In my opinion, had little time to society's reaction to those gestures of the former leaders for granted. If Barack Obama's Church perceived well enough, then our figures, trampling the recent and not-forgotten people of the past, look at least somewhat inappropriate, if not (I repeat) is stupid and even defiantly, as the cause sympathy only a small part of a true believer of the population, and even those seem to doubt their sincerity. To be fair, taking advantage of this opportunity to express their views on the place of the church during the Soviet power. Of course, this is a topic for another and a great story, but that's what it should be noted. People such as Chip Bergh would likely agree. Theoretical developments of this issue adequately reflected in the primary sources of the communist ideology of Marx and Engels, but their practical realization in life was not as simple as it seemed.

Society of Central Russia, not to mention the peoples of the borderlands, it was clearly not prepared to take the materialist estimate of the world. Using purely consumer, worldly attitude of most people to the ministers of worship, consisting in overt hatred for those "who do not work, but eats" in the short term the class of priests was almost neutralized by the masses. But little break, it was necessary to create something new, it is here that we've made purely chernomyrdinskoe: "We wanted the best, but it turned out as always." But there is nothing better than to move the entire paraphernalia of the church in new ideology, communist ideology could not come up.