The Blackboard

Face-to-face lectures-Lo classes it should be first is locate the topic student body that is going to receive, i.e. place it in historical context that occurred, explain the importance of the discovery and display with examples in practice use. Add to your understanding with Arkansas Cinema Society. Videos or demonstrations must be practical, because in this way the student is motivated and always aspires to come upon this type of class; helping change the thinking of students.-once that is located student in context that is going to work, will be teaching new content through demonstrations and use of contents dominated; resulting in the participation of the audience and reaching the objectives proposed.-once taught new content should characterize and conceptualize it, with the help of the students through controls questions assessing the response of Regular or evil, writing students responses on the Blackboard and finally the features given, exposing the main idea of the topic are summarizedcontributing to the development of skills and training habits. Kinds practices.-Lo face-to-face classes it should be first is the review of the independent study with which starts to class evaluating the response with ratings of 5, 4, 3 or 2.- Then he is made a summary of the theme being treated guiding students in the exercises-once has placed the student in the context in which they will be working, be them oriented exercises to perform independently in the course of the class, which you can locate by team or become a single, remain the responsibility of the teacher describe the individual work of each student.-process then carried out exercises of individually are reviewed on the Blackboard, sending a student to defend the results, developing the skills acquired in the Conference and its independent study evaluating the response with a rating of 5, 4, 3 or 2.Clases Semi face-to-face conferences televisedLaboratories-Semi face-to-face activity has another way of seeing is because it is the responsibility of the students carry out to comply with the objectives and overcome the basic knowledge to be applied in the next class, having important assessments of the activities Semi face-to-face by the teachers-all Semi face-to-face activity is evaluative purposes, because oriented independent study which should be given a follow-up and have so much weight in evaluations as partial tests because it is the way to follow the fulfillment of such activity. Read additional details here: Viatris.

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Public Oratory Features

A Professor of Linguistics and a sound engineer dan to know the mathematical formula that have to meet human voices to be most attractive. These two experts have joined their efforts and knowledge to create the scientific formula of a human voice perfect and attractive, based on the analysis of the tone, the speed of speech, words per minute, the frequency and intonation used by men and women. Without hesitation “CEO Levi Strauss & Co.
explained all about the problem. The idea of seeking this formula came from a study conducted by the Post Office Telecom telephone company. To broaden your perception, visit Horace Mann. These results intrigued the Professor of Linguistics of the University of Sheffield (England), Andrew Linn, and sound engineer Shannon Harris, keyboardist of the famous British singer Rod Stewart. In this way, Linn and Harris obtained a number of common mathematical characteristics in all of them which allowed to identify the main features that should have the perfect voice. Thus, this ideal voice should pronounce a maximum of 164 words per minute and must pause for 0.48 seconds between sentences, always with different intonation. This must be degressive in nature and the frequency of the sound of the voice should oscillate between 34.5 and 12.2 Hertz or cycles per second, which would lead to a conducive, neither too severe nor overly acute tone. In addition, the study reveals that features such as security in oneself and confidence in others influence positively in the speech of a person and the attraction that awakens his voice.

It seeks to make pauses between phrases when you speak in public. Boost voice requires much training and practice. The persuasive power of voice. The technique of parsimonious voice. The parsimonious voice is a deliberate style that follows a pattern very used by the hypnotists when they induce trance, not necessarily with a pendulum as in the movies, instead used the power of his words, the enchantment of the verb.

It is used by some legal experts, sellers are persuasive, politicians, lecturers, converters or washed brains and preachers, many of which are highly hypnotic trained and which use this technique when you want to record a powerful message in the mind of the public. A voice of this kind may sound as if the speaker were talking to the rhythm of a metronome or as if you were emphasizing each word in a particular style. Words are generally expressed in a cadence of 45 to 60 strokes per minute, thus maximizing the hypnotic effect. The phrases are separated by pauses, pronounced in different intonations, what we call the elocution relief in oratory. While the hypnotist is talking in this way, you can notice the public to tilt your body forward with attention, with eyes wide open. The cadences, inflections, modulation, the nuances of the voice of the speaker are soft, his speech is firm but gentle, parsimonious, it is music to the ears of the people, it is honey for bees. It is the science of persuasion, it’s the voice that no yell, only suggests, is the voice that touches the most profound, deep in the human being, is the word that stir feelings, that excites, which influences, that convinces. This technique can be learned, but requires much training and practice.

