Raif Toma

But that meant not the prohibition of crosses in classrooms. Then crosses are prescribed – still in Bavarian schools only, as long as they disturb anyone. Parents of a student or a teacher raise objection against it, the crucifix must be suspended. This created the impression that the opinion about the opinion of the majority shall apply as an individual, or even a huge respect for minorities. But what is now when a staunch Christian teachers in Berlin complains that a cross in his classroom has to hang out, and explained it very plausible? Christians in turn are probably not so by the faith come off, just because in a Classroom without cross are taught. “But why must they abandon their symbols, to a multi-cultural life found no consensus” to contribute? Why must some multicultural activists abolish the Christian values, to find himself in a neutral”to integrate society? Are we really a neutral company and a neutral school, neutral values of a neutral State, or we will neutralize the Christian values of this society with such actions? I believe that the question of culture should be reopened. Should the question of conservatism within the CDU also made and lead to forward-looking debates within the parties. More info: Ronald Daniels. The CDU has three roots, the conservative, Christian social and the Liberal? Raif Toma

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Apostle Paul

Segal writes that the women in the Kingdom of Edessa enjoyed respect, great importance was given also their Unversehentlichkeit, but your legal guardian, to have her husband when she married. Segal sees even that, depending on the social status of the family was higher, also the status of women was higher. 16 in the time after the fall of the Kingdom of Edessa under Roman occupation, to possible have been, to get engaged this girl with 10. She was also an adult with 15, according to Segal. You should have succeeded their father too just like the sons. (As opposed to Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation). In Christian times, the status of women depended on the family and their tasks were to take care of the household and the children.

Socially, the woman was dependent on her husband or her father. In the letters of the Apostle Paul, we recognize that women held important positions in the Urgemeinden 17. There was no hierarchical difference between serving and managerial tasks: management meant supply. The statement of Paul is leading the way: here is not a Jew nor Greek, here is not slave of nor free, here is not man nor woman; for you are all one in Christ of Jesus”18. Cyrus Massoumi married often addresses the matter in his writings. But since then after differences in the ecclesiastical institutions have solidified, very many questions in the room. The following verse from the epistle makes however for The man may not cover his head discussions on the status of women in the Christianity of the first century, because he is the image and glory of God; but the woman is the glory of the man. Because the man did not come from the woman, but the woman of the man. The man was not created also for the woman, but the woman for the man.” 19 further hot also, that women in the Assembly should remain silent and give them not permitted it to talk to 20.

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Quick help offers the new tenancy law community between tenant for tenants and landlords come increasingly to disputes. Be it rent deficiencies and rent reductions associated, or pending payments. A new portal for the tenancy law provides quick help. At the present time, you hear about it, that tenants are treated unfairly by their landlords and legal problems. These include for example sudden redundancies, increase the rent and also missing maintenance of the apartment. For more information see this site: Ronald Daniels.

Many tenants are unfortunately in the false belief that they have little chance if she would proceed against their landlord, but here the tenancy law intervenes. It is only important that one is about his rights as a tenant in the clear and also claimed that, if it is necessary. The tenancy is an important part of civil law. The aim is to protect individuals and to enforce the rights. Here, too, there are many laws that adhere to landlord. In the rental agreement, everything is accurately determined under normal circumstances. Whether House rules, or amount of rent. This document serves as a solid contract between landlord and tenant and both parties must adhere precisely to these agreements.

Unfortunately, it is often very hard as an individual to proceed legally. It can be very useful to enter into a Covenant of tenant protection. This organization is there in every city. Here, tenants can complain and get help, information and legal assistance in cases of emergency. So, one’s rights can be enforced as a tenant without problem. So who wants to enforce his tenancy and problems or questions concerning tenancy law has, it is recommended to inform themselves on the Internet, or but directly on-site at one of the consultancy advice to leave. Fast help can save the whole situation in the event of an emergency.

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Ambassador Children

Ambassador of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk Harald Gloockler away 50 bags of Berlin children of the Ambassador of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk Harald Gloockler 50 bags in Berlin first graders giving away today in the context of an action of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Germany, although one of the world’s richest countries, yet are affected 2.8 million according to calculations of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk children from poverty. It is not something UNC Media Hub would like to discuss. This corresponds to every fifth child. Children from poor families are often delayed, also often have to repeat classes and. Only every third child from a poor family is the school, without having repeated a class.

