Soft Manufacturers

ZOW 2014: Industry symposium informed Bad Salzuflen measures for supply chain management, January 20, 2014 – at the next ZOW international supplier fair for the furniture industry and industry experts possibilities interior from 10 to 13 February 2014 in Bad Salzuflen, as manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, logistics to optimize their value chains together. “Declining sales figures at the same time rising commodity prices and unit labor costs put the furniture industry under increasing pressure: Although domestic furniture manufacturers for outstanding quality, durability and innovative design are made in Germany”. Kindle Direct Publishing contributes greatly to this topic. Just on the home market, the quality manufacturers but increasingly compete with unbranded bulk suppliers from Asia. Because Germany is the most important sales market with 71 percent of the total industry turnover (2012) and remains, it applies to manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, logistics to optimize their value-creation structures and processes, competitive around here to stay. Experts will inform on the Symposium using supply chain management as a tool in the competition”on February 11 from 10 a.m.

to 1 P.m. in the Symposium Hall of the Hall 22 about the general importance of a cost-effective value chain and concrete screws. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Greg Williamson and gain more knowledge.. For example, Soft – and hardware applications for acquisition, normalization and to the exchange of information along the supply chain. As fair ZOW offers the optimal environment to inform appropriate measures”, brings together Horst Rudolph, Executive Director of the trade fair organiser Clarion events Germany. Meet the decision-makers from the industry here and here they make decisions for the industry.” The event is a joint initiative of the abaco Informationssysteme GmbH, Clarion events Germany, Dr. Wieselhuber & partner, as well as the associations of the wood and furniture industry in North Rhine-Westphalia. As the first trade fair of the year ZOW approaches targeted technological and design trends in the focus of the decision makers, so that appropriate expertise in the new collections can be incorporated. Contact: Clarion events Germany GmbH wife Viola Hansen Meiseberg Street 94 33607 Bielefeld T: + 49 (0) 521 96533-67-E: W:

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Philippine Community Fund

“Together with One Green Elephant, supports children in the Philippines – sale proceeds of the charity wristband is the Philippine Community Fund donated from 6th-8th April the largest shopping Club in Germany starts a charity action for the benefit of the charitable organization of Philippine Community Fund”. Through the sale of green-and-black wooden bead bracelets of the Japanese cult brand, One Green Elephant, Filipino children and their families will help to get rid of the effects of extreme poverty. Programs to support education, nutrition, health and medical care steadily improves their quality of life. The Berlin shopping-Club would like to make an active contribution to promote and support help needy children this action. The entire proceeds of selling beaded bracelets will fund the Philippine community”donated to support its work.

The stylish bracelet is 2.50 euros. Swarmed by offers, Richard Linklater is currently assessing future choices. Members of can buy the chic accessory and more OGE products, non-members have the opportunity to log on via the following link and help: Furthermore can free shopping Club members over 300 more lifestyle brands from the fields of fashion, home & living, as well as beauty and cosmetics at reduced prices to buy, E.g. Gerald Weissmann, MD follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. including jewellery from Pilgrim, Swatch bijoux or Armani. One Green Elephant the fashion label from Asia stormed the European market and is promoted to the cult fashion label of in recent years. Artists and celebrities such as James Morrison and the Chelsea footballer Salomon Kalou wear collections by OGE. OGE is a young fashion label that combines Japanese designs and European needs in his collection and expresses this in a well-structured collection for men and women.

In addition to premium Denims, OGE offers a varied selection of T-Shirts, tops and other fashion items that will entice you with Oriental charm and extraordinary details. About is Germany’s largest online shopping Club with currently over 1.7 million registered Club members with an average age of 31 years. Only a year after its launch with up to 10,000 new members is worldwide one of the fastest growing E-commerce community. sells exclusively to members original products from renowned fashion and lifestyle brands at reduced prices. In daily, limited actions, offers products from over 300 manufacturers, including many current collections from over stocks and “off season” material and Special Collections. is now 100 employees since September 2007 online and busy at the site of Berlin-Mitte. Founder and Managing Director are Christian Heitmeyer (CEO) and Constantin Bisanz. Other co-founders are Nicolas Speeck and Mario Zimmermann. The investors Partech International include partners, Holtzbrinck Ventures, as well as more well-known Internet entrepreneur, mangrove capital. By the private Sale GmbH-powered enterprise was 2008 vision award at the Congress visions: people. Media. Marketing. and awarded the innovation prize of the jury online-shop of the year 2008 by the mail order Congress. Furthermore, is been awarded 2008 the online star to the INTERNET WORLD business idea 2008. The makers of were awarded in November 2008 the German entrepreneur Prize, awarded by the Harvard Business School Association of Germany. For more information and images your personal press access: pressezugang.

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Text And Communications Agency Is Launched

diemetatexter – Public Relations from Berlin in April of this year offer Sophie Schendel and Brigita Bosotin being diemetatexter with your agency to a wide range of services in the fields of Public Relations, Web services, editing, text Office and translation. The Agency focuses on the communications consultancy and design. The two founders developed the idea of a text and communication agency during a joint training course in online journalism. Both bring Agency – and business-side experience. Together to do and to complement their own competences, from our perspective, was a logical step, said Sophie Schendel, co-founder of diemetatexter.