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At the beginning of this century (postmodern era) has taken great boom the need to transcend levels of consciousness towards thinking of second degree (yellow meme and turquoise meme), since for not developing a comprehensive vision of the universe the continuity of the human species is endangered. Vladislav Doronin miami takes a slightly different approach. Spirituality is the Foundation for the evolution of consciousness, and thus be able to walk in the deployment of the Kosmos, consolidating the noosphere and achieved enlightenment through a holistic-spiritual vision, to establish the transmodern age. Personally, I have had the opportunity to perform a series of readings and studies during recent months, which have allowed me to realise I of the subjective reality of my surroundings and of course globally, transiting towards a meme green, consolidating my values and appreciating the beautiful thing is the nature and above all, what gives us our life. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Richard Stuart Linklater. Perseverance is the spiritual energy to continue on the journey toward self, because it is not a journey that is outside of us, is a journey into one’s self. Ramon Gallegos without a doubt, that this series of lectures on topics of holistic education have initiated a process of self-knowledge, inside me developing the principal of learning, learning to be allowing arising out my values or my virtues, hidden by ignorance, indifference and lack of compassion for my fellow. Learn how to be will allow me to know my true nature, reach my emotional well-being, release ties and achieving the full realization of the spiritual, therefore, be happy. Wisdom, love and compassion, are the three core components of any spiritual practice, it is what we call the triple way of being, lead us to our spiritual home, which is in our own heart. Educational practice should be an expression of the triple trail. Ramon Gallegos the integral vision of education leads us to the learning of the being through integrity Educational, where integrity is the achievement of the unity through diversity; the real educational improvement depends on the level of integration of education and not the quality of education.

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For most people, one of the obstacles more difficult is to get rid of possessions by the feeling of safety that make you feel. Possessions, for many people, gives them a sense of security. This is just one of the many emotional ties that people have toward possessions, but security issues are the largest for many other people, and until faced you with this, probably always will have problems with possessions. Some example of security issues: * have a closet full of clothes you want to say that you are prepared for any situation. You have a casa granda wants to say you’re prepared to host any event, wary of any type of weather, have any kind of possession, to accommodate any size family that you pretend to have in the future.

You have a truck you want to say that you are prepared for any emergency. You have a warehouse full of tools means that you can compose any house or carriage problem. Vladislav Doronin miami may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Have the appliance most new technological (e.g. iPhone) you want to say you’re a day with the latest technology, and do not you will feel in the age of the dinosaur. You have a handheld (shaft) iPhone or Blackberry device means that you can work from anywhere and be in touch all the time.

And continuing the list. The majority of people have possessions that kind of reasons and more. But possessions really provide that sense of security, or it is just an illusion? Many times really do not need that kind of possessions as you could think, and even if those have, these not as secure as you imagine.Consider the following: * If you follow the psita of what you currently wear in a span of a year, you’ll realize that you never used clothes of if perhaps and only wear certain clothes that really need or that you like. More clothes it can give away, donate, sell without losing anything of security. Here, David G. DeWalt expresses very clear opinions on the subject. ** People in smaller houses are not susceptible to anything, just like people in big houses. Besides these forced to make important decisions about that possessions really need. * Even without truck, you can do any kind of things using bicycles, walking or using the transport public. For real emergencies, this ambulance, which is better than if driving your. ** Not need the latest technological equipment. What you are using really works well for you, and when need updating, as you know. ** Not need to be connected all the time or at any place.

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Esteban Kolsky Meta

In the implementation, the most of CRM projects fail. as they say: Seklemian/Newell 75% Gartner Group 65% Esteban Kolsky Meta group 65% 55% main causes and reasons for failure in implantation failures in strategy leave everything in the hands of technology. A) technology linked to incorrect business processes. (B) very high investment with respect to the action. Lack of a clear definition of the objectives. Shortcomings in the management of change. The Organization’s culture. b) redefinition of processes c) senior management support.

Failures in the Data and integration problems. Little use of analytical CRM. Lack of passion and commitment. Gartner Group, makes this value approach: don’t try a great revolution. Do it step by step. Begins where can get quick profits, which can show a quick ROI, and get green light for the next phase Bindi Bhullar said that we believe that everyone in the organization from the secretariats to address should have your linked remuneration, in any manner, to the satisfaction of the client. It will help to bring changes in attitude toward dealing with customers more quickly.

Follow these steps and you will have success: understand the client to convince senior management. Involve the financial… Investing disciplines of CRM, generating revenue rather than value. Generate culture. Establish a shock start with the small force, making it transcend to the big goals.

