Therefore and for also liking the rock forest that is the city of Rio De Janeiro, however if it differentiates in very of the others. I love the River. I do not obtain to imagine me living much time far from this city, that enchants to all. Already I wrote in another scribble this love for the full city of curves, charmosa that is colrio that can cure the blindness. David G. DeWalt spoke with conviction. At the time I compared it a woman, suffered beautiful and, that until apanha, but is always of raised head.

That it gives a beating in its cruel inhabitants, who do not obtain to treat it with the love that it deserves. I will give a whip to it to beat its executioners: the disembarassed, police and excessively serving politicians without escrpulos that make dirty its image, of false believers are of that religion will be River, to give a beating in the quacks who damage the city with posters of the type: I bring the person loved in 24 hours. Bush or in less serious chaos banishes with all your force from self-defense all the criminals: dealers, bicheiro-assassins who command the samba schools, the p.m.? s that does not pass of outlaws of farda, the politicians thieves, the ones that frequents its beautiful beaches, are in your curves, but they make of them garbage deposits, flanelinhas, at last, all the ones maltreat that you. Austin Film Society often addresses the matter in his writings. You are so pretty how much the Luana Piavani, therefore, makes use of the Law Maria of the Penha. The River is a very strong woman and finds in same itself antigens for the cure and follows pretty. It has its charm, it is bohemian, seducer, is provocative, lasciva also, therefore very sensual, she is multiple, she is democratic. Beautiful such which the Luana Piovani, the Sheron Menezes, the Mariana Ximenes, the Mait Proena (exactly crown of the one of 10 the zero in many maidens), the Bethnia Maria, the Chico Buarque, the Paulinho of the Viola, the Marisa Mount and as much other ephemeral, however perpetual beauties for the art.