For Marcelo de Jesus Garci’a Article of opinion 28/06/2011 Indiscipline, school and family the indiscipline left inside of being an isolated and 0ccasional fact of the Brazilian schools. For being a question that mobilize professors, team pedagogical technique and it occupies the first periodical pages, of the most varied schools since the private public a, is asked: which would be an efficient method to brighten up such problem? The subject indiscipline, in the education area, is a question that must be evaluated in such way that if it analyzes which the points defective that the pertaining to school clientele takes to insurgir in relation to the norms established for these institutions. The pure shame is not the feeling of being such or such repreensvel object, but, in general, of being an object, that is, to recognize me in this decayed, dependent and immovable being that I am for they outrem. (Sartre, 1943, p.336). We go to point or to awake the society so that they rethink on a fact of utmost importance in the learning system, the questions of disciplines. Professors and parents of pupils are if seeing obliged to recognize the defeat: given the pupil to the option between going or lacking to the lesson, the student, many times prefers to lack. Consequently he does not study, he thickens the group of baguna, adheres to other inherent habits the nature human being. Tired to see the classrooms empty either because the pupil decided to lack, either because ' ' algum' ' father registered worried it another school? the colleges born under the beginning of the less rules better look for to develop next to the pupilos ' ' a contract pedaggico' '. The times are more moderate also for the educators. If until the two decades schools they saw with good eyes the master who, in intention to come close itself to the pupils, went to congregate itself, with them in ' ' barzinhos' ' , today what they demand, before everything, is that the professor knows to impose respect.