Hello, dear friends, my name is Lenovo S10 3T. Looking at me, you probably will understand what I – the netbook. A little closer examination, you find that my screen can turn 180 degrees, as well as expand and put on the keyboard, and then you'll understand what I – transformer! A little out of it in my hands, you accidentally touch the screen and I – oh, miracle! – You open one of my secrets – I – the tablet. And I support technology Multitouch. And furthermore, not for nothing that I S10 3T – third pokoloenie mini-laptops lenovo S10 – I have not just multi-touch, I am on technology Natural touch – now your touch me will be the most natural! Thanks to all this, I absolutely do not need a stylus! Anything that pleases you can do with your fingers! Perhaps we are with you just become friends. Way. You do not adherent featureless monochrome devices? No, I do not think – I'm not decked in all colors of the rainbow. But at the same time, even in the rainy day got me out of the bag, on your face will always smile, because I – Handsome.

On the cover of my stylish designs on the outside I have dominated black, but the keyboard – white. Well, you do not agree that the Lenovo S10 3T – this is a great design project, eh? Besides all this, I have a pretty good stuffing. I would not be difficult to cope with dozens of other windows when you're looking for something on the Internet. I have absolutely no trouble working with you over text and table documents. And I'm happy to help you communicate with friends via a webcam and microphone!