revision on the Ambient Education as tool for formal education and had for objective to analyze the development of action and attitudes in the pupils from the enrollment of this subject during the education process learning. Development: Ahead of thematic ambient the boarded ones in the present time, one […]

World Education

3 March, 2016 (13:33) | General | By: admin

At this moment they also change the contents, the values, the abilities, the performances and the abilities had socially as basic for the formation human being. (ANGELS, 2007). The technological advance is a condicionante agent who all encloses the educational process of the man, for being a way of change of the condition human being […]


3 March, 2016 (07:19) | General | By: admin

The parents are proud, but if they worry very in finding the best education for the children. The year of 2006 is being considered ‘ ‘ year of superdotados’ ‘ for the government, that decided to create nuclei of attendance to these children. Having as objective to prevent that these children suffer exclusion. Much of […]