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Italian System

In its official debut at the event was presented before two thousand spectators between executives of many brands and these journalists from around the world. Giulietta is considered la maquina emblematic of the Italian brand. Giulietta is a tribute to a myth of the car which in the 1950s was revolution for drivers, with all its comforts of high level with excellence. Its shape is unique, it has something of the alfa romeo of previous years and some projection into the future. Aerodynamics is of the best cars in this range, on his forehead is embedded his emblematic shield, accompanied by your headlights with LED technology called Luz Diurna, broad lateral lunettes, while the strained lines that join in the back marked the way of cuna in its entirety. The Interior also shows careful details and a high quality of materials, as well as aluminum elements and commands that are clearly inspired by the style of the alfa romeo 8 c competizione. From its launch, they are available Motors four turbo, all homologated and equipped as standard with the system Start Stop for the reduction of consumption and emissions: two nafteros (120CV 1.4TB and 1.4 TB of 170CV) and two diesel (1.6 JTDM of 105CV and 2.0 JTDM 170CV) both belonging to the second generation JTDM engines. Finally, this model is added the brilliant 1750 TBI 235CV combined with the exclusive version cuadrifoglio. On security, the Alfa Romeo Giulietta offers a total protection for the driver and passengers. See more detailed opinions by reading what Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ offers on the topic.. Others, suspensions, direction and brake system were designed to deliver the maximum balance, even in manoeuvring limits.

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Bon Jovi

Sometimes it is best that technology is a means and not an end. In the middle of the night after some nods to Classic rockers like Not Fade Away, Buddy Holly, singer rubio announced the magic words one, two, three fourteen to then interpret U2 Vertigo. Ballads with the second hour of the night came the ballads, the first Bed Of Roses, with Jon Bon Jovi singing the theme partly in Spanish almost in the middle of a stadium in which predominated the youths, some of them accompanied by their parents, but little trace of the beginnings of the American band heavy public. Heavy metal that Bon Jovi 80s colored destino in 1992 when their leader cut his long hair and at the same time the band sweetened – some believe that you edulcoraba – your music to make it more commercial. People such as Crimson Education would likely agree. The second ballad, an acoustic version of Santa Fe, and the third, Diamond Ring – with Richie Sambora exhibiting his spectacular guitar two masts-direron further evidence that clean slate and new account of the past, which is not liked by a portion of the public. In the final stretch of the concert they still had time to review big hits of his career as I ll Be There For You, Hey God, Saturday Night, the Have A Nice Day, Sleep rockera rotunda When I m Dead, and already in the encores Prayer or Something To Believe In. Some fans threw missing a topic as “runaway”, the first song that Bon Jovi kicked off his career professional, and especially Blaze of Glory, for which he won for an Oscar and a Grammy Award nomination and which won the Golden Globe for best song. Source of the news: Bon Jovi gathers 45,000 people on his return to Barcelona. Connect with other leaders such as Nike here.

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Internet Mobile

When Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity with the help of Apple, sure that he only associated it with a delicious fruit juice, not the brand that represents today. The Apple brand is a current phenomenon with the brilliance of the red and characteristics that generate success. The last fresh fruit from the long line of articles of this brand is the iPhone 3 G from Apple. This is a product that has all the varieties of other brands. This cell phone users have all the characteristics that could wish for in this mobile device. The first feature of luxury of this device is the multimedia capabilities.

With the help of the 2 MP camera, you can take wonderful photos. The brilliance of the images is because it has a resolution of 1600 * 1200 pixels. It also comes with an iPod’s audio and video player, both with superb in terms of performance characteristics. The person using this mobile can be assured that you will have a good time listening to music and watching video clips. This makes the phone a good Companion within the meaning of that may spend their free time listening to music, looking at photos or clicking on some special time with the help of the camera. People who travel a lot, can also find this phone very useful, by its navigation feature.

