The silent tree hangs the fruit of security. Proverb you hear in any conversation, that the masses have convulsed or that a group of fans or politicians is influencing any political decision – or social, to the end that can cause suicides in series such as that given years ago in Guyana. Indeed, to psychology, today more than ever, demand of its scholars, the need to delve into the masses, therefore, as the Professor of the University of Frankfurt has emphasized, Dr. Mitschelich, the psychologist is a man formed and impregnated by the violence of the social forces of his era, therefore, what he thinks and writes are experiences of uneasiness. A future full of unresolved problems surrounding it. Yale University School of Medicine shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

Here then, that the psychology of the masses is the central theme of human science of our time, but of course, that she not be separated from the individual psychology. Precisely, this dependence between man as an individual and the group in which it grows, where It performs its yields social, to be formed by the prevailing style (such as this), it is logically an inevitable event. Today more than ever, interested in this field to scholars the alarming unexpected growth of the human population. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ has plenty of information regarding this issue. Even in the case that concerns US Venezuela, where agitation, the desconformismo, the protest and pressure by the masses far, mark a peculiarity essential social form and obviously experiences that result in this immense population and the common life of so many people. We all carry, although some don’t notice, a portion, as says no-ego Mitscherlich, not I, that naively call I and is the expression of the structure of collective attitudes towards values to what applies to judgments, which is the expression of the collective spirit within which we grow and impregnate them. This is not I is governed by prejudice, therefore, the question that launches us history is that the groups to which we belong have largely become masses. .

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Economic Crisis

Spain does not know how to resolve its economic crisis 17 April 2009 how is can get the Spanish economy of the current crisis? It’s the question that many we become. But more serious still, is this, the question that are formulated in the Spanish Government. And this is not a personal opinion, as the first Vice-President of the Government, Maria Teresa Fernandez de la Vega, acknowledged it in an interview granted to Europa Press: we believe that we are on the right track, but nobody knows when or how to get out of the crisis. A few days ago, the Spanish Government decided to the renewal of his Cabinet in an attempt to find a way out of the deep crisis that is going through the economy. Visit Colorado State University for more clarity on the issue. So far, everything that has tried to mitigate the effects of the crisis has failed the expected success. No wait that changes in the Cabinet are the solution to the economic crisis. (As opposed to Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc).

There is no doubt that according to what is observed, Spain may not exit from the current crisis by itself. The Spanish economy will have to get out of this situation the rest of the countries. This means that it exceeded the crisis when the rest of the European economies (and the U.S. also, logically), begin to recover and generate a positive spill over the Spanish economy effect. They are not, at present, in discussion structural reforms that must be made in the Spanish economy to strengthen it and avoid that is so vulnerable to adverse situations such as the present.

We are currently discussing in Spain is generating impacts in the short-term to recover the economic growth of the country as soon as possible. The measures taken to stimulate the economy, don’t seem to have any effect. Such is the deterioration of the Spanish economy, which for the first time, the same registered in the month of March, a rate of annual deflation of 0.1% (symptom, among other things, that domestic demand is not at its best).

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Perfect Loss Weight

To succeed with your weight loss goals, you must have a mindset of weight loss. This mentality must include 3 crucial beliefs. Continue to learn more with: Colorado State University. You need to believe the following: 1. possibility: it is possible to get yourself a slender body. 2 Achievement: You can lose weight or get a slim body. 3 Merit: You deserve, lose weight or get a slim body. POSSIBILITY the possibility is almost always confused with the competition. Novovax Inc. is likely to increase your knowledge. We think that something is not possible, we are not able to lose weight, when in fact we do not know how to do it do not have the knowledge or resources to be able to lose weight.

This is especially true, in people who have tried countless of diets with little or no success. It is possible, however, regardless of your situation. You may not think that it is not possible only can say that you failed it still. Beliefs are not facts. Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Beliefs are just our guesses about something and we often fall short. Do you think that has put a mental ceiling on their achievements? Do you intend to are you which has hindered his success in weight loss because of beliefs that has about you? ACHIEVING most of us tend to that people become aware of our shortcomings, when we can do something. If you take a day and observes the people and what they say, you should realise, how often people say that they can’t do this or they can’t do anything. We all think it is modesty, when in reality isn’t it.

