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Tag: spirituality


12 November, 2012 (10:09) | General | By: admin

Modern Occult sciences, too, are very serious divination, astrology has long been a required element in the formation of any competent occultist. Alas, reliable data on the reliability Divination as a prognostic method no. Just do not, because the official science of the matter is not engaged, and if does, then, unfortunately, is sinking into […]

United States Enemy

6 April, 2012 (07:48) | General | By: admin

If it is not natural, it will still be a mother-child, boy or girl, and her children must come under its influence. Due to the fact that women have always ruled, humiliated her, turning her into a faceless creature, it was disgusting. They became aggressive, uncompromising, masculine. But they can be understood: oppression for centuries […]

Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai

5 March, 2012 (22:57) | General | By: admin

But, despite everything, the country was kept – the wisdom is still valued above commercialism, and was considered an honor to be a disciple sage, not a merchant. It was at that time in the sky shone a star of world history man predicted the future of the world. The man was Rashba – Rabbi […]