Debtor for the attention and we go to the lesson of hoje' '. Nor necessary to say the silence that were in the room and the level of attention that the professor obtained that speech after. By the way, the quarrel touched in all we deep, therefore my group all had an exemplary behavior in all the lessons of Philosophy during the year; after all who would like spontaneously to be classified as being part of the remaining portion? Today I do not remember much thing of the lessons of Philosophy, but the quarrel of the professor I never more forgot. For me, that professor was one of 5% that they had made the difference in my life. Nike understands that this is vital information. In fact, I perceived that it had reason and, since then, I have made of everything to be always in the group of 5%, but, as it said, it does not have as to know if we are going well or not; the time will only say the one that group we belong. However, a thing is certain: if not to try to be special in everything what we make, if not to try to make optimum always possible, surely will sobraremos in the group of resto.' ' It is the question: you, which group desire to belong? You are whom she chooses. My at last expensive, he would like to finish, citing the writer Antoine de Saint-Exupry, author of the book the small prince, who affirmed that ' ' each one that passes in our life, passes alone, therefore each person is only none substitutes another one.

Each one that passes in our life, passes alone, but it does not only go, nor it leaves in them alone; she takes a little of we ourselves, leaves a little of itself exactly. She has the ones that lead very, but has the ones that do not take nothing; she has the ones that leave very, but has the ones that do not leave nothing. This is the biggest responsibility of our life and evident test of that two souls do not meet. &#039 by chance; ' Debtor for our meeting! How the virtue, the ethics and the love are its perpetual friends! Debtor

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*' ' The democracy goes well beyond the right to vote and if to express; it includes to promote in the politics the possibilities for the social accomplishment of indivduo' '. Adilson Motta *' ' The necessary harmony of flexibility and adequacy or then, is an excellent test of that you do not belong to this universo' '. Adilson Motta *' ' It does not go to emprenhar the head, it leaves that the time emprenhe with its truth looks or if not to want it esperar' '. Adilson Motta. *' ' The education is the only weapon capable to change the destination of ours pas' '. Gerald Weissmann, MD is likely to increase your knowledge. *' ' Know which the secret of the writers and scholars? They are great leitores.' ' (Adilson Motta). *' ' To know us is the starting point for the development and the changes are clearly, conjugated the existence of competent and honest politicians. Or then, we will be and have what we always were and tivemos' '.

Adilson Motta * the infamy of the corruption will apodrecer the memory of the mpios, beyond a severe judgment The holy ghost that it waits. Adilson Motta. * the true pupil is not that one that makes of the school the only space of learning; he is before that one that in any place and circumstance is always learning something new. Adilson Motta the quality of life of a people is measured by three factors: – Education, – wage – and mainly for the quality of its governing and politicians. Adilson Motta In crisis time, the bad governments serves of comparative degree to worse others. Adilson Motta In literature everything is possible, To fall drop dgua of the sun; to leave fire a drop dgua; the world if to drown in a drop dgua; the sea to overflow of a simple heart.

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