I believe many times that in elapsing of our lives, that the doubt alone serves exactly stops taking off in them what this certainty. in the end of the accounts, you is without a thing and another one. The doubt also comes folloied of the shade of the fear, how many times we leave to act because of the fear and thus the life follows and the time passes In the truth few things in our lives are certain. All dumb o time all and in all place. Until us we are thus.

We have an opinion on determined subject and in little time already we change ours form to think. They say that we have that to pass most of our lives being carried through, what dreaming and mainly not to be thinking about the future, to live today! Therefore, the chance will be had to make a college, makes! It is not thinking about the money, you goes to obtain. If between being in house in the front of the television and it will have that to leave to see people, to know and to talk with people, makes! It gives value what it is in its hands and reason not to say what it is in its way. Tomorrow it will be one another day perhaps, what it is certain today, tomorrow can be doubtful. One remembers the things has the time certain to happen, es to have a little of patience that everything is arranged. Ahead of the circumstances the life, is always with the certainty, with what she will be just and you not if will repent. Nor always we opt to optimum, but the less to postpone the things, already it will be a good start and to never ignore the chances, the principle they will not be charming, but what it is certain is oque we have and with this it is what we can count. It thinks about this!