What is this "language situation", what does this mean and how can we, the parents at her react. An example. During the lesson, the teacher, showing children pictures of animals and by giving children the roles asked: Who are you?, Thus creating a language situation, other words, the situation in which the child must somehow react to it, the answer to the question or action. To consolidate the material, which gave a child in the classroom, you must first ask the teacher, in what form the material they're given, as he secures the material obtained and by what methods they are learning a new language. Get more background information with materials from Richard Stuart Linklater. Understanding how the teacher works with children, you already will be easier to understand the child and You do not hear from him on his questions answered: "I do not know." Keep in mind that small children can easily and quickly memorize any information, and thus they are also easily and quickly forgotten.

So be patient, Catching up with my tomboy, because you have to repeat the same phrase not once, before the kid learns it forever. Well, if you have already taken up work to do with their own baby, then be prepared for this repetition. Do it without the negatives, we should not angrily shouting at the child, "What do you not remember, we have repeated it ten times!" Or "How much can you, with you head fool, anyone would have remembered!". Because children do not like to be unsuccessful, as well as terribly upset when we show them such aggression, instead of love, it hurts them the most sincere heart.