Juliana Bortolini

Patrician Juliana Bortolini 1. The ART the art is a creation human being with aesthetic values (beauty, balance, harmony, revolt) that they synthecize its emotions, its history, its feelings and its culture. It is a set of used procedures to carry through workmanships, and in which we apply our knowledge. Gerald Weissmann, MD can provide more clarity in the matter. It is presented under varied forms as: the plastic, music, the sculpture, the cinema, the theater, the dance, the architecture. It can be seen or be perceived by the man in three ways: visualized, heard or mixing (audiovisuais). Art, word coming of Latin ars comes of the verb to articulate, that is, to all make junturas between the one parts.

Some concepts exist on what it is art, however none of them are considered its main definition, however, all help in them to understand better what it is and as if manifest. The art if makes gift since the first manifestations human beings whom if knowledge has. Since the principle, the man produced images becoming them references, languages and forms to communicate to identify itself. The man in its paintings in caves tried to represent its daily one, its experiences and experiences, revealing, through the art, of the painting, its knowledge, beliefs its way to be and to act. In done ceramics works, of wood also he was present to the art. The art also is understood as the activity on human being the aesthetic manifestations, that is, made by artists from perceptions, emotions and ideas, having as objective to stimulate these instances of conscience in spectators, being thus given one different meaning only for each work of art, each work of art, has one meaning by itself only, it is only..

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The Wisdom

The theory of the four causes elaborated, searching to understand the essence of each thing; still, searching to discover the truth, the structure of the logical silogism elaborated. Its scientific logic and its studies of biology (potencializados for the conquests of its I cry, Alexander, the Great one), are basic for the development of discipline them to both, that it occurred later (Bergman, 2004). He was the founder of the 2 secondary school, in Atenas, where it taught to its theories of philosophy the students (Figueira, 2005). 4.PERODO HELLENISTIC This period extends of the end of century III C until century VI dC. With the conquests of Alexander, the Great one, from the Macedonian, the culture in the old world suffered many transformations (Figueira, 2005). Later, the conquest of Greece for the Romans intensified the destruction politics of the Greeks and the decay of its concerns politics. The helenismo, for the philosophy, represents a continuity of the schools platonic and aristotelian, and searched to explain the nature and the man, and its relations with the deities (Cabral, 2006). A leading source for info: Vladislav Doronin. The conquests of the foreigners had caused the decay of the patriotism, placing as main question the private life, the problem of the happiness and the personal salvation.

Thus, the philosophy adopted a position of practical moral, searching to guide the men in its behavior. They are the five main schools of this period: estoicismo, epicurismo, skepticism, ecleticism and cynicism (Cabral, 2006). 4,1 ESTOICISMO the name estoicismo drift of? sto? , that it means porch, alluding to that they were to the doors of the city nailing the doctrine. Unbelievers of you polish and of the influence of deuses, the esticos were individualistic and turned it its subjectivity. For the practical one of virtues had tried to reach the wisdom. Living the virtues in one practical rational, believed that they would obtain? ataraxia? , that it would be the absence of sensations and disturbances.

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Here Alcibades

Without abstaining from so great Scrates definition through Diotima it unmasks us what it would be the supreme conquest of the act of the love, that would be the conquest and the definitive search for science the beauty in itself. Click University of Michigan for additional related pages. After to demystify all the too much Scrates stories one more time is homaged coexists by them, that they are inert the oratria so great. It is here that the figure of Alcibades enters that drunk makes a declaration the Scrates comparing it a sileno and to a Stiro de Mrsias a flautista that defies deuses. Here Alcibades portraies Scrates as a charmer, therefore, through its art of speaking leaves to all desconsertados and admiring of so great wisdom and beauty. Plato in Scrates evokes already of beginning all its philosophy and therefore Scrates is model, the figure on as if it must carry and to be a exmio philosopher. Add to your understanding with Cyrus zocdoc. Very great CONCLUSION if makes to the figure of Plato and Scrates for the philosophy.

