SIXTH PART THE DRAGONES BURROW While our friends slept they did not imagine that the owner of the burrow a black scorpion that had left has two days to hunt was returning -. Dragones the impious one, as was known in the region, feared for many insects, was returning. In the been silent one of the night in slow and soft steps with its raised claws. Sting in form of arc half raised soon for a fast blow. It moved away the dry foliages deposited in the ground, penetrating and leaving hiding places it arrived close to its burrow, about a meter.

Half distrustful Dragones stopped and was looking at there for top. Meanwhile, in the burrow, Gardenio will wake up of supeto, had had a strange hunch, was arisen without waking up the others, it places the head for it are of the hole and starts to examine the place all. For its great astonishment, when lowering the head saw Dragones stopped close to the root looking at for low. Gardenio gave an impulse stops backwards, moving away itself fastest possible, and ran stops close to its friends. _ Acordem, wakes up! _ Falava baixinho. All had started if to move and to open the eyes.

_ _ Fast, we have there that to leave this place, it has a great black scorpion under. Gordon ran for the entrance of the hole, and saw well gone up Dragones to devagar without looking at for top in direction of the burrow. All had run for the exit and had left flying, with exception of Beoriano that went up for the wall. Beating of the wings of the beetles they had called the attention Dragones. _ vocs Ei there what they were making in my house? Invaders. Dragones could not fly, and, being thus, it could not captures the beetles and the Drones, being thus, Beoriano the main target became.