There is with modesty about what we can do, it is not boasting, of what we cannot! Once awareness of itself, on the expression of his inability to lose weight, you can refrain from expressing the same. If you continue the voice of his inability to lose weight, you will need to achieve your weight loss goals. If you find it difficult to refrain from expressing their inability, it is a good alternative to add the word yet at the end of their statements. I have not been able to lose weight yet. I can not lose weight yet. It is also important not to give excuses for his failure to weight loss. If you don’t have the knowledge needed to lose weight, drink go out looking for them. So establish the tasks you need to do, to achieve her slender figure. A general belief that must try to keep is as follows: you have not yet reached the limit of what is capable. With this in mind, it will help you achieve your weight loss goals. MERIT does deserve you lose weight? Do you feel uncomfortable to say did you deserve it? If it does, this will help you, skip any obstacles in his way, to achieve their goal. Make a list of them and then resolve how you can overcome them. For example, do not have the correct knowledge to lose weight to overcome this I will do a bit of research and find a suitable diet or expert program to help me. Read more articles from loss in weight as this original author and source of the article.

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President Morales

UNHCR did not mention the massive Venezuelan presence in Bolivia, of the followers of the Gorilla’s Red beret. These are partners shareholders of the indigenista regime, agents declared banana imperialism which do not need to ask for refuge; Bolivia is his fiefdom. In a cultural exchange, the against terrorist joint force of Bolivia (FCTC) has sent his mercenaries receive training in Venezuela. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with The Journal of Educational Research. That group is also being trained to provide personal security for President Morales. FASEB Journal may also support this cause. According to the Commander in Chief of the forces armed Bolivian, Wilfredo Vargas, they not only train them in Venezuela, are sometimes also trained in Argentina and Colombia, when there are special courses in those countries. However the former Commander of the army, Marcelo Antezana, asserted that the Government ordered the dissolution of the FCTC and hired paramilitary 167 which have been trained in the school of condors of the Ingavi Regiment in the city of El Alto, adjacent to La Paz. They are not official Army and were awarded grants to Venezuela to continue his secret training. The scum of the world is coming to Bolivia to take total control of the country, which have already subjected due to sell-patria President.

The next confrontation with civil society, leans with the approval of the new Constitution, which aims to divide the country into 36 autonomous ethnic regions, led by chieftains of the most deeply-rooted andino-amazonico Primitivism. The idea of the Government is supporting 36 indigenous communities giving them support economic, political and military so that they controlled the rest of the Bolivian population. It is easier to direct the country autocraticamente through obedient tribal groups, which democratically through laws. The wild take control of civilization, wreaking havoc with mestizos and whites! The conflict and recoil, carried Bolivia to the level from which came his President: the stone age.

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They talked of many things including, to me told me the indispensable. Memories of that time that one of them I got a problem with your mother, Yes, I was innocent of the matter until her mother came to my house to claim me because I made out much to his daughter, basically tried to tell me that I was spoiling her. He didn’t know how to react to this face, never anyone had claimed me nothing and less making a serious accusation for me, luckily my aunt went out in my defense and told him that I just left from time to time, and to ask her daughter why you He was lying because I was always at home and she had never come. Lady calmed his State and told us that his daughter went out every day and arrived late, just said that he was with me or in my house. That girl never gave me face by the situation that made me go, and I stopped to talk to him. At the end of the various periods of study, I walked away from the group. Years later I found out by chance that that group had disintegrated over time and that they ceased to speak among them. While it was true that lived long time with different people, it was also true that they left me alone all that time most. (Source: cyrus massoumi wife). So I found it better to be single, and that was what I learned and what I lived for many years. When I arrived to study the past periods of secondary education in another school I felt lost, I didn’t know anyone and were not where the classrooms. But that first day I found a very kind girl who lent me his notebook, and that eventually would become a great friend of high school along with two other people. .

