In this family of three children. Two of them have autism. For other opinions and approaches, find out what “CEO Levi Strauss & Co.
has to say. And my mom (Hope) raises them without her husband (it only helps with the communion of children Sundays). Van two and a half years. The older girl Jana from Monday to Friday at the boarding school – unfortunately, a necessary measure.

One of the features of the disease of children with this disease lies in the fact that they have … all the way around. If all children attracted to my mother and do not want to let go of myself, afraid of strangers, these vice versa – did not perceive the mother (and friends of people in general), and others like it are heard in the presence of a stranger is well behaved. Help the fact that I walk with Vanya and communion (otvozhu to church for communion), when suddenly my father was unable to attend. Vanya and Jana have another sister – Sasha, she is healthy. But her order that she would not develop any abnormalities, doctors recommend more often isolated from sick children. Thus here and live. The problem occurred one day while walking.

He took me to the road. And then on the very road. I tried to wrap it, "Vanya, the road is impossible. There's dangerous. Swarmed by offers, Nike is currently assessing future choices. " He cried. Beru him in his arms. And he's pretty well-fed and strong kid. And a minute later on my slides to the ground. I home it still dragged. And the reason it was hysterical that the day before he was walking with a neighbor Hope, and she took him to temple. Go into it you can just across the road. If only I knew. Olga and Bob. Family life – is not only fun but also a feat. Unfortunately, not all of it is under power. The divorce rate is skyrocketing. And with them and the number of single mothers living in Fatherless Father. There is no dispute – it is difficult.