In the words of one of the most influential and controversial poets of the English language, Ezra Pound (1885-1972) the explicit poet what it is this? literature. Literature is loaded language of meanings. The great literature is simply the loaded language of meaning until the maximum possible degree. The literary art, to the step that approaches subjects philosophical, if shows as source of loaded reflection of human being and life; in its higher degree. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900), influential e, over all in a loaded philosophy of aforismos in its writings, had an over all questionadora and provocative vision of what systematic. That one searched in deuses of mythology Greek subjects to describe with total property texts literary-philosophical, exactly the principle searching a explicitao and description of a filolgico text, thus searching, deep interventions for some facts raised for history. In this direction, for philosopher, the god Apolo and Dioniso, mark a subjective and emotional thought before the subjects treated for the philosophy in literary texts, therefore these deuses are contrasts of the human being and the proper life that beats. Surely the literary schools vary between these two raised positions for the philosopher.

The philosophical-poetical thought was present since mythology Greek, passing for the archaic thought until the current days, without necessarily having a date for such event. The men with fidgets on the given, present world, decide to unmask it e, the words become the weapons of its combat for such explanations of the real world. The allure of the man with the world becomes the word the greater ' ' imperador' ' for description and agreement on the human being and everything more it composes than it are in social terms, politician and cultural. The philosophical thought definitively marked the history and its molds of social behavior, politician and culture of a people. In all the periods of universal history, the philosophy therefore, always were present for explicitar facts and behaviors human of skillful form. Destarte, some areas had been taken possetion of this style of so particular thought of the Greek man and later of the German thought to count of forceful form an impulsive idea that teima to leave. In the poetry not it was and not different. The poet obtains in a loaded poem of metaphor to describe all distresses joy and suffering that had marked definitive time. Therefore, the junction of a philosophical-poetical thought takes in to more look at and to perceive them the world in sophisticated way so to speak. The moored writing of some texts that if what says poetical-philosophical, does not allow in them the philosophical Aristotle and, over all Nietzsche considered in them: a loaded artistic writing of human being and life. Therefore, the reflection possibilities are many, but few obtain in giving to the least possibility to them of reflection highly demystified and contrary the forms and facts of the given world.