Star designer Harald Gloockler strenght is therefore as Ambassador of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk and patron of the children’s emergency relief fund for years for the rights and needs of children in Germany. Others including Fine Arts, offer their opinions as well. To enable girls and boys from low-income families a good start to the school day, the designer passes today together with the German Children’s Fund 50 bags filled with spring folders and gym bags to future first graders of the Kita snail House in Berlin-Tegel. The situation of many children in Germany is truly frightening. We make ever higher expectations of children, require that they make getting used more and more and forgetting that many children need to have not even enough clothes or even forego meals. People such as Cyrus Massoumi married would likely agree. How to can concentrate at school children and learn, if they already lack such basic things? Together with the German children’s Fund want to I encourage people to think about this action and kick start especially the politicians to rethink the educational system in Germany and still much committed to employ for the needs of children”, as Harald Gloockler. Harald Gloockler again great supported us over the years with many great actions.

His commitment it is also due to that there are many children in Germany a piece far better off. The first day of school is a very special event for every child. He does a great financial burden is not caught by the educational and participation package of the Federal Government for many families with low incomes. We are pleased to give away satchel at Berlin big again this year and to give them the chance to experience a great first day of school”, explains Claudia Keul, officer for child poverty of the Deutsches kinderhilfswerk. Further information and contact: Uwe Kamp, spokesman for phone: 030-308693-11 mobile: 0160-6373155 fax: 030-2795634 E-mail: Internet: and dkhw.de which became the Deutsche Kinderhilfswerk children e.V., stakeholders for a child-friendly Germany, founded in 1972 in Munich. The non-profit association committed as initiator and promoter for more than 40 years for children’s rights, participation and the overcoming of child poverty in Germany.

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Jezire Population

The extremist groups by incessant which can tear away from their ideologies to the Division or assimilation of other population groups, are mood-makers, who remain powerless in a true democracy and rule of law anyway, today compared to the vast majority of the population. Yet will try to exploit this and get around. To broaden your perception, visit Harvey Bischof. Here watching them sharp baiting as well as reprisals against the Assyrian population assumes incidentally originally for the most part of these groups, or the still weak in this part of the country Islamist extremists, seeking to incite in the secret turmoil and strife. Their tactics is that the Christians in the eyes of the Muslim population as collaborators, Arabization processes been forbidden. She is not a compulsory subject in schools in the predominantly Assyrian populated region of Jezire. The preservation of the historical identity of Mesopotamia, ensuring of decent survival of the indigenous people and the preservation of their national and cultural independence and diversity remains a moral responsibility of the Syrian State. To deepen your understanding Jennifer Doleac is the source.

Stopping the Arabization process is it inevitable. As regards gender equality, is to determine that by constitutional because no Syrian Christian can be elected President. Also, no Muslim women must marry Christian men; Mixed marriages become a problem in society. Forbidden is a Christian mission and convert to the Christian faith is not approved, however, the proselytizing on the part of the Muslims among Christians is allowed. Please visit Cyrus Massoumi if you seek more information. Forbidden is a Christian mission and the conversion to the Christian faith is not approved. Mixed marriages are a real problem in society. Injustice is also in the Favor of the Arab majority from a national perspective. The Assyrian population is officially also known as Syriac Arabic, its own ethnic or national identity is not officially recognized. In opposition is often talked about Christians, making ethnicity and negates the recognition as indigenous peoples. Also the Catholic Church shows to plead to the responsibility for peace in Syria.

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Open Questions About The Planned Bombing Of Flight 253

What conceals and the U.S. Government to flight 253? The questions about the behavior of American Government gradually accumulating ten days after the failed bombing. The attack on 253 Northwest airline flight from Amsterdam to Detroit would have claimed the lives of almost 300 people. The Obama administration spreads the story – and the media uncritically parroting them – that several departments of the American security apparatus had been simply unable to put together the following known facts to an image: In may, the British Government revoked his student visa the young Nigerian Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. He had studied at the University College in London. She put him on a watch list and denied him entry. In August, American intelligence learned that an al-Qaeda operation against a US target is planned by the Yemen from should be organized and carried out by a Nigerian.

