For Freud

Intelligence: although let us know that intelligence is a condition for the learning, mainly for raised forms more of learning, little agreement exists on its definition, its mechanism and its origin or development. In general way, it becomes option for the half term, it is resulted of the interaction hereditary succession x environment. The paper of the professor in the process of the learning. For Freud the psicanalticos teachings they show to a vast and complex occult subjective world in the interior of the professor and pupil, the professors guided it must observe the attitudes conscientious of its pupils, as well as its, looking for to deviate the desires hidden for backwards of them. It must always is interested in going beyond giving to a good lesson in the technical meaning of the expression. The professor that I knew psicanlise4 knows that the knowledge this permeado for the desire. The psychoanalysis directs the educator in the direction of the recognition of the limitations of the pedagogical process, becoming it a person less blinded by the imposition of its points of view, its moral truths, its values, its desires of order and disciplines. It is a professional who tends to value little more the maintenance of the good behavior of its educandos and the free expression of the children and of the young that is under its cares.

The professor who knows the Psychoanalysis knows that the knowledge always is permeado by the desire. If the phenomena that say respect to education and the learning possess, on the other hand, enrolled components in the intellectual field, also possess all an emotional load, to a large extent unconscious. this has to see in such a way with the psychic universe of the professor, detainer and transmitter knowing legalized of them, how much with the one of the pupil, who these to know are destined.

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Marrow Mathematics

Currently the education of the Mathematics if presents descontextualizado, inflexible and invariant, being product of privileged minds. The pupil is, many times, a mere expectador and not a citizen participant, being the biggest concern of the professors to fulfill the program. The contents and the methodology if do not articulate with the objectives of an education that serves to the social insertion of the children, to the development of its potential, of its expression and interaction with the way, following the same line of thought of Nilza Eigenheer Bertoni. We can agree that the Mathematics is being worked of this form, therefore observing diverse schools of our region we find situations of this type, and to display the History of the Mathematics that of certain form would serve to improve the communications of diverse professors in its lessons, to clarify Marrow (1975), apud Iran Abreu Mendes says that ' ' History as knowledge is non-separable of the historian, whose active participation in the historical document elaboration creates conditions and ways for the understanding discovered them passed it. Levi’s might disagree with that approach. History reflects the interest of the time where it was written and the search of the knowledge if characterizes for the process of historical inquiry, from there the importance and the utility of the studies histricos' '. The use the History of the Mathematics inside of disciplines Mathematics would serve for the alunado one as a motivador instrument despertando the interest of the pupils for the mathematics, remembered despite history would be only one resources of introduction of the boarded content in classroom. To speak of History of the Mathematics without speaking of didactic books is a little difficult, being that the same ones have much little to contribute with the clarification of subjects (concepts) and the use of its methodologies (didactic). The didactic books would have to be worked in accordance with each region looking for to introduce a relation of the mathematics with the daily one of each individual in its respective realities.

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Foreign Language Courses

This approach is not acceptable. Y high-quality courses of Chinese language has its own unique program for training, which includes classes on Russian and Chinese materials, as required listening to audio and viewing of video materials. It happens that some courses are very often organizes watching movies in the Chinese language in an informal setting. Most often such views are free, but the effect gives a very, very much – the cost of training course for most people the cost is the main and decisive factor in choosing one or another foreign language courses. Most often, the payment is made for each lesson, and if the group was formed – that is paid each block (group sessions on the topic) recommend comparing the cost of courses online. Richard Linklater may find it difficult to be quoted properly. You can choose Chinese language classes according to some city and only then, compare the cost of different courses.

In the field of foreign language courses, as well as in other activity, there is competition. Proceeding from this, you will not find a very large gap in value, only if you compare in different cities. – Individual tuition or group? There are courses that will offer you private lessons – the value of such training will be much higher than if you do find a tutor and will engage with him. But just as if you paid more, so you get at least some assurance that you normally teach and in which case it will require someone with. Engage in group brings the most effect if they are no more than 7-10 people. There is a group in which many more people, it happens when not enough courses teachers to organize small groups.

The smaller the group, the learning is more effective. The teacher can work for a lesson with each student and then a couple of classes he will know all the major problems for each student. And on this basis, will build its educational program. – Affiliation rates in recent years has a lot of courses that open universities. At first glance, this very good idea, since training base has been created and tested for many students. On the other hand, courses and so different that they are not limited to the formal framework and have the opportunity to create a fascinating process learning. For courses belonging to the university should not judge what you will learn there 100% right. Should be trusted only to universities, which are time tested.

