Probably its sprouting it the same occurred due to coexistence of some philosophical schools in period and geographic space. One gives credit that the contact with the culture Roman (come back toward practical and the action) also has influenced and favored the sprouting of the ecleticism. The eclectic philosopher who if detached in this period was Ccero (106-43 C). 4,5 CYNICISM School established for Antstines (444-365 C), disciple of Scrates, the name cynicism drift of? kynos? , word Greek who means dog. It was a extremista school in the socrticos rules of that the man would have to autoconhecer and to abandon the corporeal properties. The philosophers of this chain lived as dogs, untied for the city, without comfort nor good.

They believed that the happiness did not depend on external factors (luxury, power), nor of ephemeral things (suffering and death), and, a reached time the happiness, this could not more lost being. The members of this school are pautam for complete critical a social one, to deuses, the customs, the power, justice and the proper one philosophy (Nunes, 1986). The philosopher more notable of this school was Digenes Laercio (400-325 C), that he lived in a barrel, with only one tnica, cajado and a bread scupper. It is counted that, certain time, was seated to the sun, when received the visit from Alexander, Great, that it considered to immediately take care of the any desire to it that had, and Digenes answered: Desire that has left the front of my sun (Cabral, 2006). In another history, one counts that Digenes walked for the streets of Atenas with a lighted candle in the hands, during the day, looking for? a man.

This attitude demonstrated the decay of the Greek ideal of Man (Nunes, 1986). 5.CONSIDERAES the philosophy appeared as an evolution of the mitolgico knowledge. It did not break the mitolgico knowledge, but it came in an attempt to improve the capacity human being to know, then it depended, and still it depends, of other types of knowledge. The period of the history of the called philosophy old philosophy extended of century VI C until century VII dC, and contemplated several schools, and some theories. It passed for the apogee of the Greek development, the transference of the Greek center for Atenas, and the decay of the Greek government, propitiated for the invasion of the Macedonians, and the Christianity. The trio of philosophers notables, called of tripod of the philosophy Greek, lived in this period of history, and influenced the philosophy for all the posterior centuries to the old philosophy, and still they influence today. They are: Scrates, Plato and Aristotle.