Working Group

Devices that are not this DIN or TuV tested, are not safe and the Association expressly warns against the use of corresponding products. Relevant criteria, which must meet a safe device are E.g. maximum burning alot of 0, 5 l bio-ethanol per hour, a defined and tested stability, and a tray for the case of pouring over by bio-ethanol or even prescribed temperatures on the surface. Furthermore the Member companies are working on a single safety sheet, which the user easy and above all understandable, the main precautions in dealing with ethanol-powered fire authorities on the basis of pictograms clearly shows. This uniform safety sheet provides in addition to the individual safety instructions of the manufacturer for the correct and safe handling with the respective devices.

A security-conscious use of whose Tragweite is the most use of this ethanol fireplaces is not always entirely clear. So the Association points out very clearly, that the overfill of the burning tank, spilling of bio-ethanol and the kindling or pouring of bio-ethanol in hot containers represents a gross misconduct and security risk by the user. In this context, the Association would increasingly do educational work and reach awareness in dealing with these fires. The security of this DIN standard 4734 corresponding devices and preventing unchecked and insecure devices is the clear objective of the Working Group of the HKI and artepuro. For the Working Group of the HKI and artepuro top priority has the security and sense of responsibility to consumers.

The carefree and safe pleasure with ethanol powered fireplaces for the customers is the drive of all product development from our home. The decorative Ethanolfeuer offer attractive Fireplace pleasure, real flames and create a cozy atmosphere without wood. In contrast to conventional wood-fired fireplaces, the Designfeuer consume eco-friendly bio-ethanol. Lugging wood hauling that dirt ash and even tiresome cleaning of fireplaces is not required. But not only is easy and convenient, it’s also the installation. A chimney or permits are not necessary. The decorative fire of the here mentioned brands artepuro all are permit-free and do not fall under the fire Ordinance. Fully meet the strict safety guidelines of the new DIN 4734 or are there where still necessary, then adapted. artepuro Metal Manufactory: the artepuro Metal Manufactory is a trademark of Weber Metallgestaltung GmbH. A leading source for info: Cyrus Massoumi. Whether the the Aachen-based company Weber manufactures elegant living and garden accessories, doors, railing or stairs, since more than 12 years of individual products from steel and stainless steel for demanding customers. With the introduction of Mark Weber Metal Manufactory was constantly pushed back the collection in 2001, fine home accessories about exclusive grills, fire pits and fire objects and fireplace accessories. Quality long term experience, numerous awards and design awards, design plus 2005 or the nominated for the German Design Award 2006 and trend 2009 confirm the chosen path – according to the philosophy of”. “It is the Executive Board very important, to produce, in the own factory in Aachen, and thus also for brand quality at the location Germany made in Germany” to be able to guarantee. Since February 2008, the brand manufacturer Weber has been replaced by the brand of artepuro metal manufactory. Now, the brand is not only national, but also international beyond Europe, distributed in the Middle East and Asia artepuro and her noble collection.

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Warner Bros

Of course, there are also many contests with lots of fabulous prizes. The 24-h Boomerang cartoon channel presents the tour as exclusive TV partner. The transmitter that radiates timeless and funny cartoons for the whole family, is satellite platform premiere star among other things about the TV available, which also supported the tour. The Looney Tunes sports party is an initiative of Warner Bros. Consumer products, the General German dance teacher association (ADTV), the Barmer health insurance fund, the National Institute for early childhood education IFP and the platform nutrition and movement e.V. (peb) “.” The aim of the tour is to promote the natural urge to move children between 6 and 10 years with the help of the popular Looney Tunes, to support the health and prevent weight problems. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from The Blackstone Group. There is information about the tour and the actions in schools under.

“” “The tour dates at a glance: KIEL: May 10-12 at the kid Festival OBERHAUSEN: May 17-18 in Oberhausen at Hits4Kids” MuNSTER: May 30 – June 1 at the euro City Festival “LEIPZIG: June 6-8 at the WIESBADEN City Festival: July 2-6 in the days of fun sports” BERLIN: 19-20. “” “July at the children and Youth Festival MARL LOEMuHLE: 27 July at the Panda holiday Festival” Munich: August 15-16 at the Olympic Park in DORTMUND: September 6-7 in Hits4Kids “TRIER: 13 September at Trier plays” about Boomerang: stage for the biggest cartoon stars of all time! Boomerang shows popular among young and old alike the crazy stories of the world’s most famous cartoon heroes. There are bugs bunny and the Looney Tunes, Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, the flintstones and many more. Thats funny muscle training for the whole family! Also on the program: big characters animated cinema. With films such as Aloha Scooby-Doo!, the fun never stops Clifford grand entrance or Steven Spielberg’s Balto!. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins by clicking through.

