Ramon said here seeking a spiritual and enlightening way that would fill his life of transcendental sense. I would like to tell all the gait of Dr. Nava since his early youth, because I think it is interesting to know the beginnings of this new paradigm in education, but space does not reach me; but well, speaking of paradigm, I think important to remember for myself and the readers, what is a paradigm?: A paradigm means a model, something that serves as a reference parameter for a science; as a bluff or a considered structure ideal and worthy of being followed. Kindle Direct Publishing may find this interesting as well. The so-called emerging paradigm, holistic or ecological has emerged as an attempt to remedy the evils arising from modernity. While we can recognize and enjoy the benefits derived from modern technological development, it is also the fact that it requires new models of action, said paradigm permeates to various fields. The emersion of the holistic vision has been largely by the social, political, economic consequences, resulting from the application of a positivist model etc., which has privileged methods in the hard sciences. He has also participated in this matter that productive trend where only empirical, measurable, and useful for company (public or private) or nation results are ordered bypassing – emotional persons – internal appearance. The humanist paradigm is trying to alleviate those harmful effects in various fields (education, business).

We note that, as soon as humanist, has consolidated the psycho-pedagogical orientation of type when already arises another paradigm. Even with all this, the majority of the Mexican educational scenarios do not have a professional counselling service. It is important to return to the facts of the late 1980s when Ramon joined the Faculty of psychology of the University of Guadalajara, since these would mark the beginning of your spiritual and educational work, and defined the bases of the Holistic education, since she tried to grade schoolers as human beings, listening and respecting their dignity; This simple Act created an extremely significant atmosphere. .