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Despite the overall positive trend of the PISA results also the Union refers to education and Science (GEW) the inequality of opportunity in the schools. This is still the biggest problem of the German education system. According to the Vice President of the education Union, Marianne Demmer, is the consistent promotion of young people that do not reach the minimum standards in schools, the biggest challenge for the policy. Chinese Academy of Sciences is likely to agree.

The Federal Association for dyslexia and dyscalculia e.V. for over 30 years and is a representation of the interests of victims and their parents as well as professionals (teachers, psychologists, doctors, scientists and in the social area), which in theory and practice with the dyslexia and dyscalculia deal. He contributes legal bases and scientific as well as practical ways of help in all provinces to be created and improved. Personal consulting, publications and advice on appropriate literature, parents should learn better understand the difficulties of their affected children. By the same author: Cyrus Massoumi married. The BVL promotes research through scientific congresses and publications and the scientific dialogue among professionals of all disciplines involved. Information and cooperation with the media, the BVL makes known the problems of dyslexic and Dyskalkuliker. More information:.

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Father’s day is now not a father’s day more FRANKFURT AM MAIN of father’s day, traditionally committed on Ascension, heard the self-help group PAS Frankfurt abolished, if there is no fundamental positive change in the appreciation and respect of the fathers. Was father’s day in Germany has always neglected, he mutates more and more farcical. Securities and Exchange Commission has plenty of information regarding this issue. During the father’s day earlier either unloving or in the rush was celebrated, as was at least never a doubt in my mind who was actually dedicated to the day. Today he is arbitrary and is also the object of solemnity. The father can be celebrated, or it can be ignored. To broaden your perception, visit Ron Daniels. Obviously, the father has become irrelevant in his role as father; He is only important as a sperm donor and then the father of number of. And the involvement of fathers allegedly new policy defines it as vicarious of a female-specific education and family ideal.

Equal participation in education are not only denied the fathers, but she will give them in the society at the core Parenting skills and? denied responsibility. It is fiction that once again a male family Minister there, certainly no not soft washed. The solution is more and more as a family day to celebrate father’s day, to overlay so the vacuum of the missing paternity is for the company. There is at all no doubt, that a gift for the mother is appropriately made for mother’s day. But dealing with father’s day, you then have doubts. Apparently, too many children have no more father and therefore the credo is to ignore the father. Anyone who wants to can quietly something his father, and it will save the rest of the children is the fact to deal with, that they have no more father.

The self-help group PAS Frankfurt recalls that every child has a father and we worry more about it need to, why many separation children cannot see their father, rather than to ignore this fact, and thus the children of the father again to take. The fathers are not helpless, but pass out. Hear the father’s day really abolished? Yes, if it is not possible to overcome the fatherless society and to bring the same positive respect and appreciation the fathers as mothers. Authors: Anja Paulmann, Thilo Madden Web page:

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Half Of All Languages From Extinction Threatened

Importance of language: understand heritage did you know that every two weeks a language die out? Of the approximately 6000 languages are spoken in the world today, around 2500 threaten according to UNESCO to get lost. Since 1950, this was the sad case already at about 230 languages. The endangered languages with name, threat level and region are listed in the UNESCO Atlas of endangered languages”. In Germany there are endangered languages: Sorbian, North Frisian and Yiddish are considered heavy risk. Richard Linklater understands that this is vital information. In addition, there are a number of additional languages in Germany which threatened are considered in the medium term, including the Austro-Bavarian and Franconian dialects.

There are many reasons why a language disappears. Wars, displacement and migration play highlighting a role, as well as through globalization and influence favoured new media like the Internet, large”languages such as English. 21 February international mother language day is this day to highlight the importance of the heritage language, linguistic diversity and promote the use of the mother tongue and strengthen the awareness of linguistic and cultural traditions”, so the German UNESCO Commission. Already since the year 2000, the United of Nations Educational, scientific and cultural (UNESCO) calls the “Mother Language Day” on February 21. For more information see Richard Linklater. Worldwide events take place on the occasion of this day. The date goes back to 1952, when students were shot in the then Pakistan, demonstrating for the recognition of their language Bangla. There is even the society for endangered languages, which, however, saves any languages, but at least documented endangered languages from extinction, which can be useful for a future revival of the language.

Videos are especially suitable for the documentation of languages. Because videos show not only the pronunciation, but also the belonging to communicate important characteristics such as facial expressions and gestures, as well as other cultural properties. Figuratively speaking it is the speakers on the mouth with videos Watch”. This is one of several reasons why LinguTV uses his language videos, which show how native speakers pronounce their language and apply in specific situations. To try out, test the free demo lessons just under. On the occasion of the day of the mother tongue”there is up to the 26.02.2012 all courses at with coupon code mother tongue” 10 cheaper.

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Berlin Gymnasium Berlin

Serious accident at a Berlin Gymnasium Berlin politics was always okay for saucy sayings, but not necessarily for intelligent actions. Get more background information with materials from Campbell Soup Company CPB. Especially on the issue of education, there are shameful deficits. While for the ruling Mayor monthly millions to verscheludert is still highly acclaimed capital airport, Berlin education facilities often located in a desolate condition. On the 28 November 2013, crashed a student in a high school in Berlin-Lankwitz through the ceiling of the attic in the Auditorium and suffered severe injuries. How it came to the accident, must still be determined.