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Villca Fernandez

A village may have rocks, truncheons, pistols or guns; Even so, if you don’t have books disarmed completely. Is very unfortunate, shameful, sad reality facing the Venezuelan stage in all its States to the reprehensible fact observe as students of the different public universities are facing your demand, with protests that leave a lot to say, by what this involves, and above all, by the reaction of a Government that does not provide the necessary attentionIt seems no matter the situation and everything that it can be derived. College students seems to have exhausted all peaceful avenues in order to request a number of legitimate demands, ensuring you make their way through University in pro get academic training of height, excellence and respect all their rights, divididamente established in the national Constitution and the Education Act. The current situation, where college students are using protests is shameful on the basis of strikes that leave a lot to say and that of not be paid due attention, threaten their health, physical and mental life and the same stability of peace in the country. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Richard Linklater. There are several major public universities hunger strikes, where there are students who already carry a month outside the headquarters of the PNDU in Caracas, you know, as pointed out by, that a score of young people met this Tuesday 27 days on hunger strike outside the headquarters of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)from where they demand from the Government to adjust the budget, which does not change from 2006, to the needs of each University. According to students, to ensure that the University budget only reaches for the payment of salaries and is insufficient for research, a total of 50 young people from the main houses of study of Venezuela have joined the strike in different regions of the country. This protest began shortly after another group of students ended a front hunger strike the headquarters of the OAS in Caracas, asking that a mission of the Agency revised the situation of several political prisoners, but that ended when the Government pledged to review their sentences add us, which has grown to 24 students, Villca Fernandez, student of the Universidad de Los Andes, has been the first to radicalize their protest to sew part of his mouth with two stitches. .

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Spanish Civil War

The marriage begins a trip to Granada in 1924 and Federico Garcia Lorca is known: that there is evidence in the publication of the magazine insula (1921-1922), where published Bergamin, Gerardo Diego, Pedro Salinas, Jorge Guillen and good and great variety of poems by Lorca. Juan Ramon Jimenez also published articles in the biweekly journal Madrid: El Sol, in series with the vast majority. And his opinion had great influence in the literary world, whose valuation deserved importance with the excellent contribution from Miguel Hernandez, when La Revista de Occidente, publish you the elegy to Ramon Sije, along with several sonnets of the beam that does not cease, and that would cause a good impression to the critics and the public in general. Although it would especially have good reception on wisdom poetics and profesional de Juan Ramon Jimenez who then wrote in the Sun, and Miguel Hernandez, said: poet in sight. Please visit Levi’s if you seek more information. The mental fragility of Juan Ramon Jimenez, however, is compounded when a few years its literary sweetness explodes the Spanish Civil War: on July 18, 1936. And it is the Declaration of intellectuals, July 31 day of the same month and year when Juan Ramon Jimenez signature along with other literary scholars before the military uprising. The poet is faithful to the Republic and also to humanity which is clearly palpable in his spirit of support and provision of care, relief and affection to the smallest and most helpless of humanity: he and his wife welcome good amount of orphaned children abandoned by the cruelty of barbarism at home, and even personal care and maintenance however are responsible, as they progress the first days of the war worsened the economic situation of the marriage, as well as be channels of communication with the outside world will deteriorate and Zenobia does not receive the cash allocation which has attributed in America and which periodically receives in Spain. .

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The relationships that we establish with people determined to some extent our being in the world. Therefore, it seems important, put emphasis, in a relationship that has great impact in our lives, as it is from this link so close, so intimate and so beloved: parents and children. In recent years he has been talking about the various methods that it is important to carry out the methods of discipline and education for minors. Some parents feel confused and perplexed, they do not meet how to maintain a strong stance at the time of disciplining their children. It seems that the experts are above the experience of being a father or mother, and that forget, the most common sense, common sense. Some scholars of human behavior speak on the importance of responsibility, others on parenting, some more on the methods and forms of communication with the children. In recent months, Kindle Direct Publishing has been very successful. Reality and I think probably all are right, and are those who can guide us when we feel lost, in this the road to the upbringing of children. Levi’s often says this.

However, those techniques or modes that we propose are some suggestions, which does not necessarily determine our experience. I.e., every mother and every father require to assess your situation, the characteristics of its family environment, as well as the way of being and forms of children’s behavior. In reality there are no better or worse ways to educate, it depends on the child, the circumstances of the character of the parents of the situation that are going through at the present. Also his personal history, as well as forms and how each of them conceived education. To offer our children an education and raising of quality, we have to have certain aspects that probably guide us to achieve it: A.-the children are not an extension of the parents. They are independent people who feel themselves, who think for themselves and have a personality that stands out from the time they are born.