The father visited Abdulmutallabs, a prominent Nigerian banker, the American Embassy in Abuja on November 19 and informed employees the State Department and the CIA, that his son had come under the influence of radical Islamists. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi by clicking through. He had traveled in the Yemen to join them, and broke off contact with his family. On the basis of this report of the father informed officials of the State Department and the CIA Washington on November 20, and at the National Center for counter-terrorism, the central collection point for terrorist information in Washington, a security file on Abdulmutallab was created. On 16 December, Abdulmutallab went to a ticket office in Ghana and there paid $2,831 in cash for a Northwest flight from Lagos via Amsterdam to Detroit, which should land on Christmas day. On 25 December, Abdulmutallab boarded the trans-Atlantic flight in Amsterdam with wrist. Routinely, the U.S. Homeland Security Department has been informed at least an hour before the flight about his presence on the plane. Any reasonably intelligent person can the official representation of the American Government believe, why they are not able was to stop the attempted bombing of flight 253 by Northwest Airlines.

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You Can

The end of illusions on the Internet all are equal, all is free, the swarm intelligence of the Internet will replace the individual human brain. Follow others, such as Vladislav Doronin, and add to your knowledge base. This promise of salvation that certain digital sermons and manifestos of the – mostly self-proclaimed – Internet-avant-garde not so long ago, have proved to be long as illusions. Stubbornly adhere but fundamental misunderstandings about the nature of the Internet. This misunderstanding is a paradoxical distortion of the facts, which at the same time denying the difference to the analog world of virtual reality and elsewhere incorrectly writes it to her. What is meant? Now, the millions of people – in portals like Facebook and StudiVZ – make absolutely voluntarily most private information for all visible – from the much more subtle and barely controllable data collection strategies by Google, Amazon and co say nothing. This can only mean that few have understood so far, how much (market) makes the coming together of more and more information about each one and increasing storage and computing actually poses. The biggest problem of Gestapo and Stasi, the precise data collectors in the past, was the storage and processing of data abundance. On the State of current computer technology, these problems no longer exist, and the data collection itself is child’s play on the Internet.

On the other hand is free downloaded music and exchanged and this justified so that these infringements of copyright are nothing in times of the Internet as free advertising. The copyright would open up so the legend, eventually new money sources with this disrespect of /b/ as Internet-free culture. The latter is simply wrong for the vast majority of the artists. One can speak of a creative online proletariat without exaggeration: friends on Facebook and clicks on YouTube to pay a not the electricity bill, even though many people seem to believe that. Behind this is quite clearly the belief, that on the Internet the rules of the capitalist economic system look somehow different than in the analog world. Do not. Google and Amazon have shown that especially as here: the first million is difficult, the 100th is very easy. Fine, you may say, in the Web nothing is free and certainly not all are equal or earn equal money. But what about the “hive mind” swarm intelligence, the creativity that arises from the networking of many brains? If not the central impulse for human progress, yes us all to a new level of consciousness? Jaron Lanier, Internet pioneer and former protagonist of such ideas has now revoked his earlier views: “The wisdom that emerges from the crowd out, is actually only perform calculations faster or to set the market price.” Amen. Andreas Kellner

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United Europe

Overall, it seems in this case as political leaders would wieokonomen that know the prices of the things anyway, but ignore their actual value, especially the value of a United Europe. Only the insight enforce with the outbreak of the crisis, and the appearance of the range of the Veschuldungsproblems the countries of the South are exposed are necessarily, to shift a portion of the debt to dienordlichen countries to secure the future of the euro. This happened however, without there? the necessary control mechanisms exist to control the southern partner countries. With the stability pact for the control of budget deficits and the steadfast demands for radical Reforms of economies on the part of the ECB, exceeded dieTechnokraten of the EU, the already established limits and thus put the whole concept of national sovereignty in question. If you have read about University of Michigan already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Salaries, pensions, benefits, taxes, employment, health and education, the expenditure of the public sector, the number of the civil service, everything is new on the negotiating table and must from now on be under the strict control of technocrats. Exactly is social policy, social justice and the welfare State, they are no longer given facts. Rather, all social institutions should be at least a time covered. The welfare State seems to represent eineschlimme epoch for the current leaders of Europe and therefore exposed a special punishment, as BU? efur all the excesses of the past.