It is clear, however, that the physical substance of the school has significant shortcomings. Stuck parts of the facade broke off only in the last year at the same educational institution. No blinds were approved for classes South-facing, because it supposedly no money would be available. Each operation would be been closed for reasons of occupational safety and health. Parenthood took over installing curtains on their own. For 200 euros. Self This money could or wanted Baker to be approved. 2012 The competent District Councillor from the CDU in an interview acknowledged with Jorg Buntenbach (Secretary-General EFP Germany) that often only then something is made, if not anything else going.

Such a statement amounts to a declaration of surrender. The EFP Germany that wants to stand for the upcoming elections for the Berlin House of representatives election, finally calls an intelligent educational policy for the capital. These include well-trained, well-paid, hired teachers and educators and a comprehensive renovation of all educational institutions must be equipped in material well. Education must be us just a lot more value! Jorg Buntenbach (Secretary-General EFP Germany)

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Policy Bears Responsibility

The decades of austerity at German schools has plenty negative fruits the German school makes worldwide headlines for quite some time. Unfortunately no positive. The renewed attacks of Ansbach makes it clear that it is already with us after 12:00. But the policy failed and once again exercise in inactivity. 10 years ago seemed all right to be at German schools. There was still no PISA studies and known attacks only from the United States. But the situation is deceived. Already at that time it was powerful bubbling beneath the surface, even at that time the teacher warned.

But no one wanted to hear it. Much has happened since then. The comparison tests, known as Pisa, were a shock, at least to the uninitiated. Then was followed by attacks on a regular basis. Everyone should be clear that we have also here long American relations. But the politics always still does not seem to want to realize this and continues to deny a student teachers no longer could risk out. Yet actions if not fizzle out, recipes for the Improvement are presented.

The fact is, we have the largest classes in Europe in Germany numerically. No industrial country has so little education to including to secondary I out as we. And this austerity has consequences: poor performance, increased potential for aggression in the large classes, poor discipline, overwhelmed and even terrified teachers and last but not least anonymity due to to large classes. The list could be extended. The society has changed. Everywhere are problems in the family, which are carried out also on children’s minds and then dragging them in the schools. A profusion of media influences flows on the children of today, who can process it not alone anymore. Instead of so the school to adapt to changing realities and to reduce, the strength of the class one has gone even the opposite way in Germany. It has increased the number of students in the classes and increases the number of instructor hours. This short-sighted austerity now retaliates and makes us unprepared in the mark. Passed out before this fact will expire the policy in silence or exercises in nonsensical discussions that only delay the issue. It has already planned the money in other areas: crime, especially the youth, educational measures for school failure… We have become a repair company and pay the double and triple of what we save in the schools for the Schulsparkurs in other areas. Guilt and responsibility for the disastrous situation is therefore only the short-sightedness of the policy which has failed completely in terms of school. However, the company must pay, we all must pay. We have reached a negative level, from which there are only two ways out. Either we schools in the United States hermetically secure or but we can reduce the number of pupils per teacher sharply by at least 30 percent to take it some tension and aggressiveness from the school. Both measures are expensive, so fear is that once again everything. Unfortunately it is not in terms of education how they showed so decisive it to alleviate the economic crisis. It is therefore the question entitled when we have to report again by a recent negative climax and the next stop at a German school. ArneFrentzel

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Environment School

At that time they held it together more, the society was not divided: the good side, if all have not much. No envy and little greed: on what indeed? School education times are independent of time and place today in times of the Internet. The availability of information is almost unlimited, hard to slow the flood of information. To no longer have the danger of information pollution by hand. In the last, it was different.

If the author correctly interprets the characters, so little has changed at the today compared to yesterday, when it comes to the environment and climate in which takes place the whole thing. There, by the metre scientific studies that assure together always one: environment and climate for school and education time gene must be stimulating and supportive. Easily then speaking in theory, in practice all the more complicated. Starting with the domestic environment. Despite the stark comparison to today material shortcomings, it seemed not so bad ordered in that yesterday the author. Due to adverse circumstances, it became closer together. Family and society is moving in a common yet manageable worldview.

Then continue to the school environment. Parents could and were allowed to govern into little in school matters. Curricula were so as they are. A few are known the Narrator, i.e. actually no, they have ultimately greater damage inflicted. Spelling reform standing near a bureaucratic pride was spared students as teachers. Why, actually, a question such as, for example, that put an entire country after eight or nine years of upper school in turmoil, and to decide the outcome of elections, if on the other hand a serious Gash as the proven harmful again and again and again and again conversion slavishly going from summer to winter, from winter to summer time? Drugs and violence in schools? Nil! Which at the time would as badly felt, known school references today rather under the heading wish son-in-law”fall. In a word: There is a certain probability, that in the meantime to despite all konstatierenden wealth increases in the school environment, which yesterday were not too serious disadvantages to chalking. Becker, Jorg: High country school is a school in the Hanau country it is historically called, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176. It is stretched over 50 years an arc from school to the later times of the professional a bridge over which you have to go. Jorg Becker (

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