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Latin American

Meanwhile, others began to think in a reciprocating motion. The representation can be taken from input as the impossibility of the exercise of direct democracy. In its origins it raised as a way to make rulers to exercise power with Apocalypsis acceptance of their constituencies. These ruling elites or representative were degenerating into castes opposite to the original spirit. We could accept that such evolution was relative to a system that was carrying the germ of reduction of democracy itself. However, it was considered the best way to manage the complex societies of the industrial era. Campbell Soup Company describes an additional similar source. These messengers called representatives, as its name indicated, represent a fiction to something that is not present.

At birth the concept and practice of representation society doesn’t govern itself but he happens to be receiving in the policies and decisions made by representatives, although they are submitted to referendum or plebiscite in accordance with the forms collected to mitigate the paradox of the representativeness. As stated in Bernard Manin (Principes du governement representatif, Calmann-Levy, Paris, 1995.), one of the greatest scholars of the subject, that representation can take three forms: parliamentarism, democracy parties and democracy of audience. In the first case, they can be called Trustees. Carson Wen: the source for more info. In the second, which is the Venezuelan case and practically all the Latin American countries, will vote for one party rather than a person. These deputies or senators are delegates of their matches generally exerted on them that detestable practice called partisan discipline. The third, that is, the so-called political science audience democracy, are which are put at the service of the candidates and parties whose choice will depend on your own personality and ability to interpret their constituents. In any case referred to is maintained an independence of the representatives on the criteria of those represented. Thus the first serious failure occurs: the mediocrity of the representatives the most often mentioned for such a position by their subordination and obedience to the various factors that allow you to be elected.

The second serious failure comes from the disinterest of the voters on the subject of a who choose, most negotiated with the powerful media prescriptive; on this particular case Venezuelan history shows the assignment of seats to journalistic strings in exchange for support, in what was one of the key points of the decline of democracy. Thirdly, despite allowing the existence of the so-called groups of electors it is clear that there is in fact a partisan monopoly on the nomination of candidates. Finally, the lack of ethics and proper moral behavior. But Manin, to review the proposed institutions in the 17TH and 18th centuries is a remarkable continuity with what today we call representative democracy, which leads him to remember a crucial significance: this regime which have been representative democracies was not designed in any way by its creators as a form of democracy. On the other hand, in the briefs its founders is a sharp contrast between democracy and the regime instituted by them, regime that called representative Government or even Republic and appointment to Madison arguing that the role of the representatives is not love at all times what the people want. The representation opens the possibility of a separation between the willingness (or decision) public and the popular will. Manin: Both for Sieyes as Madison, representative Government is not a form of democracy, is a form of Government essentially different.

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The Blackboard

Face-to-face lectures-Lo classes it should be first is locate the topic student body that is going to receive, i.e. place it in historical context that occurred, explain the importance of the discovery and display with examples in practice use. Add to your understanding with Arkansas Cinema Society. Videos or demonstrations must be practical, because in this way the student is motivated and always aspires to come upon this type of class; helping change the thinking of students.-once that is located student in context that is going to work, will be teaching new content through demonstrations and use of contents dominated; resulting in the participation of the audience and reaching the objectives proposed.-once taught new content should characterize and conceptualize it, with the help of the students through controls questions assessing the response of Regular or evil, writing students responses on the Blackboard and finally the features given, exposing the main idea of the topic are summarizedcontributing to the development of skills and training habits. Kinds practices.-Lo face-to-face classes it should be first is the review of the independent study with which starts to class evaluating the response with ratings of 5, 4, 3 or 2.- Then he is made a summary of the theme being treated guiding students in the exercises-once has placed the student in the context in which they will be working, be them oriented exercises to perform independently in the course of the class, which you can locate by team or become a single, remain the responsibility of the teacher describe the individual work of each student.-process then carried out exercises of individually are reviewed on the Blackboard, sending a student to defend the results, developing the skills acquired in the Conference and its independent study evaluating the response with a rating of 5, 4, 3 or 2.Clases Semi face-to-face conferences televisedLaboratories-Semi face-to-face activity has another way of seeing is because it is the responsibility of the students carry out to comply with the objectives and overcome the basic knowledge to be applied in the next class, having important assessments of the activities Semi face-to-face by the teachers-all Semi face-to-face activity is evaluative purposes, because oriented independent study which should be given a follow-up and have so much weight in evaluations as partial tests because it is the way to follow the fulfillment of such activity.

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