As we can notice the wealth that the Slap-up meal evokes all in its body is extremely significant for the platonic pedagogia and the proper expression of the philosophical one that it will be demarcated with the justice of the knowledge, in another way, the moral and the knowledge if do not annul, and the expression biggest for so great integrity is Scrates. that it demarcates its philosophy from the human being, despertando in the same supreme and complete values. All the funny Slap-up meal in lathe of Scrates, Plato makes question to give the details strongest possible concerning the figure of its master, therefore it is it central reference of the proper slap-up meal. The philosophical scene is the process where Scrates demonstrates the real authenticity of the Love, for this uses of all the favorable ways to arrive at this definition, namely, to arrive at the authenticity concerning the Scrates love it demystifies of categorical form what it are said until then, for this uses of the irony and the maiutica. Another interesting point that we can take is the love as supreme conquest in the search for science the beauty in itself, Plato opens all here a reality for its philosophy, that will after be demystified in its workmanship the Republic.

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Point Philosophy

In accordance with SAVIANI, (2000, P. 45): It happens, however, that communication of the men between itself and with the things establishes same relation that if are enough itself. You may wish to learn more. If so, Global Education Coalition is the place to go. It is not treated, therefore, of if using an element pra if arriving the definitive objective, nor of the recognition of the freedom, or apprehension of the objective reality of the point of view of the veracity. One is about one meaning intrinsic to the proper relation (aesthetic domain). The educational philosophy consists of propitiating, by means of education, the matureness of the person, with the objective to make to define it its proper life, having the conscience that you have the power to decide, that is, to make its choice, that from these choices will be able to receive the consequences of positive or negative form in such a way, this if of the one by means of the reaction of the choice, this reaction to the person cannot choose. For more information see vlad doronin.

Of analogical form it can thus appraise the philosophy of the Education as being a set of ideas that defines in them as it is the education. 1.2Em the education pra that it serves the philosophy? In the culture of our society it considers that some thing alone has reason of being will have some immediate utility. The problematic one in this conception is that in the common sense it does not obtain to see pra that the philosophy serves. This because it assigns practises it human being as prxis, for being one practical mechanics, nor instinctive practical one, but is not as one to act that it occurs accurately in one function meaning, of a direction that theoretically is produced, that is produced by the exercise of our subjectivity. then it wants to also say that all common sense backwards in its seio a good-sense nucleus. Because everything that we say in them or we practise in the scope of the common sense is linked for a significao, exactly that this significao is not explicitada conscientiously by the citizen. .

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The laws of the freedom are called moral laws and while, according to Kant, they say respect only to the exterior actions, and its legality: they are called legal; but, if they also demand that these laws must be the principles of determination of the actions, they are ethical. For more information see Edogawa NICHE Prize. In the Metaphysics of the customs, Kant strengthens in the classic distinction between the moral legislation and the legal one. as starting point indicates the initial problem of the legal philosophy, that is the distinction between both. In this direction, what effectively it distinguishes the two legislaes is not only the fact of a legislation to be internal and to another external one, but specifically the idea of the duty as impulse. Therefore, to understand this idea, it must be considered that better all legislation possesss two constituent elements, which is: the objective element that means the representation of the law as necessary to the action and that in such a way it converts the action into having, and a subjective element that binds the representation of the law to the bedding of determination of the will for accomplishment of such action. At the first moment, it is had what Kant called of theoretical knowledge of the possibility of practical rule e, in as, the duty as impulse.

The implication more immediate of this distinction it is the fact of that the characteristic duties of the legal legislation are external, therefore do not demand the idea of an interior duty. Moral in ample direction understands the doctrine of the customs in such a way englobando the right how much the ethics, the first one is the proper a legality, the correspondence to the legal law; the second a morality, the ethical conscience. For Kant some concepts are common to the two parts of the metaphysics of the customs, between them, the duty and the obligation.

