To the following morning my father took the dog and in a trip that did to fifty pictures of distance he took, it and lowering it of the car, he left it there. With fault feeling, with something of pain, he returned to inform mother who it had carry out an order. Soon after him to arrive, we heard the barks of a dog, we could not believe it, our Nern, the dog returned. When beginning the other week my father returned to mount the dog in his light truck I take and it to Perij to more than one hundred kilometers of distance, that time we gave if it by lost, my sister and I suffered the loss, we knew that without Nern, our dreams of another dog disappeared. All the week we felt sad, we threw the fault to our mother, the taken measurement was unjust. One night, we listened to barks, we did not make case, of insurance would be another street dog; nothing that to see, Nern with its wounded legs had found by itself the return way. That in my house was considered like a miracle. Thus, our dog gained its demurrage, I believe that he was most intelligent of those than I have known.

Its readjustment was incredible, As knowing who did not want it, lay down to the feet of my mother and of there, it was not taken off. In the surroundings that live, my mother is welcome, people the esteem, and would say that they have learned until it to want, takes as I said to them, cakes, candies, of everything, is bold, to its age register in the Open National University. Of having to char them or conferences on any subject, by very specialized that she is, something that comes to him without care, to find out, it attends. Their stories are like those of the grandfathers, repeats never them, sometimes I have thought that they forget to him, but no, it has such repertoire and so many experiences, that to chat, it does not require to repeat them.