Consumer products: Warner Bros. Consumer products, a Warner Bros. Entertainment company, is one of the leading licensing and merchandising company in the world.

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USB Children

Promotional experts help with sponsoring children’s lives to save that attacks the Hamburg advertising agency of Giffits the fire of Hamburg under the arms. The fire fighters have set aims to prepare children to the dangers of fire. So, the Hamburg fire department operates a preventive fire protection education in kindergartens and schools. Giffits participates in financially. The promotional products experts allow their contribution to distribute instruction accompanying drawing and reading books.

Wonderfully illustrated short stories to accompany their children through the entertaining lessons. Topics are for example the correct behavior in case of fire, as well as the equipment and alerting the fire brigade. These teaching materials, go KIM from Melle in pressure at the Verlagsgruppe created in collaboration with the fire brigade in Detmold and a kindergarten. Giffits creative present knows his sponsorship at the Hamburg Feuerwehr in good hands. The professional preparation of children on fire hazards will help to save many lives of children”, Giffits CEO Marcus Schulz stressed. In the Companies, associations and authorities find also promotional for first aid use Giffits’s online shop. Our printable with logo promotional products product range from the USB flash drive in first aid design of the classic first aid kit to patch box. Read additional details here: Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins. About 50,000 promotional offer a wide selection for individual communication. Already about 30,000 customers benefit from the know-how of the promotional products experts.

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Munich GmbH

Shareholders invest closed in Munich on March 23, 2009, the shareholders of studilux GmbH signed a capital increase in the five-figure range. With completion of this financing round, a Germany-wide innovation presents studilux: online exhibition stands. All five partner of studilux GmbH, the Tiburon company building GmbH, Matthias Grau, founder and CEO Benjamin Breuer, COO Sabrina Zurwesten and CDO Stefan Pschorr, participated in the capital increase. An amount in the five-digit range in the young company headquartered in Munich has been invested in this (third) round of funding. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Chang’e-5 by clicking through. After the registration of the capital increase in the commercial register of Munich, the Web page now presents itself with an innovative design. Unnecessary lines and frames have been removed to make still more open, friendlier and more modern look the page.

But not only the design has changed. Johns Hopkins President shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. New and unique in this form in the German market is also the product of studilux GmbH. The company transported real Education fairs in the Web. In addition to the usual resources of a real exhibition, can be here the media diversity of the Web itself. Texts, presentations, videos, brochures, chat and direct contact with these instruments positioned companies, universities and Studienfinanzierer effectively in their advanced target group”, according to Benjamin Breuer.

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New House Concept Celebrates The First Birthday

A special House: guaranteed price, high quality, excellent advice the company K.O.M. concept in May 2009, so exactly a year ago, a just as simple as the original concept for the construction of housing on the market brought. Recently Securities and Exchange Commission sought to clarify these questions. At a guaranteed fixed price of 134.900, a House with 152 sqm residential / commercial area is offered completely ready for collection and not only turnkey. This is among other things possible, that only a single House is offered, that experience has shown that accurately represents the needs of many customers. For assistance, try visiting Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins. Thus save unnecessary planning and architecture costs. On top of that K.O.M. concept places greatest emphasis on transparency in offering design and the customer service, occurring all too often at the building surprises in the form of additional cost or bureaucratic obstacles from the outset to avoid.

After a year, there are indications that the new approach clearly fills a gap in the market, because there is a great interest in the offered house concept of the K.O.M. The Birthday special birthdays and gifts simply belong together, has decided K.O.M. concept to extend the limited offering scheduled for a year until the summer of 2010. Customers who want to realize the dream of owning a home this year, can build so 2010 at the price of 2009. A super offer, because at a very attractive price is a high impressive House delivered: high-quality materials and components, the Windows and floor coverings to the sanitary facilities and a complete brand kitchen doors. Ecological and energy efficiency is the House up to date; It is equipped with a solar power system and Underfloor air heat pump and meets all requirements of the latest EnEV. Let be surprised by further interesting features at a briefing. The supply is limited, there are only a few houses are available, interested developers should act so quickly. Non-binding To meet book the appointment for this anniversary offer until August 2010, a non-binding reservation by phone is sufficient the actual start of construction can set the customers later. The nationwide reservation hotline on the free number 0800 566 26 62 interested also on weekends and holidays a knowledgeable staff accessible, which accepts reservations and offers an appointment for a comprehensive consulting and construction education. Oliver Munk