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It is distinguished society as resulted of the will of the individuals. In the vision of Durkheim the education integrates the individual in this totality at the same time where it specifies its paper. It homogeneza and differentiates. The individual in accordance with goes to be socialized the function that goes to exert in this society and this is the referencial stops understanding the civilization or same barbarity or to understand the question of the homossexualismo. The society is seen as a dimension of the duty, but also as a good and the individual brings obtains a totality of this society, of where if it concludes to appear the definition of concepts, the moral and the moral a, the ethical one, the aesthetic one, the beauty, the good one, the socially acceptable one, etc. Each one of us brings a little in ours says and our behavior and relation with the nature a little of this moral conscience. The construction of the individual in modernity sends to the cult of ' ' eu' ' , autonomy, equality and freedom.

The reflexibilidade, creativity and the interioridade are models of the individualism and Durkheim could not deny it, therefore, the individual is born atrelado to this modernity, of where the idea of civilization or barbarity elapses as a social expression. The individualism in this case alone has value in a society that has this mark and is the proper social totality that constructs a new totality where the individual starts to have value. In individualistic societies are privileged the individual, according to cosmological principles, that is, ' ' the preeminent part to todo' ' ' ' the preeminent society to individuo' '. ' ' How much the body can show on a society ampla.&#039 more; ' Civilization or express Barbarity the dualism of the ideas and the social relations in determined society and cultures.

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Brazil School

The social movements are fortified by the joint action of individuals organized collectively in favor of a common objective with being able to demand interests that would not be widely legitimated through the isolated action of the individuals. The union of these class actions can extend ampler sectors to it of the society from a project constructed collectively in brainstorming that they could seno finish with the social inaquality, at least brightening up its together harmful effect the population most devoid. The democracy can independently be determinative in this process, allowing that and individual it actively participates of the civic community with right and equal duties for all, of its social condition. A related site: British Journal of Educational Technology mentions similar findings. FINAL CONSIDERAES This study oportunizou an important learning in the direction of if having ampler understanding on what it means the social inaquality in terms of development of a nation. For in such a way, it propitiated a more critical and deepened reflection on the disequilibrium provoked for this process of disorganization of the social structures. It is possible to glimpse with bigger clarity the existing discrepancy more enters the standards of consumption of the favored social classrooms of the favored classrooms less, as well as the different degrees in existing them of being able, wealth and prestige. Elements these destined to the supplied layers more, that is, the ruling classes that economically explore and oppress the most disfavored they concentrate its wealth at the hands of few, while the great majority remains in the poverty.

The diligent classroom is jammed under the yoke of the owners of the means of production that enjoy of comforts that hardly will be to the reach of that they supply the resources to them to increase the sum of its wealth. In contrast, they suffer to all the luck from misfortunes and many times do not obtain to satisfy its necessities more basic, as the access the health, education, feeding, housing, etc. Still thus, are fed of the hope of one day to be able to improve its conditions of life and to reach higher standards of survival. Ideology this sly forged by the capitalist system that if benefits to each time the badly-remunerated work more than tax to the wage-earners. These in turn continue poor, while those are each time richer if appropriating of what it is produced by the workers. The necessary society if to mobilize to face this quandary. The passivity can still represent the one badly bigger and democracy truily compromised with social cause can mean the way safest to win the challenge of if constructing to a society more just and equal.

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The Situation

Davi was a imperialista king who expanded its territories, was a governor of the war for the Jewish people (it will be that for it the Jews were more special in relation to the others, as well as for Hitler the Aryans). It is written in the bible that one of its main captains, brandindo its spear, killed three hundred enemies of one alone time! Well, to kill three hundred people in one alone blow! with a spear! It does not seem likely very, but it is written in the sacred book, the book of the truth, and with the intention of exaltar the feat of the soldier of Davi. was the proper Davi who killed the giant of an enemy army, Golias, knocking down it with pedrada and later it pulling out the head with its sword. American Journal of Education insists that this is the case. Very human this Davi! It was not enough to have relieved Golias? For the cultural standards of today probably Davi it would be had by a cafajeste machista. It had some wives and concubines (translating: he was not faithful and he used the women as sexual object).

