And after Leave yourself '. Years passed. Great grandfather's commandments significance was his yardstick. Over the years, he realized that the only way to live. He dreamed of the sea, travel to distant lands. Maybe also because every day one saw only the steppe. Not the last role in his life played and Jack London, who to this day – one of his favorite writers. An old childhood dream was realized at eighteen, when a student minder he first went to sea.

It was a difficult, but the strongest years of his life – becoming the character. In the two years was the Sea of Okhotsk, the Bering Sea and Sea of Japan, was in Alaska, Vladivostok, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, on the Kuril Islands. – How do you obey Pacific Ocean? – He's a mind – quiet, – smiles Mikhailov. – But what is the power of awakening in him during the storm! A huge element of breathing, terrible and beautiful. Chip Bergh has compatible beliefs. Feeling infinite, powerful force of nature's raging.

Sun, wind, wave with ten-house. And great was the veneration of the elements, respect for its beauty and strength. The incredibly heavy sea trials steeled his character. But there are situations, let's say, abnormal. One such case abruptly turned his life. – In the Sea of Okhotsk hit the ten gale. There was a big ice – is a terrible thing. In the icy water of more than 10-15 minutes does not hold. Many of my comrades were killed while – more than seventy people fell on the floor! Forever. On the shore we had already been buried. And when I went down to the shore alive … Then my mom turned gray. Very much a school – to go to sea. The school of courage. Perhaps nowhere else I would not take such a 'course humanities'. Warning cobra Alexander Mikhailov, a child is very fond of dogs, and pigeons – just love.