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Tag: summaries and summaries

Adults Education

28 January, 2016 (05:56) | General | By: admin

Characterizing the ingenuous conception, as that one that comes of exterior form for the reality of the individuals, does not come from way some to collaborate in such reality. Different of the critical conception when part of a reflection of same it and of the reality of the educandos to be able to intervine in […]

Superior Education

26 January, 2016 (08:33) | General | By: admin

However, as much the distortion series-age how much low the quality of the learning continues as challenges to be surpassed for the politics educational, therefore 44% of the concluintes students of Basic Ensino outside make it of the corresponding age to this level of education. In this context Brazil is one of the countries most […]

Basic Education

24 January, 2016 (13:48) | General | By: admin

Being thus, to observe itself with regard to the literal production in the practical pertaining to school he is that many professors manage lessons unprovided of dialogues, that is, does not have relation of professor and pupil, ' ' buscando' ' the learning to be participativo in the lessons and mainly, taking it to be, […]

National Education

22 January, 2016 (20:29) | General | By: admin

Such situations remember what it was pointed by Cardoso (1995) when condemning practical of pseudodemocracy promoted by means of lack of competent articuladora management, orientation of the common sense, resistance to the change, lack of vision and orientation for educational values, amongst other aspects. It is for the commitment and on behalf of construction of […]

Relph Space

1 December, 2012 (20:18) | General | By: admin

However it considers that the space can come to be a place when will be explored, known, experienciado. In turn, the place can is changedded into space, when this to cause in the man sadness, bad souvenir of something. In citations of Relph it is clearly that spaces contain places and that places are the […]

Educational Proposals

4 July, 2012 (03:02) | General | By: admin

As mediating of the knowledge the university professor he uses yourself of some mechanisms that stimulate the citizens in its theoretical and practical constructions of knowing. In the vision of freire (2005) the pupil is the citizen of the action, that is, it is capable to develop forms to know and to rescue the values […]

Education School

8 June, 2012 (21:46) | General | By: admin

Diverse forms of participation exist so that the employees can inside exert its activities of the school. They are: participation as presence, participation as verbal expression and quarrel, participation as representation politics, participation as taken of decision, participation as representation politics and participation as enrollment. Chapter 2? Values, objectives, principles and dimensions of the participation. […]