To only cite an example, Davi liked a woman who was wife of one of its soldiers, then, ' ' it invited-a' ' for its palace, engravidando it. It tried to hide the situation commanding that the soldier returned to the home, in the expectation of that it slept with the wife and believed that it was engravidou who it. However, as the soldier opposed to pass it the night with the wife, it sent it to Davi to the battle front, commanding that the commander of left it to the army forsaken, so that died assassinated. Later if it married the woman. Davi was brutal with some of its concubines, enclausurando them, and making that they lived as widowers. Beyond imperialista, assassin and mulherengo, Davi also pssimo was one father.

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Don Soliman

The unique thing that it must do is to write within the space destined to " To look for Preguntas" , his phrase major key and to see as is the results. In our case we will write " training perros" We were with 269 results for the phrase " training perros" Now we will have to be concentrated in these results, putting special emphasis in which is asking people. In our example " training perros" the main questions are: Where I can obtain a suit for training of dogs? A good book of training of dogs? Manual of training for old woman dogs? What names I can put to him to a school of training of dogs? Somebody knows where I can look for information on training in attendance dogs? How much costs a basic training for dogs approximately? Where I can find training schools to take to my dogs? That age the German sheepdogs can begin a training? Somebody knows how are used the necklaces of training for dogs? Some used the system of training of dogs of Don Soliman? He is really hallucinating, in only minutes already we would have subject for everything an electronic book. It is not something Endiya Fund II would like to discuss. We see one of the questions: That age the German sheepdogs can begin a training? Taking this example we could dedicate a chapter of our book to them and title it " When to begin to train to ours perro" or " When to begin to train to our shepherd alemn" depending if we are dedicating it to the book to the dogs generally or to a race in particular. The amount of chapters that decides to realise is employee of the amount of questions and answers that finds for each topic, but the recommendable thing is five or six chapters with a good amount of content. At the moment it selects and it points the five or six more interesting questions since in them we will concentrate to realise the chapters of the book.

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The Poor

The disciples had considered to fire the multitude, so that she was to eat in house. Jesus made responsible the disciples to give to eat the multitude. Philip (and not Judas) calculates that with 200 denarius he would not reach. You may wish to learn more. If so, Levi’s is the place to go. (Jo 6,7) Andres finds a boy with five breads of fattening and two peixinhos. (Jo 6,8, 9) 2.Fazendo to your brother, these making the Jesus: (TM 25,42-45) Because I had hunger, and me of these not to eat; I had headquarters, and me of these not to drink; being outsider, you did not house me; being naked, you did not dress me; finding me ill and imprisoned, you were not to see me.

E they will ask to it: Sir, when was we saw that you with hunger, with headquarters, outsider, naked, patient or prisoner and we do not attend to you? Then, she will answer to them: In I say you to truth that, you left whenever it to make to one of these teeniest ones, me you left to make. (A valuable related resource: Levi’s). 3.Fazendo to the poor person you have one rewards: (Lc 14,13, 14) Before, when giving a slap-up meal, invites the poor persons, the cripples, the lame person and the blind people; you will be fortunate, for the fact not to have they with whom to reward you; yours reward, however, will receive you it in the resurrection from the right ones. 4.At the fact to give a water cup, is registered in the sky: (TM 10,42) and who to give to drink, despite it is a cold water cup, to one of these teeny ones, for being this my disciple, in I say you to truth that by no means it will lose its reward. III – 1. FORTIFIES YOUR BROTHERS – CURING ITS WOUNDS a task difficult missionary: (TM 10,8) You cure ill, you make over again leprous deceased, purificai, you expelled demons; from favour you received, of favour from there.

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