This further emphasizes the contrast with modern shopping centers. In Bangkok many temples and palaces built over two hundred years ago. Royal Palace – is one of the most famous attractions in Bangkok. The palace complex consists of buildings, which are the oldest in the capital of Thailand and preserved to this day. The palace is divided into two halves.

The south side is open to tourists, the rest of the government offices are located. The royal family itself does not live in the palace, but all of the relevant events and activities held there. Here in the palace is the temple and personal, belonging to the king. There is a statue of Buddha, made of a single piece of jade. This statue is the main shrine of Thai people. Attraction, which attracts many tourists with its beauty and striking, is the residence of Princess Chumphot. Consisting of five buildings, the complex is built in classic Thai style. All residence surrounded by a beautiful garden.

Inside it houses a museum, where exhibits are made by artisans from Asia. Sleeping Buddha Temple – the largest temple built in Bangkok. Inside the temple, a huge gold-plated reclining Buddha height of 15 and a length of 46 meters. Around the statue are 108 bowls of equal number of reincarnations of the Buddha in the physical body. In the bowl you can throw coins zagadyvaya with desire, which, as promised local residents, necessarily true. Around the temple is located 26 gardens, stones were brought from the royal palace. There in the temple and the most famous school of massage, you can visit anyone. In Bangkok, there is Another amazing place – it’s Temple of the Dawn. Early in the morning, when visiting this site, you can see a beautiful picture when sunbeams create fascinating and unique landscapes on the walls of the temple is reflected from the water. For lovers of nightlife in Bangkok there is a lot of places you can go in alone, and kompaniey.Vechernie show and cruises, night clubs, fine restaurants and bars open their doors everyone. If you want to relax as a family, Bangkok will offer you a huge selection of amusement parks like Disneyland with Thai roller coaster ride, a room of horrors, karting, as well as a huge number of attractions, zoos, aquarium or travel via Bangkok and much more. A unique opportunity to be presented when visiting the Safari Park, where a car window you can watch the wildlife. Inspect all possible recreational facilities at one time is not possible. Anyone who has ever been in Bangkok, be sure to return there again.