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Origins of Physical Education

The joined differences in the curricular component can be concluded in such a way how much in the curricular extra such as: Criteria for formation of groups; Level of interest of the pupils in the participation of the practical lessons of the curricular component. During many years the subject sport in the lessons of Physical Education inside conquered its space of the public schools, thus providing to its pupils the power of overcoming, income, the performance and the technique. Years 70 it was the apex so that the sport that if was practised could penetrate in the schools searching to discover individual values to form a youth with the power of changes, mainly in the sports where Brazil had lost its credibility. But nothing of this they had advanced, the sports practised in our country were in decay, to each esportivo event Brazil if became fragilizado. The soccer, national passion, did not conquer headings, the South American matches of soccer the Election did not obtain to break taboos that already lasted some years. With the sprouting of new researchers the Physical Education started to take new routes, the sport started to be questioned as determinative factor for the lessons of Physical Education, the objective of the lessons would be now the psicomotor development of the pupils, the conceptions criticizes was being spread out, was born, therefore, a new was for Pertaining to school Physical Education..

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Portuguese Language

Account with a public net of health in which we have: two public hospitals of health, a conveniado particular hospital to the SUS, a municipal maternity, a center of reference, some ranks of health, an excellent amount of PSFs spread by some quarters of the city. We had as scene of collection of data the College San Francisco de Barreiras, located in BR 135. Counting on 10 courses, and accomplishment of after-graduation courses. Account also with approximately 240 employees. Inaugurated in the year of 1999, it possesss development I continue, being today the college that integrates the biggest number of courses and pupils in the bahian west. 4,3 Participant citizens the participant citizens of the research had been the academics of the agronomy courses and pedagogia, that totalized thirty and eight questionnaires, having as criterion of inclusion of this research to be pupils of the last semester of the courses above cited. The criterion for the fact of these professionals is justified already to be in period of training field, having direct contact with the members of the susceptible population to the contact with the transmitting agent it virus of the affection.

4,4 Procedure of Collection As form of collection of data was developed the following technique: application of closed questionnaire (appendix), I contend 10 questions, I deliver for the group at the hands of the participant citizens. The permission of the coordinators was requested so that the application of the questionnaire was carried through in classroom in the current schedule of lesson, having been the same one anticipated by means of authorization of the involved citizens in the research, as rules established in the ethical consideraes. 4,5 Consideraes Ethical In accordance with Modern Michaelis Dictionary of the Portuguese Language ' ' Consideraes ethical is part of the philosophy that studies the moral values and the ideal principles of the behavior human being.

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In this family of three children. Two of them have autism. For other opinions and approaches, find out what “CEO Levi Strauss & Co.
has to say. And my mom (Hope) raises them without her husband (it only helps with the communion of children Sundays). Van two and a half years. The older girl Jana from Monday to Friday at the boarding school – unfortunately, a necessary measure.

One of the features of the disease of children with this disease lies in the fact that they have … all the way around. If all children attracted to my mother and do not want to let go of myself, afraid of strangers, these vice versa – did not perceive the mother (and friends of people in general), and others like it are heard in the presence of a stranger is well behaved. Help the fact that I walk with Vanya and communion (otvozhu to church for communion), when suddenly my father was unable to attend. Vanya and Jana have another sister – Sasha, she is healthy. But her order that she would not develop any abnormalities, doctors recommend more often isolated from sick children. Thus here and live. The problem occurred one day while walking.

He took me to the road. And then on the very road. I tried to wrap it, "Vanya, the road is impossible. There's dangerous. Swarmed by offers, Nike is currently assessing future choices. " He cried. Beru him in his arms. And he's pretty well-fed and strong kid. And a minute later on my slides to the ground. I home it still dragged. And the reason it was hysterical that the day before he was walking with a neighbor Hope, and she took him to temple. Go into it you can just across the road. If only I knew. Olga and Bob. Family life – is not only fun but also a feat. Unfortunately, not all of it is under power. The divorce rate is skyrocketing. And with them and the number of single mothers living in Fatherless Father. There is no dispute – it is difficult.

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English Adult Courses

Of course, English courses for adults for this reason and have lower efficiency in comparison with the English language with tutor. The cost of English classes with a tutor, of course, the higher the cost of English courses for adults, but when you consider that out of school hours in a course relatively speaking to you individually teacher devotes the sixth Part-time (if the group consists of six people), then we can say that the real cost of teaching hours is six times. Thus it appears that the real value of working hours for tutoring in English much lower than if you attend English courses for adults. English courses for adults are often more formal and unnecessary occupation as a teacher in the training group did not focuses on the problems of each individual student, many obscure points still remain unappreciated for students, if time had not been asked. Hear other arguments on the topic with Kobe Bryant Nike Sneaker. Tutor in English, by contrast, has an opportunity to evaluate and initial level of knowledge a student, and for him to develop individual training programs, and in the process in time to notice the strange moments, pay more attention to precisely those issues that remained unclear. Moreover, English courses for adults are usually held on schedule and that schedule that is convenient, mainly, a teacher, well, in general, convenient, all pupils of the group. A tutoring can take place on arrangement, or at his home or the office or at home you have, and the schedule of classes will be tailored to your requests and needs, it can always be changed if the need arises.