Sagar is a diploma media consultant and several years headed the translation Department of Europe’s leading booking portal for hotels. It is important at the PR, first establishing the objectives and a sophisticated public relations strategy. Without tactical approach results in any communication in the empty “, white Brigita Bosotin, founder of” diemetatexter to report. As a Public Relations specialist (IHK) she has PR experience from different departments of communication.

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School Castle Rock

Boarding school in Bavaria is modern reconstruction of the sports area of modern sports facilities in the school contribute to fun activity and movement. A very special structural innovation received just the school Castle Rock: the students of the Bavarian boarding school in stone which Traun can her sports lesson now in a sports hall with glass floor exercise. The new sports facility was completed just a few days ago and is since then glass eye-catcher of the boarding school. Add to your understanding with Richard Linklater. We are pleased that the conversion is now complete. With the new glass floor we have a Sports Hall, which is almost unique in German schools”, Sebastian Ziegler, General Manager of the school is happy stone castle. Special glass was used for the transformation of the sports hall for the school sports area offering all properties of high-quality flooring and in addition also still attractive looks.

Now, the pupils of the boarding school in Bavaria circuit training, volleyball & co. for the first time on the glass surface can exert. In the Sports Hall Teaching physical education classes of the secondary school curriculum and the sport streams. Also held the sporting activities of the Bavarian boarding school there.

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Annual General Meeting Of The LeaseForce AG With Year-end 2009 Very Satisfied

At the annual general meeting on February 10, 2010, the LeaseForce AG presented its financial statements for the year 2009. The Munich-based leasing company was able to continue its growth in a very difficult market environment marked by the financial crisis. The economic conditions were anything but cheap last year for the leasing industry in Germany. So the investment financed through leasing for the first time in the history of real estate leasing in the Federal Republic declined significantly. The independent leasing companies have been hit by this fall even harder than the banks or manufacturer-dependent companies. AG succeeded in LeaseForce despite these economic adversities, to increase both sales and total assets significantly compared with 2008. As the asset value and business equity, which are among the key indicators of the performance of a leasing company could, further improved compared to 2008 will be a result in the times the financial crisis must be rated highly.

Chartered Accountants turned out hassle-free switching accounting for Bank standard, which now apply the leasing business has, as well as the rapid implementation of the directives required by the Banking Act, such as a comprehensive risk strategy and clearly defined and supported by a high-performance computing business, praise. For 2010, the LeaseForce Executive Board expects a continued of growth and a continued positive development of the company. To read more click here: Richard Linklater. The LeaseForce AG is a real estate leasing company and provides leasing and financing solutions. In doing so, objects such as vehicles, machinery, capital goods, medical equipment, equipment for renewable energy can and much more. will be financed. The LeaseForce team combines over 100 years of leasing experience and offers sophisticated solutions to its business partners.

For many years acquired know-how allows the team, which consists of experienced Leasing professionals, software developers, lawyers and tax advisors, to make the best possible solutions for our customers. The specially developed workflow system for the sales leasing is guarantor for punctuality and reliability in business transactions. The LeaseForce AG for a leasing company is very strongly capitalised with an equity capital of EUR 5 million. This allows you to respond quickly and flexibly to customer wishes. Commercial register: Amtsgericht Munchen, HRB 168973 UST-ID DE 255 061 763 CEO: Max bold Board: Bjorn first nail, Frank Gemunden, Heiko Mende Chairman: Sabina Illbruck contact: Frank Gallardo munden LeaseForce AG Willy-Brandt-Platz 6 D-81829 Munich Tel. + 49 (89) 4626 178 – 60 fax. + 49 (89) 4626 178 – 99 eMail

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Anglicisms Hamburg

Duden software indicates on Anglicisms Hamburg, March 28, 2011. It comes through everywhere with English, is often heard commonplace with a true core: English is the language that is most prevalent in the world. It’s not surprising that always loanwords such as chip or fan incorporated in languages such as German. However, some observed this development skeptically. Critics speak of a decline in language, to the use of Anglicisms, so English words and expressions, contribute their part. (1) in the age of globalization, there are more and more English terms that appear in German texts. This applies particularly for subject areas such as technology and Internet because this develop in the framework of global cooperation and require constantly new neologisms. Relatively recently, there was still no smartphones, wireless router, and Tablet PCs, they are rather spread at rapid speed in everyday life.

One problem: Only a part of the population understands that by English expressions German prevailed, the many also derogatorily as Denglisch”call. If you would like to know more about film director, then click here. Imagine older people for example certainly know what a pair of jeans”is, many are also somewhat under a park and ride car park”. If by a briefing”is some, however, might fit. “” “Not to mention must-haves”, no-goes “or from the add”a friend on a social network”. The result: Too many new Anglicisms complicate the communication about the close friend and colleagues also. Certain population groups feel excluded because they no longer understand others. There is also a danger for media and companies that use carelessly many Anglicisms. Take it to annoy readers and to lose.

English terms are however ubiquitous in certain industries. In addition to information technology and telecommunications, this applies for example in the world of fashion. “” Just think of expressions such as casual wear”for casual wear” or convenience ” for convenience”. Whether journalist or private person: who has become accustomed to certain Anglicisms, use them at some point, without thinking about it.

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