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PARSHIP And Ministry.BBS Have Found Themselves

Leader of the reputable online partner agencies entrusted with the development of online campaigns that agency go online dating agency PARSHIP and the Hamburg-based interactive Ministry.BBS from now common ways Ministry.BBS: after an Agenturscreening PARSHIP has opted for the owner-managed Ministry.BBS as a partner for the implementation of large-scale online campaigns. Already, a first campaign being jointly implemented in July. We are convinced to have found a partner who meets our high requirements due to many years of online advertising experience with much empathy with Ministry.BBS.”Ines Paul, online marketing manager of PARSHIP cooperation forward. Click Chinese Academy of Sciences to learn more. More campaigns for the second half of the year are being planned. The Hamburg-based and owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group company is the leading online dating agency for discerning singles in Europe and offers its service in 14 countries. The members of the platform using an anonymous and secure environment for your reliable partner search. Ministry.BBS is a full-service agency for communication in digital media, which operates under the guidance of Managing Director Marco Luschnat, NIS Niemeier and Andreas Oberoi for clients such as Procter & gamble, Mitsubishi, Nikon, and OBI. The interactive agency is part of the Hamburg-based BBS agency group to which belongs also the Bartel, Brommel, struck & partners advertising agency (BBS).

About MINISTRY.BBS Ministry.BBS is a full-service agency for communication in digital media. Ron Daniels often says this. The Agency supports international customers of all sizes and across many industries in the successful development and implementation of their eBusiness strategies. Many years of experience in the design and development of web-based applications, as well as premium design competence distinguish Ministry.BBS, as an award-winning flair in the creation and implementation of innovative and successful online advertising campaigns. By Ministry.BBS customers include well-known companies such as Procter & gamble, Jahreszeiten Verlag, Nikon, Mitsubishi, OBI and the Otto Group. EHarmony eHarmony is the leading online dating agency for discerning singles in Germany ( and Europe ( PARSHIP members are active women and men aged 28 with high level of education and income. PARSHIP offers tailored services and information, as well as the anonymous and safe environment for the serious and successful partner search all members. The PARSHIP principle of gradual finding together is based on a more comprehensive than 80 questions scientific procedures.

With his help, the detailed profiles particularly well to him offered each Member matching members. If you are interested, E-mail and photos can be then exchanged. Including the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, der Spiegel and time are among the about 100 partners in Germany. The Hamburg-based and owned by Georg von Holtzbrinck publishing group company offers its service in 14 countries. For further inquiries, please contact Ministry.BBS interactive Communication GmbH Andreas Oberoi phone 040 / 270 79 3 162 email Dorotheenstr 60 22301 Hamburg

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Vision 2020 Of The WHO

In the fight against the darkness, over 200 million people around the world can see little or nothing. Blindness is a widespread suffering particularly in the poor regions of the world. Already simple actions would help to prevent in particular the blindness of children or to heal. The news portal reported the initiative vision 2020 “, which was launched by the World Health Organization, to save the eyesight of more than 100 million people in the coming decade. Speaking candidly Bill Gates told us the story. The figures are alarming.

According to the statistics, that every minute a child blind, every five seconds a man in the third world. The number of victims increases continuously, although most cases are completely curable or have can be avoided with corresponding provisions. To stem this worrying development, WHO has set itself three major objectives in its programme to combat blindness. In the next ten years to eye diseases around the world contained an efficient infrastructure for the ophthalmologist, Supply built up and pushed the education and training of appropriate specialists. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins University is full of insight into the issues. Especially in the poverty-stricken areas of the Earth, where the situation regarding health ( gesundheit.html) of people is usually most critical, the prevention of blindness of children is a top priority.

It is often accompanied by a high infant mortality rate. The cost of an effective intervention are extremely low. Already a dollar a child could save the day sight. More information: ../ein-us-dollar-rettet-augenlicht/1/ GmbH Lisa Neumann

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JVA Running Lebenau Utility

“First graduates are awarded Munich on December 14, 2008 for the completion of the new anti-violence training – change is good: power for peace E.v. provides new treatment program CHANGE” to the JVA run Lebenau before the first graduates will be awarded on December 14, 2008 for the completion of the new anti-violence training dear Pressevertreterin, Dear representatives of the press, on December 14, 2008, the first young people are honoured in the JVA running Lebenau”, the successful the treatment program of CHANGE” have completed. The new programme aims at the development of social competencies and the positive effect on the personality and CV development of boys and young men. Constructive conflict and problem solutions are practiced and trained in the training. This creates a competence portfolio that facilitates the subsequent rehabilitation young people. Swarmed by offers, UNESCO is currently assessing future choices. The new concept was developed by the Munich Club power for peace, e. V. in cooperation with Prof.