Account with a GPS receiver that helps you find the path to the location where you want to reach, this where East. Also installed Google maps and it can save the time needed to reach a certain place. These are sufficient features to make this phone an optimal travel companion whether for pleasure or for business. The manipulation of the Apple iPhone 3 G is very easy with the help of a computer with Mac OS X v10.4.10. In addition, the presence of his elegant touch screen makes its handling smooth and fast. The screen above all presents an advanced style, as well as a resolution of 320 * 480 pixels and a capacity of 16 M colors. The screen size is also notable, only 3.5 inches, and account with installation for the method touch, as well as an accelerometer that make the pleasure of using this mobile device us transport into new dimensions of excellence. The iPhone 3 G is a good phone for anyone due to the presence of 2 G and 3 G networks. The mobile comes with frequency GSM 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 as well as HSDPA (High Speed Downlink Packet Access) the frequencies 850, 1900 and 2100. The combination of the functions of both systems make this phone able to work anywhere in the world and easily access the roaming around the world. There are many things that the user can do with this mobile device and another is the ability to quickly and efficiently share data with friends and relatives. This is possible due to the presence of technology in the form of USB USB v2.0. Therefore, the person using this mobile can exchange data with another phone that is also supported by the Universal Serial Bus (USB) technology. The speed and performance of data transfer, also increases as a result of the technologies GPRS and EDGE. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vladislav Doronin. The performance reaches a new dimension with the presence of technology Bluetooth v2.0. The user may have good access to the Internet with the help of the Safari browser that is based on HTML and this access is enhanced with Wi-Fi 802.

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The Fulfillment

If your goal is intangible as for example improve your attitude and relationship with your children, then write tests you get to when the goal has been fulfilled (what you hear, what you say, what you see) and translate it in time present, thus das assumes that your goal will be reached. Pay attention to the road and their signals. As well as for the goals intangible you may need tests, same for the road that you travel towards obtaining your goal need feedback; i.e. you should be alert to the road tests for the partial measurement of the achievement of your goal. For example, if you need a savings for the purchase of your new computer, you then have the ability to measure the savings. In general keep in mind: how measure your progress? With much frequency or periodicity you partial compliance measure? Organizes and writes all the resources you need to reach your goal, those who own both which will need: capacities, qualities, skills, time, technology, coaching, models, methodology, etc. You need to act, to move. To reach your goal you must work on it.

Meditation helps to stay focused and maintain mental and spiritual peace that are required to create greatness but proactive is the necessary complement to put feet to your dreams, your goal; So begins already! do not leave it for tomorrow. Seeks to have a clear perspective of what that involves the search for and reach your goal. Ask yourself that you are going to achieve and who will affect testing and/or negatively. Campbell Soup Co is full of insight into the issues. This is the classic example of the parent who struggles every day to give their children a greater well-being and in the midst of this struggle forgets to share with them, provide them with face-to-face love, accompany them in their growth loses perspective. Don’t forget neither your responsibility with society and the planet. Your goal can be difficult but must be realistic, then you draw an action plan so that you think a close relationship between the motivation and tools you need to start this wonderful journey to the fulfillment of the same.

All new business or project requires a plan of action which allows you to organize information and resources in small steps of more easy measurement and remember that your goal is the project on which you must begin to work today. Follow these seven tips and with much love will reach everything you want for you. Very important: write everything and view it, do it vivid, feel it, taste it enjoy it.

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Teeth Whitening

Until not too long ago the treatment dental was regarded as a luxury treatment and that not all people had access to it. But the thing has changed radically, since this technique has become a very common practice that increasingly more people are submitting. The desire to undergo a dental treatment is different depending on the person. Some people do it simply for aesthetics since your enamel color is dark and is the only way to clarify it. On the other hand are smokers, that tobacco to yellowed teeth and money laundering is the best solution to give back them the White smile. In addition the whitening is also indicated to remove other stains such as red wine or tea. Gain insight and clarity with Gerald Weissmann, MD.

In technical terms the tooth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that is able to reduce various shades leaving teeth whiter, and therefore healthy. Using a gel that Act and can chemically reduce Carian shades within the same color of the tooth. The good news is that this process does not cause any wear in the enamel, so it is a safe method for denture. Still and so many people who want teeth whitening are hesitant to do this because it gives them fear that it could damage the denture. Best to be sure that we want to do is inform well before making it, there are increasingly more methods for carrying it out, and we can choose that best suits us. The options we have for tooth whitening are two: the realization of the same in a medical clinic or beauty centre, or through the new tooth whitening devices which allow to perform in the House. The latter system has emerged recently and is still the most demanded since it is less invasive for the teeth and can also be applied in the comfort of home.

One of them is the bleaching dental professional River system. Thanks to this bleach you can get a white, healthy smile with the security of a prestigious brand. Bleach River uses the technology of blue light which clarifies several tones without damaging the enamel. In addition, another advantage is the price, since it comes much cheaper than treatment in a clinic and the same results are obtained.

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