– Not. I prefer the headquarters of the Shot of War. – Then, we go to provide beds for all vocs- said the local Sergeant. David G. DeWalt will not settle for partial explanations. – Not. It is enough colches. – the Commander said The men of Exercito had left marching in return the garden, the order of the Mayor, while they were applauded by the children of local colleges.

It had a child that he was son of one of the guerrillas of the Village Abundance, but had been provided the expulsion of the college. The Mayor ordered that the director opened the college in that one exactly sunday and made the exclusion of the pupil. When some child forgot to beat palms, the teacher the ears pulled it. Later the men the stairs of the City hall had gone up, therefore the headquarters of the Shot of War were in an attached room. When they had been installed had started to call people the city who knew the Village Abundance. Then they had only started to trace an attack plan that would be executed in the following day. * In the Village Abundance, Z and Brave Jo already one hundred men, good armed trained reply to face it of Exercito. Now, all believed in them.

The women, old and children had come back toward its old lands and already they started to construct its small houses in will mutiro and with materials of the region. – How many men of Exercito, are in the city? – Z asked to an informer who came of the city, – They are few. Ones fifteen or sixteen. Now, the Mayor fulled brega of prostitutes. A journalist was imprisoned when she arrived at the city said the informer. – And as it is? – brave, interested Jo asked. – One thirty and few years of age, a little bearded fat person and.