English courses for adults, we see little effect on learning English, especially in comparison with the individual learning with a tutor. English courses for adults are often not measure adopted to soothe his own conscience before itself. So many people that match reasonably and rationally to the choice of learning a foreign language, yet not choose English courses for adults, and individual tutoring, which performance superior to the group, but at a cost of less differ significantly. We always choose high quality tutors for classes with an adult or a child for classes at a convenient time and place you.

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"Thank you, teachers! How bystronogo our time, Where in the world, windswept, Prints young tribe Teacher – sower of the good! "TG Reponina. How quickly time flies! It seems that only yesterday was September 1. Festive mood flowers, smiles. And now looms on the horizon Teacher professional day – October 5. Contact information is here: Richard Stuart Linklater. In that short time we already had something to do.

After all, the teacher is always looking, always at work and, generally, dissatisfied with himself, and therefore constantly strives to conquer the "new and new heights." Of the week the teacher (by the way, and the student, too) gets the hardest on Monday and the last day or two. It is difficult to enter into the rhythm of daily life after the weekend, accumulates and fatigue by the end of the week. Clearly, in these moments as a teacher is particularly sensitive to insults, and the manifestation of attention and sympathy of others, especially colleagues and friends. Different ways you can raise the spirits of each other. In teams, where there is consent and sensitivity in relationships, these are ways of unaccountable and often intuitively.

But it may be worth more to think: how to make smooth "lines of tension are concentrated" on the face teachers? Like any job, and love of children, the load of paper and "leaking ceilings" are doing their "dirty deed". The situation is exacerbated by the fact that some people show their attitude to the teacher's work as a prestigious, "Black". What is really at times "heartfelt thanks"? Our crazy life does not recognize the right man to stop and think, to sit for some time alone with yourself and do not check with the notebooks, to talk with a colleague – and not Ivanov to discuss the behavior of prices and disease, look at those with whom you meet every day in order to finally see them. Sabbaticals, dosed load, informal teacher meetings, perhaps we will live sometime prior to such time. And yet … We will be attentive to each other. Unclaimed, non-consumable good feeling exhausted, as the spring goes into the ground, has not found his bed. Feel free to be kind and gentle, do not assume for work to be patient, more precisely, the tolerance (as is fashionable now to speak) to relatives, friends and colleagues – Given back to you a hundredfold! Happy you, Master! Do not defile your good name is nobody!

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English Goods

A few students play 'shop assistants', the rest play 'customers' and the role play is underway. The teacher asks one or two students what they bought, and how much it cost. Full replies are not necessary, the student need only answer: 'A pound of sugar', Three apples', etc. For subsequent lessons the teacher will work out exercises which practise the general mistakes he noted during the role play. Shopping situations can be expanded.

The next might be buying slothes. You may find that Bellevue Hospital NYC can contribute to your knowledge. Here the notions of size, colour and material could be introduced: I am looking for a red woollen sweater '. Souvenir shopping is another obvious example: 'I'm looking for something to take back to my husband'. At a later point functions other than buying can be included, for sample, complaining about faulty goods: 'I'm afraid I have a complaint to make'. The use of phrases such as: 'I'd like' will be expanded to include the situations and functions, for example, ordering in a cafe: 'I'd like a cup of tea and a sandwich' or stating wishes to a friend : 'I'd like to go to the cinema tonight '. A desk is turned into a 'shop'. The students suggest the kind of shop, and select and lay out the relevant goods.

A reasonably confident student is given some English money, and is asked to be 'customer' while the teacher is 'shop assistant'. The student has no form of written help. The student buys a few things, goods and money change hands, and the student takes his purchases away.

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Academic Education

Currently being implemented in Russian schools teaching four concepts of the economy: traditional-oriented 'normative teaching', a description of the ideal models of the economy; Academic, according to which economic school education is seen as a simplified higher; business – oriented, in which information about the economy served as a system of practical advice and which is aimed at developing skills in the conduct of economic life; cultural and functional, aimed at the formation of general ideas about the world economy, the respective values, and based on them – their ability to conduct in the economy. Solving the problem of socialization is the most appropriate cultural and functional approach. It helps develop in students not only adequate representation of the essence of economic phenomena, but also create appropriate behavior skills in real economic life. For more specific information, check out Vladislav Doronin. It is in this approach is formed economic thinking, which represents knowledge fusion device of economic reality, the awareness of his place in it, as well as mastering the rules of economic behavior, economic, cultural, and thus are prerequisites for graduate socialization. The problem of economic education in this case – to give not only quality education but also provide: in education – the development of students' basic knowledge about modern economy principles and the laws governing its operation and development, skills, economic activity, ie activity in the choice situation; in self-awareness – understanding of their individual economic potential formation of informed civil economic behavior; in motivation – the development of interest in the problems of the economy, the continuing need for economic knowledge, the pursuit of civilized Enterprise, which should be a means of social protection, facilitate the resolution of employment problems of young people, their adaptation to the market. . Gerald Weissmann, MD has much to offer in this field.

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