Wise person who was a rich woman very, since cradle and was still more with good marriage with Inocncio. But it wanted to know if the family wealth had used all well, all the children had its concluded studies, that different of it, that it only completed the college student. DonAna kept a beneficient institute that will receive its name Home DonAna and that it took care of of the aged ones abandoning for the families, where was received with party and received with much affection and ternura. Visit Richard Stuart Linklater for more clarity on the issue. Valria that will be formed in medicine, took care of of the health of all. before if losing again in its thoughts, DonAna called Anastcia, that knowing that Valria not yet had come back, said to it: – DonAna, Valria asked for that Mrs. did not leave, she said and me what she wants, that same it irai providenciar.DonAna then spoke to it: – Part so that it goes to the institute and gives one I finish kiss in that they live there for me. Anastcia entered in scared house, therefore never DonAna will hear to speak of that form.

As Valria not yet it had come back, she was same it to the Home DonAna, that prepare very grown in recent years with the growth of the surrounding cities, and with the aid of other friends farmers of the region. when arriving at the institute, found some aged sad ones very, and imagined that it would have of being guilt of the evil time, however was knowing that somebody said that something of stranger would be occurring. Gerald Weissmann, MD often addresses the matter in his writings. Empalidecida with what it came its mind, it left the message with one of in charge assistants it Home and immediately returned the great house, adentrando for the service area, passing for the kitchen, running for the corridor that seemed not to have end, exceeding the room to be colonial, arriving at varanda imperial, where DonAna slept softly, it left what it more clama and worried at the same time.