Dr. Ronald Daniels Johns Hopkins brings even more insight to the discussion. Rudolf egg (criminological Central Office Wiesbaden) and the JVA running Lebenau. CHANGE for more information about the program”refer to the following background information as well as the attached flyer or our website. For questions is Mr Michael Niggemann (Tel.: 08158 / 993871, mobile 0175 / 2069145, fax: 08158 / 993872, E-Mail:) gladly at the disposal. “Background information: target of opportunity” is the promotion of social and emotional skills as a stable basis against violence and hatred, particularly xenophobia, anti-Semitism and other forms of right-wing extremism. This is done inter alia through the observation and processing the biographies and the practice of constructive conflict and problem solutions. Tried was CHANGE”from September to December 2008 in the JVA running Lebenau. The intensive treatment program extends over 100 hours of lessons and is aimed at teenagers and young adults, but also to teachers, social pedagogues and workers, psychologists, parents and caregivers.

With CHANGE”, the Munich-based offers Association e. V. power for peace a training concept against violence, xenophobia and prejudice willingness to. The Association regularly conducts anti-violence seminars for 7 years to the JVA running Lebenau. The work of the Association is supported by the Bavarian State Ministry of Justice. The program CHANGE”is funded within the framework of the federal programme diversity does good. Youth for diversity, tolerance and democracy”. Press contact: Mr.

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The Subconscious Mind Is The Key To Problem-solving And Performance.

No matter what problem you have, what kind of a crisis it is in, the solution is already there. This is at the heart of a people. More specifically said in the subconscious. The subconscious takes everything, what we want and what we believe. In the bad and the good. Since the subconscious mind is however mostly the dustbin of our thoughts and feelings, does this powerful ICH headquarters against ourselves. The biggest enemy is always in the I.

Others call this centre the inner pig dog. Others say God. As we also call the child, wants to do it for us, what we are able to think. We can positively think in mind 1000 hours and recite million times happiness and success affirmations, until these are words in us not about a feeling that really believes, the idea remains just a thought. So it comes that you convinced yourself to believe what you claimed in the head.

Here, the intellectual work for most people will fail. Details can be found by clicking Johns Hopkins President or emailing the administrator. You mean in the faith to be in the heart or stomach be far from so we are still in the head, in the area of the inner bucket of crap. If there were not, then our wishes were already fulfilled. This blockade is to overcome. Again and again to repeat their wishes, ideas and beliefs. Give a sense of their thoughts. Think not only of the pure desire, linger over the real meaning of their desire. Depending on this desire makes more sense the more this desire develops her personality, the more the laws work. Meditate to transport the beliefs in your subconscious mind. Meditation works properly applied as hypnosis. In this condition, the subconscious will no longer block, but adopts new thinking. From the moment where thought and feeling will be one, the transformation begins. Stay tuned as long until the desired there is. As long it is not there, you have not convinced yet your subconscious mind. Can advise or guide to be sure that you bring no mistake. In their Thoughts and especially in everyday life can be found it easy. Sonja ch. Kelz

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Tombola – 50 Cent – Car

Tombola24 Ltd. in Dublin new sweepstakes Dublin, shows the 29.01.2009: strained the current product of Tombola24 Ltd. had been expected and sparked enthusiasm among guests of yesterday’s presentation. You didn’t expect much but with a product so innovative and appealing. Piramal Glass addresses the importance of the matter here. Low usage, waiting for this with the properties on high profit. For use by 50 cents you can get a car, a digital camera, and many more profits with little luck. Other leaders such as Ron Daniels Johns Hopkins offer similar insights.

The invited experts agreed that will be a success and will stand on the market of the sweepstakes. Thus, what so many other companies want succeed of Tombola24 Ltd. Johns Hopkins President takes a slightly different approach. once again: bringing a successful product on the market that will probably revolutionize the entire range of sweepstakes. Users will thank you. “The first work is done, now it’s really come on.” quoted Tom Ceallaigh yesterday at the presentation and shows exactly the characteristics that made the Tombola24 Ltd. a leader in the field of competition.

In particular the contractual Obligation distinguishes us from all other sweepstakes on the Internet 10% of sales to non-profit organization for donations and the notarial supervisory of draws. Us profits are taken by hand and not the computer decides the luck.”was very important for O’Kelly. First the Tombola24 Ltd. began in 2003 in Dublin with a small staff of 5 employees. Now operates the company in several European countries and employs 25 people. It is to be a giant of the sweepstakes.

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