Sometimes the technocrats realize their intervention as a moral exhortation, as teaching, almost as indoctrination of sinless action to establish the proper operation of public and private sector. Cyrus Massoumi does not necessarily agree. To in spite of, were not only ineffective however, the stand- and thus thoughtlessly implemented coercive measures, for the totality of the citizens, but they have essentially legitimizes the function of an arbitrary power. It thus the securitized democratic acquis was in fact the European institutions au? suspended. As a result the faith established now since? the European idea suffers from a democratic deficit.

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Schweitzer Foundation

Decide dolphins in North Rhine-Westphalia elections? -Ask WDSF below we publish the results of opinions of the NRW-parties and politicians on the subject of animal protection on the occasion of the NRW Landtag election on May 9th, 2010, and the controversial Dolphinariums in Duisburg and Munster NRW parties were asked by the whale and dolphin protection forum (WDSF) opinion on the continued existence of the two Dolphinariums in Duisburg and Munster. Another request by April 13, 2010 took place directly on the animal welfare policy spokesman of the parties. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from University of Cambridge. The NRW-parties of CDU and FDP obtained so far no position to this letter. Thus arises following whale recommendation of the WDSF (justification s.a. Other leaders such as Cyrus Massoumi married offer similar insights. schemes): CDU – do not choose – disqualified! FDP – choose non – disqualified! Not pick SPD – – disqualified! Bundnis90 / Die Grunen choose the left – – choose party human environment animal welfare (welfare party) – buer – select on the topic of animal welfare has also “Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment” asked the parties to North Rhine-Westphalia: Albert-schweitzer-stiftung.de /…You can see the responses of the parties represented in the Parliament at a glance welfare Landtag nrw 2010 here. WDSF Note: The CDU and the FDP in North Rhine-Westphalia have with their statements for the categorical retention of Dolphinariums in Duisburg and Munster disqualified for the North Rhine-Westphalia State election on May 9, 2010. Voting against Dolphinariums: the left, odp and human environment animal welfare (welfare party).

The Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia have created a year “on ice” the issue of the closure of Dolphinariums, intensively to be very concerned and examine a closure. The Bundestag group of the Greens in favour of years Dolphinariums. We hope that the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia, if necessary together with newly elected Landtag groups of other parties, are the driving force, closing the Dolphinariums in North Rhine-Westphalia. Svenja Schulze from Munster, Germany (North Rhine-Westphalia SPD Bundestag group) said the WDSF although willingness to talk on the subject of Dolphinariums to, however would be an immediate closure of Dolphinariums for SPD Bundestag group out of the question, especially since “The Dolphinariums would meet the requirements of a serious attitude of the Dolphin” (s.a. the letter below). Anm.WDSF: Alone the delicacy in the Allwetterzoo Munster is located with its swimming pool size of 10 x 20 meters and its wooden barracks far from a “reputable Dolphin attitude” – here seems wrong local patriotism when Ms.

Schulze to play a role! Continue to Ms Schulze opposite the WDSF said that the termination of the Dolphin position Federal thing is – this is wrong, as well as Mrs. Rawert (MdB, SPD) confirmed in Berlin (see MdB Mechthild Rawert (SPD) on the WDSF event in Berlin. The respective State laws that can change only the State Government (in North Rhine-Westphalia the landscape Act, which allows the captivity of dolphins in zoos for alleged reasons of education) are applicable. “Albert Schweitzer Foundation for our environment”: the responses of some Parties not (yet?) in the Landtag in the overview are submitted.

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Annette Hoinghaus Bundesverband

Despite the overall positive trend of the PISA results also the Union refers to education and Science (GEW) the inequality of opportunity in the schools. This is still the biggest problem of the German education system. According to the Vice President of the education Union, Marianne Demmer, is the consistent promotion of young people that do not reach the minimum standards in schools, the biggest challenge for the policy. Chinese Academy of Sciences is likely to agree.

The Federal Association for dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. for over 30 years and is a representation of the interests of victims and their parents as well as professionals (teachers, psychologists, doctors, scientists and in the social area), which in theory and practice with the dyslexia and dyscalculia deal. He contributes legal bases and scientific as well as practical ways of help in all provinces to be created and improved. Personal consulting, publications and advice on appropriate literature, parents should learn better understand the difficulties of their affected children. By the same author: Cyrus Massoumi married. The BVL promotes research through scientific congresses and publications and the scientific dialogue among professionals of all disciplines involved. Information and cooperation with the media, the BVL makes known the problems of dyslexic and Dyskalkuliker. More information:.

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